Hogwarts Mystery: What is new?

Hogwarts Mystery mobile game
Hogwarts Mystery mobile game

Are you wondering what’s going on in Hogwarts Mystery these days? Well, with many new features added the past few months, and a brand new one going live as we speak, there’s a lot to cover, let me tell you!


If you’re like me, you haven’t paid attention to Hogwarts Mystery lately. In fact, when I got a new phone a few months ago, I didn’t even download Hogwarts Mystery to it. After the initial hype of Wizards Unite died down (don’t worry, I still play and love that game as well), I remembered Hogwarts Mystery and started wondering what was going on there. So I downloaded it and found that many, many things have happened in this game in my absence.

Hogwarts Mystery Year 6

Of course many new chapters have been added since last I played, and year 6 is now available! This year we will, presumably, get into a lot of new and exiting trouble, and while doing so, we will meet the Weasley twins and Cedric Diggory. This on top of Percy Weasley, who we met in Year 5, means we are starting to see some familiar student faces from Harry Potter’s time at Hogwarts. It does, however, also mean that Bill Weasley will graduate, the first of our friends to leave Hogwarts. I have a way to go until I reach this point of the game, and I already know it will be bittersweet.

Year 6 will also be the year when we get access to the Black Lake, a new area that was added as locked to the list a while ago.

I’m not here yet, but as you can see, there are 10 chapters available in Year 6 as of now. If Year 5 is anything to go by, there will be many more.  

New side quests

When I came back after my long hiatus, I had nine side quests waiting for me. Among them were the Dueling Club (see below), Creature Affections and the Fairy Tale side quest where you will earn Hagrid as an in-game friend. Hagrid’s friendship is a little different than other in-game friends, however. Our friendship will grow through more side quests involving creatures.

I also had one time limited side quest available: Hosting the Beauxbatons.

Hosting the Beauxbatons, where we hang out with a Beauxbatons student who is at Hogwarts to visit her pen pal Penny, is one of many time limited side quests that have been added to the game in the past few months. If this sounds stressful to you, know that you only have to play one of these at a time. Once I had finished Hosting the Beauxbatons, the Celesital Ball side quest became available, and once I ran out of time for that one, the next time limited side quest showed up.

So if there is a particular timed side quest you would like to start playing again for, don’t worry if it’s not the first one to show up. Just keep playing (or ignoring) the timed side quests that do show up, and you will get to the one you want eventually.

The Celestial Ball is one of many timed side quests you may have missed. To be safe, it occurs twice.

First Date side quest

Of course, the most interesting side quest for many players is First Date, which was added to the game in June, and is available for players in year 4, chapter 8 and beyond. Dating has been a highly requested feature since the game’s launch, and in this quest, we get embarrassed in front of the whole class, get to prepare for a date, and confess our feelings to one from a set pool of characters.

Unfortunately, my favorite character is not available as a date, but what can you do. On the plus side, the pool of dateable characters is the same for everyone. Specifically, no matter if you are playing as a boy or a girl, you can choose either a boy or a girl to confess your feelings for.

Be aware that some of the side quests that have been added might belong in earlier years than the one you are in. As such, once you have finished them, you might find an exclamation point among your lessons that will not go away. Go back through the years, and you will likely find an achievement you unlocked by finishing a side quest that belonged in year 2 but that you didn’t get until now in year 4, or 5, or whichever year you are on.

Dueling Club

Dueling was a very popular feature when it was first introduced in Hogwarts Mystery, way before my hiatus. It was fun, it didn’t require any energy, and it would even reward one energy point for every win. At the time it was only available during special events, but now the Dueling Club in the Dungeons is always open.

Each duel costs 600 coins (after Hogwarts Mystery Insider feedback in July that stated that the original 750 coins was too much). If you win, you gain one energy, and have to wait for 7 hours or pay 91 gems to duel again. If you lose, you get to try again until you do win. Once you have won 10 duels, you get a mystery reward. This reward can be gems, energy, coins or notebooks. After the first 10 duels, the cost of dueling will change, and the amount of duels until the next reward as well.

Note that dueling is still against computer controlled avatars, and not real people. You can not challenge your friends to a duel in Hogwarts Mystery. Also note that dueling will drain your coin supply, even after the cost was decreased. If you are like me, and never saw the point of picking coins as rewards before, you may have to change your mind, because between the friendly interactions and the dueling, my coin supply is dangerously low.

Dueling still works as a game of rock-paper-scissors.

More variety in classes

While the subjects available to study at any one time are still the same, doing classes has become a lot more varied. Instead of just reviewing the same spell over and over again, the game now lets you review any of the spells you have previously learned, when you are doing non-story classes (that is, classes where you are not actively learning a new spell). Which spell or creature or lesson you are reviewing is picked randomly by the game. This change, as well as the addition of a few more, and more challenging, minigames for when you reach each star in a class, has made the experience more interesting and less repetitive.

New customization options

When it comes to customizing your character, apart from a fair few new outfits, hairstyles, accessories and pets (see below), you can now add facial hair and makeup to your avatar. And just like with the dating side quest, it doesn’t matter if your avatar is male or female, the facial hair and makeup is available for both genders, and can be mixed if you so please.

This also means that we finally have a way to make our character look at little bit older, because honestly, isn’t it a bit strange that our 11-year-old and 16-year-old avatar looks exactly the same? Well, with a beard and/or some eye shadow, who will notice, right?

Clearly, I have grown up!

New pets and creatures

There are many new pets available for adoption, including the color changing Streeler, a fluffy Puffskien, and one of the more recent additions and my personal favorite, an adorable little Kneazle kitten! Remember, the pets that are available through the store are the ones that will provide you with one free energy on a regular basis. Adopting them costs gems or 50-120 brown notebooks, depending on which pet you are interested in.

In the Magical Creatures Reserve, you will find yet more adorable and cool creatures to adopt and care for. I am way behind with only the Niffler and Porlock under my belt, and better get a move on if I want the Bowtruckle, Hippogriff, Thestral, Welsh Green Dragon, Unicorn … need I go on? Personally, I will pass on the Acromantula, though.

The creatures in the Magical Creatures Reserve will not give you the one guaranteed free energy that your pets will, but they are still worth the trouble. Once you have adopted a creature, you will feed and bond with it, to level up your Magizoologist rank and relationship with the creatures. At each new level of your relationship you will receive a reward, which often includes energy.

Another new feature is that you can now feed your adopted creatures even after reaching max level with them. Feeding them at max level will earn you the same kind of reward as you get after completing a star in any class. That is, you will be able to pick between three options which can include coins, gems, Empathy, Courage or Knowledge points, as well as energy and the occasional notebook.


Another new feature – brand new, in fact, just went live on September 4 at 1 P.M. PST – is Quidditch. Just like dating, Quidditch is a feature that has been requested many times since Hogwarts Mystery was released.

Jam City promises that this will not just be another side quest. It will introduce us to new environments, storylines and original characters, including, based on the trailer, a blond Gryffindor boy who seems to act like a commentator. Whether he is in the same league as Lee Jordan who commented on Harry’s matches remains to be seen.

Quidditch is going to be a permanent, ongoing feature of the game, with multiple chapters and seasons to it. It will be a skill based mechanic, and we will go to practices and hone our skills, unlocking new moves and working our way through the different positions in a Quidditch team. There will be Quidditch Cup matches, and we will be able to win prizes such as broomsticks, face paint and Quidditch uniforms.

Quidditch will be available to any player who has reached year 2, chapter 6.

As we receive the largest update since the game launched, I certainly picked the right time to come back to Hogwarts Mystery!

This is where we will get to train and test out our Quidditch skills!

As you can tell, Jam City keeps updating Hogwarts Mystery with new content, and if you have some time while you’re not out playing Wizards Unite, it might be worth checking out what is new. At least now that Wizards Unite is available, you will have something to do while waiting for your Hogwarts Mystery energy to regenerate.

I will leave you with a cat picture, because that’s how the Internet works. And because kitten Kneazle!
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Tombois Sarah
Tombois Sarah
1 year ago

Hi, I was wondering if you knew what happened if you don’t finish one of the timed side quests in time ? Can you pick it up again and, if so, do you start it from the beginning or from the beginning of the part you lost at ?