Wizards Unite Portkey Rewards Updated


The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite development team took an important step forward by adding some fairly rare Foundables to Portkeys, making them very worth the effort put into opening them. The current rewards will remain as possibilities in addition to the new Foundables.

2km Portkeys will have Dumbledore and Voldemort’s portraits along with the Nimbus 2000 added to the collection of the rare items from the first page of each registry family. This should excite those players who have finished the basic pages.


Similarly, 5km Portkeys got a boost in the form of several items that are amongst the most rare on the middle pages of the registry. These new Foundables are:

  • the Sorting Hat
  • The Veil
  • Foe-glass
  • Sirius Black
  • Mirror of Erised
  • Demiguise

Appropriately, the rewards for the 10km Portkeys now contain some of the most rare Foundables in the game with the addition of:

  • the Goblet of Fire
  • Buckbeak
  • Pensieve
  • Young Harry Potter
  • Pickett
  • Flying Ford Anglia
  • Swooping Evil

These new Foundables will join other rare Foundables such as Dragon Eggs and several Fortress-only Foundables as highlights of the 10km tier. As an added bonus, the Spell Energy awards from the 10km tier are also increased.

For those wondering how this will affect Portkey strategy going forward, the change should be very mild. There is no tier of Portkeys that jumps out as the perfect spot to spend Silver Keys. Every tier will have some Foundables that are less desirable. The biggest change I see with this excellent news is that every tier now has some amazing finds if things fall out your way.

For the full list of Portkey Foundables, check out the following graphics by Orange Wizard.

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Caitlin Mains
Caitlin Mains
1 year ago

Do the portkeys look different on the map? Or just once you pick them up in the portkey window?