Year 5 has come to Hogwarts Mystery!


In a surprise move, Jam City released year 5 of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery a day earlier than the updates normally come. Those of us who had been waiting (more or less) patiently to go to the end-of-year feast in year 4, finally got to collect our 150 gems for winning the House Cup, and move on to our fifth year at Hogwarts.

It’s time to start earning house points again, although the incentive to do so has decreased, as the reward for winning the house cup this year is only 50 gems.


With this update, the cap for Attribute points and your character level have also increased, so you can now go past 24 on Attributes and 30 on player level. Finally, there’s a point to doing classes again.

Just kidding, Dumbledore is off on his own adventures, it’s McGonagall who welcomes us to this school year.

New Adventures

Speaking of classes, we will be exploring some new subjects this year. We get to meet the notoriously boring Professor Binns in History of Magic, and finally learn some real Defense Against the Dark Arts under the watchful eye of Madam Rakepick. Note that learning new spells in these two classes will award you 5 Energy instead of the 5 Gems that most other subjects do.

Who knows what we will learn in this room? Well, Ghouls, Hex-Deflection and Impedimenta, according to the curriculum.

In Year 5, those who managed the Prefect side quest in year 4, will start our new duties in a new side quest*, and have access to the Prefects Bathroom. All students will also have to study for their Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.L.) exams. Who knows exactly what this will entail. And, of course, we will continue searching for our brother, finding the Cursed Vaults, and saving Hogwarts from whatever curse this next one will release upon us.

New Locations

Apart from the Defense Against the Dark Arts and History of Magic classrooms (and Prefect Bathroom for those of us who are prefects), we have also gained access to the Grand Staircase where, curiously, the Fat Lady appears to be residing. Who is guarding the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room?

The Fat Lady, abandoning her post.

Diagon Alley, which was added to the locations a few weeks ago, should open up to Year 5 students (although it does not do so immediately), and in their press release, Jam City promises that we will even get to explore Knockturn Alley. So this year promises to be more about the Dark Arts than any other.

New Friends

With the release of Year 5, four friends have been added to our list. Jae Kim (Gryffindor), Badeea Ali (Ravenclaw), Liz Tuttle (Slytherin), and Diego Caplan (Hufflepuff), all in our year. We know Liz Tuttle from Care of Magical Creatures, but the others are new for this year.

It’s not yet clear how to get closer to any of these people.

And speaking of friends, if you have not worked on leveling up your friendship with Bill Weasley, this is your last chance! He is in year 7 now, and will graduate at the end of this year.

We also see a glimpse of Percy Weasley, although he does not appear in our friends list. Which might be just as well, can you imagine the opinions he would have on our rule-breaking curse-breaking?

More Coming

As of now, it looks like Year 5 only has 7 chapters, but Jam City has added chapters to previous years over the course of releasing new content, and Amanda Heaton, Executive Producer at Jam City, has said that “[y]ear 5 brings the most robust year of content yet to the game, and we’re excited for players to start this new chapter.” So don’t you worry, more content is coming, and more chapters will most likely be added!


*Please be aware that the Prefect side quest you gain access to in Chapter 1 of Year 5, is currently bugged. Many players have reported having to do certain parts of it over and over again. We expect Jam City to fix this soon.

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