Hogwarts Mystery Notebooks, Pets, and Holidays

Hogwarts Mystery has added new pet options which are only available with notebooks, a new currency.

A lot has happened in Hogwarts Mystery since we last published something about it. Hogwarts Mystery keeps updating the game… just not exactly with what fans have requested. 

New currency

A new currency has been added. In House Pride events, players can now earn notebooks, which can be used to buy new pets (a crup and a streeler). Notebooks can also be used to purchase new “skins” for the owl and the cat. These notebooks can normally not be bought, although some players have received an offer to buy 5(?) notebooks and 70 gems in a bundle.


This notebook currency may be a way for Jam City to give every player an equal chance at these new pets (which will presumably give us energy just like the current ones do), and cultivate our patience  since we can only get notebooks through the events and the bundles and in limited quantity.

Hogwarts Mystery has added new pet options which are only available with notebooks, a new currency.

New type of house pride event

A new type of House Pride event has been added, where you are assigned to a team of 10 players from your house, and compete against one or more of the other houses. The house that gets the most points combined will receive the best rewards.

There is some speculation in the community that while the game advertises that your team is filled with real players, they might in fact not be. Evidence includes the fact that some 1st year students have hair and accessories that are not available until later years (just like the randomly generated names on the leaderboard sometimes does), and that if you change the language of your game, your team mates’ names will change as well.

We don’t know for sure, though, and if they are real people, or are intended to be real people, perhaps this could be a stepping stone towards a dueling club where we actually get to duel against real people. Now, that would be exciting!

Remember that this house pride event is based on house points, and not stars earned in class. That means that any house points you earn, from classes, side quests, story quests and so on, will count towards these rewards. That also means that for these events, 1 hour classes are not the most efficient, like they have been in other events. 8h classes give more house points per energy spent.

New Halloween events and Great Hall decor

To celebrate Halloween, Hogwarts Mystery has had multiple events this month. In addition to the new kind of house pride event (top prize was a new pet, a spider), there have been two other events to earn Halloween clothing. Players can also help Professor Dumbledore decorate the Great Hall to earn both house points and stars.

Hogwarts Mystery offers special Halloween events for holiday clothing and notebooks. Hogwarts Mystery offers special Halloween events for animated clothing and notebooks.

The Great Hall decorations are pretty cool, especially because they’re still visible when you have a meal with a friend.

Will Hogwarts Mystery have similar events and theming for Christmas? I would love to see the famous Christmas trees!

What do you think of the notebooks and pets? Love it or hate it? Drop a comment below!

Special thanks to Brita of Witches Unite for the screenshots. 

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