Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.4.0 Update

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has once again updated with some great new changes! Check out all the bug fixes and feature changes in the latest Wizards Unite update.



  • A new Brilliant Event is coming, called Fighting Forces!
  • You can finally skip Foundable animations!
  • A metric ton of quality of life improvements has been added.
  • A ton of bugs have been squashed.

Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces

  • Get ready to earn more Restricted Section Books and unlock a new Portkey location with October’s Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces!
    • Week 1: 10/8 – 10/14.
    • Week 2: 10/22 – 10/28.

Wizards Unite Updates


When you successfully cast a spell and return a Foundable, you will now be able to skip through the return animation by tapping on the screen. This will only be possible once you have already returned at least one fragment of a Foundable.


You can now tap to skip the pot shuffling animation when you visit a Greenhouse.


Bogrod the Goblin is now available in Photo Mode.


You will no longer have to tap each Lens, Frames, or Stickers in your Ministry ID Portrait to dismiss the new item badge (red dot). This is a small, but greatly-appreciated change for everyone who desperately wants to clear those red dot notifications!


If you open multiple Portkeys at once, you will now only get one dialog box to let you know you have unlocked one or more Portkeys.

The Portkey Rewards screen will show even if you’re unable to tap 5 Wrackspurts or you leave the Portkey unexpectedly. Great news for anyone speeding through Portkeys while chugging a Brain Elixir!

Ministry ID

Tap and hold Achievement badges in your Ministry ID to get a reminder of which Achievement you completed to receive the badge.

Wizarding Challenges

Added Spell Energy to rewards if you win a Wizarding Challenge at a Sponsored Fortresses. Especially after the recent controversy regarding Sponsored Fortresses, this seems like a balanced reward that will entice players to Sponsored Fortresses while not creating a large disadvantage to players who don’t have Sponsored Fortresses.

Wizards Unite Bug Fixes:

Woohoo! The HPWU team has been hard at work addressing various bugs and known issues.

Wizarding Challenges

Fixed an issue with Recommended Grade for Chambers being displayed in red text if the player’s Grade is equal to the recommended Grade.


Fixed an issue where players may become stuck in the Potions Tutorial if they tap the ladle before the Tutorial sequence reaches the Master Notes section.

SOS Assignments

[Beta Players] Players who were in beta before SOS Assignments were introduced are unable to complete the Mysteries tasks.

Fixed an issue where progress for the SOS Assignment: “Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges with 3 Teammates” wasn’t consistently recorded.


Fixed an issue where players would receive a message that there isn’t enough space on their device to “Download All Assets,” even if there’s adequate space available on their device.

Fixed an issue with the “Download All Assets” occasionally failing.

Known Issues

The HPWU team is aware of the following issues. They are working to fix them. Keep an eye out for the bug fixes in the next Wizards Unite update!


The “Friends Listed 1: Have 1 Friend in Your Friends List” Achievement may not appear completed until an hour has passed.

Wizarding Challenges

Foes may appear to receive Stamina or have negative Stamina after being attacked or defeated.

Ministry ID

Players may receive a black screen when switching from the app in Gallery Mode, to take a photo from the device’s camera roll, then going back to the app.

Player’s Portrait may become inverted when taking a photo in the Ministry ID.


Foundables that are not from Encounters can sometimes have a high Seen number, even if they are not Seen in Encounters.

Foundables in Photo Mode may flip around when a player taps on the Foundable to reposition.


Potion Brewing Queue slots may disappear after collecting a Potion and immediately attempting to brew another Potion. Exiting the Potions section fixes this issue.


Player may receive an error if they attempt to add an emoji to their Codename or to their First/Last Name (Ministry ID Name).

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Richard Spaw
Richard Spaw
2 years ago


Amanda Bazan
Amanda Bazan
2 years ago

When do we get adventure sync!?!?!?

2 years ago
Reply to  Amanda Bazan

What is “adventure sync”, please? 🙂

2 years ago

“for everyone who desperately wants to clear those red dot notifications” I’d love to clear the red dot from my suitcase, which is inherited from the red dot from my profession section, which is meaningless or outright misleading, because I can’t advance in my profession right now for lack of red/green books. Currently sitting on over 1k scrolls (lev 11 Professor, 103/134; lev 34 overall), which I can’t spend inside my profession tree, and which I wouldn’t like to spend on other trees before I am done with the current one (and given the promise of “more lessons coming soon”,… Read more »