Brilliant Event Returns to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on July 3!

Brilliant Events in Wizards Unite
Brilliant Events in Wizards Unite

Witches and Wizards, this is not a drill! Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is bringing back the Brilliant Event that has already been seen in the Beta. It’s about time that we get our hands on some Restricted Spell Books, globally this time! This Brilliant Event has been announced rather silently. No official Twitter posts have been posted as of the time of writing. Let’s dive in to some of the Brilliant Event details!


Featured encounters

What is the Brilliant Event?

Brilliant Events are limited time events that feature Special Assignments, new Foundables, and a unique registry page that has shown itself in game globally. You will receive event rewards that are not obtainable by any other means. Among these rewards are the highly requested Restricted Spell Books. People from all around the world have been asking how to get their hands on these. This is the only way to do it!

When is the Brilliant Event?

This Brilliant Event is set to kick off on July 3rd, at 11:00am Pacific Time, 2:00pm Eastern Time. The good news is that this event is available globally for all locations that currently have Wizards Unite available. As of now, it does not officially state how long the event will run for.

What kind of tasks will be part of the Brilliant Event?

Going just purely based off of the previous event, you can expect to encounter tasks like:

  • Collecting from Inns
  • Returning higher level Foundables
  • Picking up ingredients or Portmanteaus
  • Unlocking Portkeys
  • Returning Brilliant Foundables such as Unicorns
  • Performing Great spellcasts
  • Brewing Potions
  • And walking a certain amount of Kilometers

Parting Notes

This is only the second Brilliant Event to take place inside Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The first event took place during the beta for New Zealand and Australia players. This event, again, will be a global event! If this event has the same run time as the previous Brilliant Event, then it’ll run for a whole week! Wands at the ready, fellow Witches and Wizards!

When more updates becomes available, such as infographics, run time updates, and other information becomes available, we will update this article accordingly. Feel free to keep checking back for up to the date information!

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Brian Brannon
Brian Brannon
2 years ago

You have the times reversed. It’s 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern

Richard Fennell
Richard Fennell
2 years ago

I thought this was Saturday (June 29), but that notification was for a different event. Something about a flare-up of Foundables. Looking forward to getting some restricted books on July 3!