Holiday Fun with December Events in Wizards Unite

December 2020 Calendar of Events in Wizards Unite

2020 has been a tumultuous year. As we’ve all adapted to playing games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from home, game developers have creatively tweaked a game designed for exploration.

December will be so filled with events you won’t have time to miss the typical holiday parties…


And that’s not all!

The merry HPWU elves have a joyous treat for all players:

During the entire month of December, when you visit an Inn or Greenhouse, you will receive a Gift to send to a friend!

Learn more about this holiday month in my latest video. You can also read about the December events in Wizards Unite down below.

Hogwarts for the Holidays Brilliant Event Week 1: December 1-8, 2020

When December 1, 11 am PT to December 8, 11 am PT
Features Help return Brilliant Foundables from Brilliant Moving Staircases I including the Salazar Slytherin Portrait and the Helga Hufflepuff Portrait.

Full Brilliant Event guide already published.

December Community Day: All Day December 12, 2020

When December 12, 12:01 am – 11:59 pm Local Time
Features Prepare your broom and take to the skies as you visit the Quidditch Pitch II.

Full guide coming soon.

Hogwarts for the Holidays Brilliant Event Part 2: December 22-29, 2020

When December 22, 11 am PT to December 29, 11 am PT
Features Help return Brilliant Foundables from Brilliant Moving Staircases II, including Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw Portrait.

Full guide coming soon.

12 Tasks of Christmas: December 29 to January 7

When December 29, 11am PT to January 7, 11am PT
Features Prepare for a fun list of tasks as you celebrate the holidays at Hogwarts!

Full guide coming soon.

There’s also a chance of another Spotlight Event like the ones recently tested, but for now there’s not one on the calendar.

I know I’m excited to make progress on my Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch II page, which only has a bronze frame. Which event are you excited to play this month?

Calendar provided by Orange Wizard.

Connect with me and the rest of the WizHub team here in the comments or on our social media platforms.

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Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald
10 months ago

Not really related, but does anyone know what these random notes between Hermione and Constance are all about?