News roundup: Ingress Prime Tie-In Event Goes Live This Weekend, Phone Compatibility Issues Continue


Wizards Unite Hub’s news roundups are a collection of smaller news items that were not big enough to be published on their own, but still deserve a mention and a place on the website.

Wizards Unite tie-in event goes live in Ingress Prime this weekend


In order to celebrate the release of Wizards Unite in US and the UK, Niantic has launched a surprise event in Ingress Prime, running from June 21st 7 P.M. PT through June 24th 12 P.M. PT. During the event, Ingress agents will earn 1.975x AP for all actions that reward AP (fielding, hacking, destroying fields, etc).

We were curious to why Niantic chose this number in particular and it turns out that there’s a hidden 9 and 3/4 reference in it! 9 and 3/4 can also be written as 9.75, which is exactly what can be seen in the 1.975x AP multiplier. In Ingress, AP is the equivalent of XP and is necessary to level up (alongside medals of course).

Phone compatibility issues

We’ve observed a massive influx of traffic and posts on our Phone Not Compatible question board and elsewhere on the Q&A section of the website and we must admit we’re a bit shocked by Niantic’s decision to cut off a significant portion of the Android Wizards Unite player base. We’re still scrambling to update the list, but we’re surprised that so many devices are deemed incompatible.

If you’re using an incompatible device, please let us know how you managed to work around the compatibility issue – it’s hurting a ton of players and we didn’t have much luck figuring out a stable scenario to fix it.

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