Witches and wizards around the globe, rejoice! After almost a year of silence, inactivity and complete lack of newsworthy information, Niantic and Warner Bros. did something to awaken us from our deep slumber!

Official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite social media accounts have updated their logos / profile pages with a brand new Wizards Unite logo:

Wizards Unite logo
Wizards Unite logo

The logo is a full departure from the previous one, featuring a stylized letter A, formed out of three different wands (it could mean something), a new gray theme and a completely new font face for the Wizards Unite text.

We’ve enhanced and rotated the wands and managed to guess the following:

  • The right one is Hermione’s
  • The middle one is Harry’s
  • The left one is Ron’s

Do note that the orientation is based on this image and it is not as clear as we want it to be, but it does look like that:

Wizards Unite Wands
Wizards Unite Wands

The change was observed on both Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile pages, while the official website still has the old golden logo, similar to the one we used on this cover image:

Wizards Unite Hub
Wizards Unite Hub

Additionally, their official Instagram account is public again, following months of hiding in private mode!

Are we getting an official trailer or an announcement soon? We don’t know, but we’ll sure keep our eyes peeled!

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3 years ago

I wonder if they’re gearing up to make an announcement alongside Fantastic Beasts. So excited for this game ūüėĀ