Make-Up October Community Day For UTC+13 and UTC+12 Time Zones


Niantic has just shared the details on a make-up October Community Day for UTC+13 and UTC+12 Time Zones. Due to issues during last weekend’s Community Day, the event will be repeated on Saturday, 10/26 at 11 am Local Time.

This make-up day will have the same details as last weekend’s Community Day. Here they are again:

  • Increased spawns for the following Foundalbes:
Werewolf Vampire Doxy
  • 3x Wizarding XP from all Oddities
  • Vampire, Werewolf, and Doxy Oddities have the chance to reward Dark Arts Runestones. Be sure to save Dark Arts Runestones for the upcoming Halloween Event!
  • Tonic for Trace Detection will only reveal Werewolf, Vampire, and Doxy Oddities
  • Baruffio’s Brain Elixir brew time reduced to 30 minutes and Master Note effectiveness increased by 50%
  • If you were unable to claim the free store bundle last weekend it will be available in the Diagon Alley shop. The bundle contains a Tonic for Trace Detection, Spell Energy, and Potion Ingredients.
  • Sponsored Inns grant increased Spell Energy Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

The free store pack contains the following:

Free Store Pack

Be sure to check out our Wizards Unite Community Day October 2019 in depth guide for more information and preparation tips for the event. A video by The Slyph is also available for those who prefer that format:

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