Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Launch Trailer Shared Ahead of June 21 Release Date

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Launch Trailer shared ahead of June 21 release date

Wizards Unite is scheduled for a worldwide staged release on June 21, starting with US and UK as the first regions to get access to the game. In order to increase the hype and raise awareness for the game, Niantic and WB Games have shared an exciting new trailer on Youtube, first shown at the Wizards Unite Los Angeles Exclusive Event to members of the press:


The trailer describes the unexpected phenomena and features Golden Snitch, Dementors and Expecto Patronum, a Niffler, several Death Eaters and a Portkey. The gist of the story is simple and features three characters who tackle the aftermath of The Calamity. Unlike the previous Story Trailer, there is no mention of the London Five nor the Ministry of Magic.

Production is top notch, but we’ve been completely stunned by the excellent sound design and attention to details – Niffler is rendered in incredible details and a 3D model of Harry picks up his glasses after the female lead chases away the dementors.

The staged rollout of Wizards Unite is similar to the one we’ve seen with Pokémon GO, when Niantic scrambled to control server load and login issues. Given the extensive beta testing period and the experience they’ve gained over the years, we expect that WU launch will be far smoother than Pokémon GO’s.

We expect the rollout to start on Friday afternoon (GMT) and continue throughout the day. Niantic and WB Games are US based companies and we don’t expect them to start releasing the game before their official business hours start (around 8:00 AM PT).

Captions from the video

  • Unexpected phenomena continue to break out across the globe.
  • It’s happening everywhere.
  • It could be happening in your very neighbourhood.
  • Finite!
  • The world’s falling apart here, ya know.
  • Have you seen what’s going on? It’s madness.
  • I’ve just seen a Dement–
  • Ohhhh yes!
  • I don’t think I can do this.
  • You got this, come on.
  • Yeah, come on.
  • I’m taking the wolf!
  • W-, w-, wait
  • Em, use the portkey!
  • Was that…?
  • No way…
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David Angulo
David Angulo
2 years ago

Energy sistem, And the famous “worldwide” As they could ruin something so easy, I am happy to know that they will lose too much money for such stupid decisions