Niantic showcases the capabilities of their AR technology platform


Niantic representatives recently held an special AR oriented presentation at GeekWire’s Summit event, titled “Pokémon Go, Harry Potter and the Future of AR”. Presented by Ninantic’s Senior Director of Engineering Niniane Wang and server engineer Christina Quan, the presentation explores Niantic’s AR efforts and what they’re doing in order to enable the future of AR.

Key takeaways from the presentation:

  • Niantic measures distance walked as a key metric for users and their product vision
  • A wide set of social features was introduced in Pokemon GO to promote real world connections between players (raids, friends list, trading, gifts)
  • Current experience downsides: battery power limitations, user has to look down to their phone constantly
  • Niantic’s AR occlusion technology uses a single-lens camera to infer depth from the scene
  • Niantic’s AR technology allows for multiplayer AR experiences, as featured in their Codename: Neon technology demo

Unfortunately, no additional info was shared about Wizards Unite, despite being in the name of the presentation. The full video is available below:

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