Update 2.14: SOS Training is Here!

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team is releasing a new game update, Version 2.14! Keep in mind that there are likely bugs that can impact the game’s performance. If you are reading this and have NOT updated to 2.14.0, please go to your App Store or GooglePlay store and update now if it is available for you!

NOTE: As of this posting (7/17) there is a bug unintentionally effecting the Threat Level of several Foundables. Please be patient as the Wizards Unite team works on a solution!


As those bugs are reported, discovered, or fixed, we will continue to update this article. Make sure to follow us on social media (links at the bottom) for updates!

This is the biggest update to Wizards Unite since the game itself launched in 2019. If you want a breakdown of the new features coming to the game, feel free to check out my video below! If not, read on for the specific patch notes

Coming Soon: S.O.S Training

S.O.S Training allows players to advance their magical knowledge and skills by unlocking unique bonuses and abilities through a wide variety of S.O.S Training Lessons.
Added 3 Volumes of S.O.S Training Lessons: Each volume contains a new set of S.O.S Training Skill Trees that will be accessible to players regardless of their Profession.
Added 3 new S.O.S currencies: Field Guides, Ministry Manuals, and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books.
Updated Encounter and Potion screens to display S.O.S Training bonuses.


New SOS Task Force Appraisal system: An aggregated Expertise score will replace Profession Rank.

Wizarding Challenges

Updated the Chamber Selection screen to display Recommended SOS Task Force Appraisal score instead of Recommended Grade.


Made visual updates to the Suitcase menu and Professions interface in preparation for S.O.S Training.
Visual updates to the MACUSA Clock and Threat Meter for Trace Encounters

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with overlapping location text from Hogwarts Fortress Gifts.
  • Fixed an issue affecting Potion Gifts when the ingredient Vault is full.
  • Fixed an issue causing a ‘Connection Lost’ pop up notification after loading into the app. (Leaping leprechauns!)

Known Issues

  • Red Badge notifications reappear on previously seen achievements after reinstalling the game.
  • The interaction box of Puking Pastilles makes the Image difficult to place in the Registry.
  • A Connection Lost error message can appear in various parts of the game.
  • Players can experience a long delay to select a Runestone before entering the Chamber lobby
  • Android only: A short delay may occur at the login screen while loading the app after updating the game.
  • Some devices may experience a delay before choosing a Runestone to enter a Chamber Lobby
  • Wayfarer: approved Wayspots do not sync to the Map.
  • Switching Camera modes from AR Mode to Park Mode during an Encounter can cause the Spell Mastery and Family Mastery information to reappear incorrectly.
  • The Field Charm icon is displayed twice in the level-up summary after unlocking Field Charms at Wizarding Level 5, 7, and 11.
  • Android only: A pink placeholder box may show in place of the Field Charm Visual Effect after a Field Charm is cast on an object.
  • Trace Charm info page shows incorrect text for Fragment and Family XP Bonuses: “Additional Energy Provided” and “Spell Duration”. Trace Charm bonuses should display Fragment and Family XP modifiers instead.
  • Greenhouse Charm info page shows incorrect text for Greenhouse Bonuses: “Additional Energy Provided”. Greenhouse Charm bonuses should display Ingredient and Spell Duration modifiers instead.
  • Fragment count displayed in the rewards flow after returning Foundables spawned by the Trace Charm is inaccurate and differs from the Fragment count shown in the rewards summary drop-down. The rewards summary shows the most accurate Fragment count progress.
  • Bonus Fragments and XP gained from Field Charm bonus modifiers are missing corresponding text in the rewards screen and the rewards summary drop-down.
  • Missing rewards flow text for bonuses gained from Field Charms for players in India
  • Ministry Time Turner foundable and foundables from Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch II page are not rewarding Ministry Manuals
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