March Calendar (Finally!) // 6 Events in 2 Weeks?

March 2021 Wizards Unite Event Calendar. All details are in article.

Now that it’s halfway through March, players finally know the full March calendar for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

If players were concerned about no opportunity to earn rewards this month, they need not worry. The full monthly schedule of events has been crammed into the last 2 weeks of March… Yay.


Note: Thank you Niantic and WB Games for providing early access to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite information for this video.

You can learn more about the March Wizards Unite event calendar in my video, or you can keep reading below.

Keep in mind that Daylight Savings Time begins in the United States on Sunday, March 14th. This could change timing of events if your time zone doesn’t have Daylight Savings Time.

Dark Arts Spotlight Event: March 12-15

When Friday, March 12 11am PT to Monday, March 15 11pm PT
Features Experience increased Dark Arts traces from Knockturn Alley and Fallen Ministry Atrium, and increased Challenge XP from Adversaries encounters.

Read our detailed Dark Arts Spotlight Event guide!

March Adversaries Event 1: March 16-18, 2021

When Tuesday, March 16 11am PT to Thursday, March 18 11pm PT
Features Prepare to re-engage the Malfoy family as you combat against Narcissa Malfoy.

Full Adversaries Event guide. Note the different ending time. This event will be 60 hours.

March Community Day: March 20, 2021

When All day Saturday, March 20 from 12:01am–11:59pm local time
Features Look for Nymphadora Tonks and Arthur Weasley as you enter Courtroom Ten of the Ministry of Magic.

Full Wizards Unite Community Day guide.

The New Marauders Brilliant Event Part 1: March 21-25, 2021

When Sunday, March 21 11am PT to Thursday, March 25 11am PT
Features Help return Brilliant Foundables from the Brilliant Great Lakeshore including Young James Potter and Wormtail.

Full Brilliant Event guide.

March Adversaries Event 2: March 26-29, 2021

When Friday, March 26 11am PT to Monday, March 29 11am PT
Features Refine your combat skills and prepare to go against Peter Pettigrew and the Ukrainian Ironbelly.

Full Adversaries Event guide.

The New Marauders Brilliant Event Part 2: March 29 to April 2, 2021

When Monday, March 29 11am PT to Friday, April 2 11am PT
Features Help return Brilliant Foundables from the Brilliant Shrieking Shack Interior, including Padfoot and Young Remus Lupin.

Full Brilliant Event guide.

What are your thoughts on the adapted March calendar? I’m cautiously optimistic about the shortened Brilliant Events. If the tasks are adjusted, it will be nice to have shorter Brilliant Events.

Calendar provided by Orange Wizard.

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10 months ago

Too much!!!!!!!! Still a lot of problems with the game for many people. Keep it light and continue to work on the issues. Real life is more important.

I like the community days as they are laid back. I think brilliant events would be better if they were structured like the community events, with one or two total lists to do. One regular and one bonus. I don’t like the four step format. My job in life isn’t WU.

Last edited 10 months ago by Fidonet
Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald(@melissaoswald)
10 months ago

This is a little much for me. I do like that the Brilliant Events are only 5 days though.

Daniel Barnes
Daniel Barnes(@danielbarnes)
10 months ago

I like that there is something for everyone: short 24-hour events, weekend events, and longer five-day events. I really appreciate the effort the HPWU team puts into planning these and providing variety. What I don’t understand is the “too much” argument. Just participate at a level you can enjoy – if it feels like work then something is wrong. There were many times when community days were shorter that it conflicted with my schedule, and I couldn’t do anything in the few hours we had. It was a bit frustrating to miss it, but there’s always another event coming soon.