November Events in Wizards Unite: Enlist in Dumbledore’s Army!


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite events are coming for November! This includes a 2-part Brilliant Event, Community Day, and Wizarding Weekend! Gear up for the newest onslaught of the Calamity as we try to discover more treacherous secrets behind the Confounding magic that has overrun the world!

Dumbledore’s Army Brilliant Event Week 1: November 3-10, 2020

When November 3, 11 am PT to November 10, 11 am PT
Features Help return Brilliant Foundables from Hog’s Head Pub including Neville Longbottom and Lee Jordan.

Full guide coming soon.


November Community Day: All Day November 14, 2020

When November 14, 12:01 am – 11:59 pm Local Time
Features Think tactics, get your game on, and visit the Chess Chamber.

Full guide coming soon.

Dumbledore’s Army Brilliant Event Part 2: November 17-24, 2020

When November 17, 11 am PT to November 24, 11 am PT
Features Help return Brilliant Foundables from the Room of Requirement, including Luna Lovegood and the Dueling Dummy.

Full guide coming soon.

November Wizarding Weekend: November 27-30, 2020

When November 27, 11am PT to November 30, 11am PT
Features Spend a weekend rounding up Care of Magical Creatures Foundables including Hagrid and Baby Norwegian Ridgeback.

Full guide coming soon.

November appears to be an important month for those who have yet to gild those difficult Legends of Hogwarts pages! I know I will be interested in getting the Chess Chamber Foundables on Community Day! Which event are you most looking forward to?

Calendar provided by Orange Wizard.

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