10 Quick Facts About Adversaries in Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Adversaries artwork featuring Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort, and Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite shared an exciting blog post yesterday all about Adversaries in Wizards Unite. I’ve broken down the basic details into 10 quick facts about Adversaries and how they work in Wizards Unite.

I covered all of this in a video too!


Thank you Niantic and WB Games for sharing this information and these photos with me so I could create this article. 

1) Adversaries will unlock for players at Levels 15 and above

Once Adversaries are live in Wizards Unite, players will need to be at least at Level 15 in the game for Adversaries to appear.

2) Adversaries will be an Encounter on the Map

Adversaries will appear on the Map with their own unique Trace icon. When a player clicks on this icon, the Adversary Encounter begins. Adversaries will NOT be part of Wizarding Challenges, despite the Basilisk appearance in Harrowing Halloween in 2019.

3) Each Adversary Encounter will including more than one Foe

Before you can duel the actual Adversary, you first must defeat a series of Foes. As you can see in the screenshots below, these Foes are both part of a chain of 3 total Foes, including the final Adversary.

Screenshot of a Sphinx in Wizards Unite Screenshot of a Mummy in Wizards Unite

4) Earn rewards by defeating Adversaries

For each individual Foe in the chain you defeat, you will earn rewards. If you defeat everyone in the Adversary Encounter, you will earn greater rewards at the end. These rewards can include:

  • Wizarding XP
  • Challenge XP
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Books

5) New Adversary Registry Pages

Currently the Challenges Registry has two sets of Adversaries, but the Registry Pages only show posters of villains. Once Adversaries are live in Wizards Unite, the Challenges Registry will have new Adversary Registry Pages. These will work similarly to existing Registry Pages, meaning you will collect Fragments to place Images and prestige the Pages. This will help you earn Challenge XP and DADA Books.

Screenshot of Bellatrix Registry page in Wizards Unite

6) Two types of Adversaries: Feared and Lethal

Adversaries will be in two categories: Feared and Lethal.

Feared Adversaries can occur randomly on the Map or during Adversaries Events. Feared Adversaries include Foes such as Peter Pettigrew and Draco Malfoy, which have fewer, less-difficult Foes to defeat before reaching them. Feared Adversaries are indicated by an Adversaries Trace marker. These Adversaries are more common than Lethal Adversaries.

Lethal Adversaries include the likes of Dolores Umbridge and Bellatrix Lestrange. They have a greater number of more challenging Foes to defeat before reaching them. Lethal Adversaries are indicated by a more intricate Adversaries Trace marker. Unlike Feared Adversaries, Lethal Adversaries can only initially be encountered during certain, special monthly Adversaries Events. Lethal Adversaries will not be immediately available when Adversaries launch. They will gradually be introduced into the game, with later events introducing stronger, more formidable villains.

7) New Adversaries Events

Each month will feature a new Adversaries Event. The exact details of these events are unknown, but Adversaries should appear more often during them. Each event will potentially introduce a new Lethal Adversary to the game.

8) Edible Dark Marks

Edible Dark Marks will function similarly to Tonic for Trace Detection. When you eat one, a certain number of Adversaries will appear on the Map. Only Feared Adversaries and Lethal Adversaries already introduced during an event will appear by consuming an Edible Dark Mark. Edible Dark Marks will be available for purchase in Diagon Alley. However, other details are still unknown, like their price and ways to earn them in-game.

9) New skill tree

Once you have completed an entire Profession lesson plan, a new skill tree will appear in Combat Training.

Wizards Unite screenshot of Adversaries skill tree

10) You can use Potions against Adversaries

Potions will help players take down Adversaries. You can use the following Potions against all Adversaries:

  • All Exstimulo Potions
  • Wit-Sharpening Potions

You can also drink Healing Potions for yourself.

The other WUtubers, Orange Wizard, and I are all asking Lola and the HPWU team as many questions as we can about Adversaries. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will have many more articles once we have more information to share.

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