Class Clowns, the Circus, and More: March Events in Wizards Unite

March 2020 Wizards Unite Events Infographic by Orange Wizard. All text from this image is also in the article.

February felt like a million years long with SIX events in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Not that I’m complaining about dragons and Fluffy, but phew, I’m exhausted from knocking out Oddities and prying into Snape’s past.

(He’s not a tragic romantic hero, just for the record).


March is another exciting event for Wizards Unite players, but it will also be more manageable, with only four events. Full guides for each of these events will be coming soon.

We know the details for the first event, but we don’t yet have permission to publish them. We’re still waiting on details for the rest of the month’s events.

I will also update this article to link to each individual event guide to help y’all find everything in one place.

Update: March Community Day is postponed.

Calendar infographic is courtesy of Orange Wizard!

If you enjoy watching video content, which may or may not include bad singing and dancing, I’ve also covered these events on my YouTube channel.

Otherwise, keep reading for a brief overview of everything happening in Wizards Unite this month!

March 2020 Wizards Unite Calendar

As expected, Wizards Unite will have another two-week Brilliant Event in March, as well as Community Day. In addition, the month will end with an “April Fool’s Day” event.

Circus Calamitous Brilliant Event Part 1: March 10 – March 17

When March 10, 11am PT to March 17, 11am PT
Features Return Brilliant Circus Arcanus Foundables from the 1920s that are on the loose, including the Zouwu and Graphorn.

Read our full guide to Circus Calamitous Brilliant Event Part 1.

March Community Day: POSTPONED!

When March 21, 11am-2pm in your local time
Features Find the hidden Room of Requirement and assist Fred and George Weasley, as well as other members of Dumbledore’s Army.

Note: March Community Day is postponed in Japan, South Korea and Italy. Players in these areas can stay tuned to our channels for updates ALL countries.

Circus Calamitous Brilliant Event Part 2: March 24 – March 31

When March 24, 11am PT to March 31, 11am PT
Features Continue to help the return of lost Brilliant Circus Arcanus Foundables from the 1920s including Nagini and the Kappa.

Magical Mischief Event: March 31 – April 2

When March 31, 11am PT to April 2, 11am PT
Features Grab your Marauder’s Map and make some magical mischief of your own with the young Marauders themselves: James, Sirius, Remus and Peter.

I need to confirm the time of this. No word yet on if the time is Pacific time or local time. The HPWU team likes to mix things up!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming events? Do you wish March was as crowded as February, or are you glad for a break?

Personally, I’m excited to see how Wizards Unite plans to incorporate more of the story from the Fantastic Beasts franchise! Oh, and I can’t wait to find out what sort of mischief the Marauders are up to this month! That said, I’m a little surprised that the April Fool’s Day event is based on the Marauders and not the Weasley twins, considering their birthday is actually on April 1. I realize we’ll see Gred and Forge on Community Day, but the HPWU team easily could have chosen a different theme for Community Day to allow us to celebrate the birthday of our beloved pranksters.

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