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Funbie Studio Is Making 3D Printed Guides for Better Spell Casting in Wizards Unite

Wizards, we’ve got a really interesting story to share today! Funbie Studios is a 3D printing studio from Singapore that specializes in creating 3D printable models of various gaming and geek related items – Overwatch, Transformers, Magic the Gathering and now Wizards Unite.

Take that, Ebublio! No more Fair accuracy!

Funbie is creating a set of 3D printed “frames” that closely follow spell glyphs and help you achieve Masterful accuracy every time! It’s a cool idea, but costs and completion date are still in question. The project can be backed on Patreon for $1 USD and there are STL files available on the Patreon page for people with 3D printers at home. Be aware that there is a chance that these files won’t fit on your device properly, so be sure to test out spell before printing all of them.

Currently, the studio is working on producing STL files for all of the in-game spells, with these being available right now:

The blueprints are all sized to 78mm width, which is quite wide, so you’ll probably have to make some adjustments before printing yours.

We’re super impressed by this idea, although carrying around a set of “casting patterns” doesn’t excite us, the execution seems awesome. As one witty redditor said: “This is what the sole purpose of 3D Printers were created for xD”, and we cannot find a problem with that!

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