Wizards Unite 2.3.0 Quality of Life Updates

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is being updated to version 2.3.0, and this version features a lot of Quality of Life updates that the player base has been asking for! Let’s go through them all:

Wizards Unite Updates:

Photo mode

A camera button has been added to the Registry. Toggle it to see which Foundables you can take AR photos of. You’ll see both the ones where you have placed the image, and which ones you will be able to take pictures of once you have collected all the fragments.



If you want an AR picture of a Foundable that you haven’t placed in your Registry, you can now take one when you encounter that Foundable in the world. As long as you have collected at least one fragment (and the Foundable is one of the ones where AR photos are available) you can now take an AR picture during an Encounter.

This next update is one of the most asked for features to date, and it has finally come:

During an Encounter, you can now see how many fragments of this Foundable you have returned! Gone are the days when you had to try to remember if you already have the Hippogriff sticker in your Registry. You will see the answer on your screen, and decide if this is an encounter that you want to spend your precious energy on.

At the top of this picture, you can see that I have 8/8 fragments of Tonks. Thus, I may not have to spend energy on this encounter.

If you do decide that you don’t want to spend any energy saving Tonks from a Dementor again, you can now easily just run away, and another update is that the game will no longer ask you if you are sure. You can just click to run away, and move on to the next encounter.

Ministry ID

In response to another highly requested feature, you can now find your total Wizarding XP from your Ministry ID page. If you enter your Ministry ID and tap on your level, it will show you how far along towards the next level you are.


If you are tired of your phone going to sleep and the screen going dark as you’re waiting for the next encounter to pop up on your map, you can now disable that feature through the Settings menu. Find Disable Screen Sleeping, at the bottom of the Settings menu.

Flock of Memos is now a Foundable with AR photos enabled.

Some new Foundables and Oddities have been added. These are not live as of this article’s publication, but you will see them soon.

Wizards Unite Bug Fixes

An issue with Dancing with Dummies has been fixed! Congratulations, Aurors!

And congratulations, Beta players, because an issue where you were unable to receive the Redacted Report and London 5 Transcript Mystery Foundables has been fixed as well!

Known Issues in Wizards Unite

The HPWU team is aware of the following issue and working to resolve them. Only the new known issue is listed below. For the full list of known issues, see our previous article on the 2.2.0 release notes.


  • Android users may experience frequent game crashes. As a temporary fix, update your Ministry ID Portrait and remove any animated stickers, frames, or lenses.
  • The option to buy Spell Energy in Diagon Alley is temporarily missing.


  • Players can experience an infinite black screen when they complete the Master Notes of the potion, then finish brewing the potion using the Finish Now option.

All in all, this update is full of Quality of Life changes, including features that a lot of players have been requesting. Thank you to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team for listening, and to all the players who keep giving them constructive criticism on how to improve our experience with the game.

If you would like to provide feedback and report bugs where you know it will get back to the Wizards Unite team, join our Discord. hpwu_fazes is a member, and will see what is going on there.

It is less than a week left until the Wizards Unite Fan Festival, don’t forget!

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