Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update (Leaked)

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update was unintentionally released on the Samsung Store. If you have a Samsung device and the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update is available for you, then do not update your app. If you already updated to this version or were a victim of autoupdate, you need to restore your app to the Wizards Unite 2.4.0 Update or you will not be able to play the game.


The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update is expected to be released to everyone sometime this week. Dataminers examined 2.5.0 and found details for the special Halloween event to happen on October 31st, 2019 as well as a few additional features.

Reminder: All data is considered to be speculative because it has not been released in an official capacity. Details and feature availability are subject to change. Some may consider this information to be game spoilers so read ahead with caution.

Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update Patch Notes

Get ready for October Community Day on 10/19! Also, there will be a special Halloween Event on 10/31! Stay tuned for more details!

Wizarding Challenges

Added a new Chamber Lobby experience! If you join a Chamber with other players, you can now tap Ready to let your teammates know you are ready to join the fight! Likewise, you will now see when other players are ready to start the Challenge. As a solo player, you can now skip pass the start timer by tapping Start and being dropped straight into the Chamber!


Greenhouses now always provide Spell Energy along with Ingredients.

Photo Mode

Added photo mode for the Golden Snitch Foundable.


When using Dawdle Draught, you will now see a pop up when the Potion prevented an Encounter from fleeing.

Ministry ID Portrait

House-specific items will now be grouped together. Tap on the Gryffindor House items to see items for the other Hogwarts Houses.

Lenses and Frames rewarded from events will now be grouped together.


Added “Download Essential Assets” to the settings menu for users with limited device storage. Choosing this option will download some of the game assets ahead of time but will not download all the game assets.

Removed the badge (red dot) from Download All Assets in Settings.

Wizards Unite Gifts

The gift feature discovered within 2.5.0 is reported to be very similar to the gift feature currently in place for Pokémon GO.

Gifts are packages of useful items that you can send to your Friends via Owl Post. They may contain rare Potion Ingredients, Spell Energy, Runestones, and even Foundables! Find gifts by dining at Inns, harvesting Greenhouses, and completing Wizarding Challenges. You can send a limited number of gifts each day, and a Friend must open your gift before you can send them another one.

You can acquire gifts by:

  • Dining at Inns
  • Harvesting Greenhouses
  • Completing Challenges in Fortresses

There will be three types of gifts:

  • Ancients Giftbox – rewards Runestones
  • Energetic Giftbox – rewards Spell Energy
  • Herbal Giftbox – rewards Ingredients

Harrowing Halloween Event

Dark Arts Month

  • Title: Harrowing Halloween
  • Description: In response to the wizarding world’s Halloween celebrations, the Calamity has manifested Slytherin’s Basilsk in a new Fortress Chamber. Engage with extreme caution.
  • Passport Title: Breaker of Basilisks
  • Fortress Chamber: Harrowing Halloween Chamber
  • Halloween Task: Use Dark Arts Runes in Fortresses and defeat {AMOUNT} Basilisks.

Dark Witch Models

There have been two different models rendered by dataminers for the upcoming Dark Witch enemy. There are no details on a release date for this feature.

Dark Witch Models
Two Variations of the Dark Witch Model

New Tasks

New tasks have been added within the code for 2.5.0 but there are no details on when these tasks will be available for gameplay.

  • Perform {AMOUNT} {MASTERY} Spell Casts in a row.
  • Earn {AMOUNT} Wizarding XP from Wizarding Challenges.
  • Earn {AMOUNT} Wizarding XP from Traces on the Map.
  • Earn {AMOUNT} Wizarding XP from Greenhouses.
  • Earn {AMOUNT} Wizarding XP from Inns.
  • Earn {AMOUNT} Wizarding XP. Earn {AMOUNT} Wizarding XP from Portkeys.
  • Earn {AMOUNT} Wizarding XP from Assignments.
  • Earn {AMOUNT} Wizarding XP from store packs in Diagon Alley.
  • Place {AMOUNT} {COLLECTION_ID} Runestones in the {CHAMBER_ID} Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Place {AMOUNT} level {LEVEL}+ Runestones in the {CHAMBER_ID} Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Place {AMOUNT} {RUNESTONE_ID}s in the {CHAMBER_ID} Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Place {AMOUNT} level {LEVEL}+ {COLLECTION_ID} Runestones in the {CHAMBER_ID} Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Place {AMOUNT} Runestones in the {ID} Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Place {AMOUNT} level {LEVEL}+ {COLLECTION_ID} Runestones in a Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Place {AMOUNT} {ID} Runestones in a Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Place {AMOUNT} level {LEVEL}+ Runestones in a Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Place {AMOUNT} Runestones in a Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Place {AMOUNT} {ID}s in a Wizarding Challenge Chamber.
  • Complete {AMOUNT} Wizarding Challenges in your highest Chamber.
  • Complete {AMOUNT} Wizarding Challenges with {PLAYERS} Teammates in your highest Chamber.
  • Use {AMOUNT} {ID} Potions in Wizarding Challenges.
  • Use {AMOUNT} Potions in Wizarding Challenges.

One final reminder that this update is NOT live, and the information in this post is all datamined. Everything is subject to change!

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I am not able to uninstall or reinstall the game. I have even tried to just install like a new player but it generates an error message. The game does not appear in my google play list as installed. In fact it is not present in my app list at all.Trying to go through the game launcher the game starts by asking my birthdate like I haven’t installed it yet. Will anything auto install to fix this problem or do I just give up. I really enjoyed playing your game I had 403 hours and got to level 31. My… Read more »