Hogwarts Mystery Updated to 1.6.0

Hogwarts Mystery mobile game
Hogwarts Mystery mobile game

Thursday May 31, saw an update arrive for Hogwarts Mystery.

We did not receive any new chapter content (those who have gotten that far are still stuck on Year 3, chapter 11), but we did receive something that many people have been asking for: the chance to interact with our friends and strengthen our friendships whenever we want. Sort of.


Level up your Friendships

With this new update, we can now Play Gobstones, have a Meal with a Friend, och Drink Butterbeer with a friend, wherever we are in the game. Well, the Butterbeer is in Hogsmeade and is, as such, only available for students in year 3 or above, and only once you have unlocked Barnaby Lee as your friend.

To do these bonding tasks, you go to the Courtyard (for Gobstones), the Great Hall (for a Meal) or the Three Broomsticks (for Butterbeer), and choose a friend to bond with. You can choose any of the friends you have already unlocked, provided that your attribute stats are high enough. The task costs a few coins to start, but given that coins are always at a surplus, and easy to get, that shouldn’t be a problem. At least you do not need to spend any of your precious energy on these tasks!

The bonding tasks look roughly the same as when you do them for the story. The friend you are bonding with makes a statement or asks you a question, and you get to choose one of three answers. If the answer you chose turns green, you have made your friend feel better, and earned you points towards the stars. If it turns yellow, you didn’t do as well, and if it turns red, you are a bad friend and may fail this task.

Once you have finished one of these tasks, you have to wait to be able to do it again. It takes 16 hours for the Gobstones and Butterbeer to be available again, but at least you can have another Meal after only 10  hours. We hope the meals are at least filling.

Upcoming Content

This update also hints on features that are coming soon, including “furry friends” and an upcoming event that will let you “collect stars in classes to earn special rewards to represent your house outside of class”. Presumably you will be able to unlock some house specific piece of clothing or accessory.

We don’t know when these upcoming features and events will be available, but as they say, keep playing, and you will find out.

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