Hogwarts Mystery: A New Look


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is in the process of being updated to version 2.6.0, which comes with some very interesting design changes.


Hogwarts Mystery Redesign

As you can see, the main screen is cleaner. In the top right, things look more or less the same, but all that’s left in the bottom right is the icon for the Event that is going on right now.

To the bottom left, you can find the Magizoology tab that shows you your creatures, as well as the icons for Friends, Customizations, and the camera which has also become much more discrete.

The icon for Side Quests has disappeared, and you can now find both the main storyline, the side quests and Quidditch in their own tabs under the scroll icon to the top left.

All the tasks you have can be easily found here, and Quidditch has been separated from other Side Quests.


Beyond the cleaner look of the main screen, the navigation has changed, and personally I like this much better than before. First of all, you can tap the stair icon wherever you are on a certain floor–you no longer have to scroll back to the far left. This is a small quality of life change, but I appreciate it.

When you tap the stair icon, instead of finding a list of all the locations in the game, the menu below will pop up, showing you both the name of all the locations as well as a picture, in case you keep mixing up the East Towers and West Towers, for example.

There will still be an exclamation point if there is something the storyline or a side quest is telling you to do in a location, as well as another icon that specifies where you should go. Below, you can see that I can go duel in the Dungeons, for example, or go to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom in the East Towers. There might be a bug in this function, because it also tells me I should go to the Great Hall, but I still have 5 hours to wait until I can access Meal with a Friend again, and there is nothing else going on in the Great Hall in any side quest or the main storyline. Still, once this function works, it will be much more user friendly than the previous navigation.

Instead of the list, we now get a clearer picture of where we are going, and what we can do there.

All your info in one place

If you tap the icon of yourself in the top left corner of the main screen, you will get to a view that is also quite different from before. This is where you can see your Hogwarts House, the House rank and points, as well as how you are doing with your Attributes, Level, and Magizoology Level.

In addition to your Magizoology Level, you can see how many creatures you have adopted.

Finally, you can also see your Year and where you are in the Story.

From this view, you can reach customization in the bottom left corner, as well as friends, Achievements and Settings in the lower right.

Here’s all I need to know about how I’m progressing in the game, in one convenient location.

You will also find that when you tap on a room, for example the Quidditch Pitch below, the view looks a bit different from before. It is again a small thing, that might look startling at first, but it is merely a visual change.

All in all, there are a couple of bugs that need to be ironed out. You probably noted in the first picture that about a third of the icon for the special bundles at the store is outside the frame. Still, I approve of the visual changes, and so far, the functional ones make the game much easier to play. Such a small thing as the Dormitory being located apart from the other locations instead of in the middle of a list, makes my Energy collecting rounds easier, since I will not find myself accidentally in my Dormitory instead of in Hogsmeade.

What do you think of these changes? Are they good or just confusing? And don’t forget to report any bugs to Jam City so that they can fix them.

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