First Look at Fortresses in Wizards Unite Beta

Better than Pokemon GO raids

Wizards Unite Fortress

Wizards, attention! We finally have a really good recording of how Fortresses look like in the current beta build. A player from New Zealand, called “Potato Slayer”, published a 14 minute long video that shows various aspects of Wizards Unite game play: leveling up, Inn and Glasshouse interaction, Foundable encounters, Potion brewing and finally… Fortresses!

We won’t waste your time with unnecessary introductions, here’s the video clip in question:

As hinted in the pre-release press materials, players progress through Fortress floors by clearing all enemies on a particular floor. Each floor requires you to spend Runestones to enter it. Apparently, Runestones of any color work and they could influence which rewards you get (speculation, don’t quote us on this, but the player used a Dark Arts Runestone to enter and received progress in both Dark Arts fragments and Challenge categories).


Combat heavily relies on two mechanics:

  • Protego – a defensive, time based, spell that is only usable when your opponent attacks
  • Combat Bolt – a generic looking offensive spell that can be used to damage your opponent

Combat spells require you to “draw” one of the several potential spell glyphs on your screen (apparently picked randomly):

At one point, the player has to use a Healing Potion in order to keep up with the incoming damage. Overall, the combat mechanics look much better than Pokemon GO’s tap-to-raid system, especially given that Wizards Unite are currently in beta period. We sincerely hope the combat will stay the same when the game finally goes live.

Magic9x, a Wizards Unite redditor, shared some of his notes on completing Fortresses with a team of players:

  • Each enemy may only be engaged by a single player at each time
  • Only players outside of combat can use their abilities, this means you probably want your magizoologists “sitting out” of the fight if there are more players than enemies (Since magizoologists can spam heals on people who are fighting)
  • Rewards are not impacted by having multiple players in a fortress, it’s the same rewards as if you were solo
  • Fights are significantly easier as a team, since you’ll almost always have one person “out of combat” who is able to use their abilities to assist the rest of the team while they are fighting their enemies
  • There’s no level restrictions until the very last few fortress floors, this means I’m able to group up with level 1s and “carry” them through the early tiers of the fortress
  • Enemies do have “levels” too. Around the 7th/8th tier of the fortress I’m generally fighting level 55-65 ish enemies.
  • I have around 200 HP and they’ll hit me for 50-60