Profession Resources: Desperate for Spell Books

Different skill costs in the Auror skill tree
Different skill costs in the Auror skill tree

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite shares a lot in common with other major geo-location/augmented reality mobile games like Ingress, Pokémon GO, The Walking Dead, and Jurassic World Alive. For example, in all of these games, players have a player level, and moving through the levels provide various in-game benefits. (Plus bragging rights).

However, Wizards Unite is unique with its inclusion of wizarding professions. A player’s choice of profession, as well as a player’s profession level, is the source of power in Wizarding Challenges.


Wizards Unite is still a young game–it hasn’t even been two months since its global release. Hopefully there will be another game aspect affected by profession, something beyond Wizarding Challenges.

In the article, How to Maximize Challenge XP and Spell Books, I outlined the resources needed for each profession. This article aims to analyze how soon global launch players can complete their first profession lesson book.

TL;DR: Wizard Unite needs to fix two things:

  1. Spell Books, because they require an unreasonable amount of work, and
  2. How Magizoologists (and Aurors, somewhat) need 310% more Challenge XP than Professors.

Spell Books, Scrolls, and Restricted Section Books

In order to level up your profession and buff up your stats, you need three resources:

  • Spell Books from Challenge XP Treasure Trunks (Wizarding Challenges)
  • Scrolls from Family XP Treasure Trunks (mostly from Traces)
  • Restricted Section Books from quests during Brilliant events

Resources to Complete the First Profession Skill Tree

Professions Spell Books Scrolls Restricted Spell Books
Aurors 430 2,352 115
Magizoologists 465 2,495 115
Professors 320 2,325 223

Restricted Section Books (RSBs)

Restricted Section Books, aka RSBs or green books, are the easiest to track. The only way to get RSBs is from the event tasks during Brilliant Events, and each event gives a maximum of 15 RSBs. If a player completed the past 3 Brilliant events (4 event tasks each), then they would have 45 RSBs.

The pattern thus far is one Brilliant event every two weeks. Four out of the five, excluding the first Brilliant event, have started on a Tuesday (Pacific Time). Here is a list of the previous and future Brilliant events:

  • July 3rd – 10th: Flora & Fauna
  • July 16th – 23rd: Potter’s Calamity, Part 1
  • July 30th – August 6th: Potter’s Calamity, Part 2
  • August 13th – August 20th: Back to Hogwarts, Part 1
  • August 27th – September 3rd: Back to Hogwarts, Part 2
Professions Restricted Section Books
Date to Earn Enough RSBs to Complete* Time since Global Launch
Aurors 115 October 8th 110 days
Magizoologists 115 October 8th 110 days
Professors 223 January 14th 208 days

* If the pattern continues and 15 RSBs are still given out for each Brilliant event.

After the first 5 announced Brilliant events, players can get a maximum of 75 RSBs. Aurors and Magizoologists need another 40, which is 3 more Brilliant events, and Professors need another 148 RSBs, which is another 10 Brilliant events. Each of the professions do not desperately need all of their lessons that require RSBs, especially Professors. For example, Professors have 3 lessons that require 15 RSBs each, but their benefits are situational, only useful when grouping with specific Professors who cast 2 or 3 team enhancements or Foe impairments.

If the pattern continues, the next Brilliant events start on September 10th, September 24th, October 8th, October 22nd, November 5th, November 19th, December 3rd, December 17th, December 31st, and January 14th.


Players get Scrolls from completing Exploration ranks, 4 from daily assignments, and occasionally from daily login, daily treasure, and accomplishments. New Brilliant events bring in a lot of quick Scrolls, though mostly from Part 1. Each Brilliant rank gives 5 Scrolls instead of the typical 4 and it is fairly easy to get to rank 10, which amounts to 50 Scrolls. Unfortunately, the past two Brilliant events have had two parts, each share the same Registry page, so it is much slower ranking up during Part 2.

  • If a player brewed and used a potion daily, they would get 4 Scrolls daily
    • Rate: 120 monthly
    • From June 20th to August 13th, that is 212 Scrolls
  • If a player did all of the 5 Brilliant events and got to rank 10, they would have 250 Scrolls and get maybe 75 Scrolls monthly (if Wizards Unite keeps doing two part events).
  • Exploration pages give 2 Scrolls to rank 8, then 4 Scrolls for each rank past 8. There are 10 Exploration pages. If a player gets all 10 to rank 10, then they would earn 240 Scrolls ((8 ranks * 2 Scrolls + 2 ranks * 4 Scrolls) * 10)
    • Going from rank 10 to 20 in all 10 categories gives 400 Scrolls (4 * 10 ranks * 10 categories)
    • After around rank 25-30 (depending on how much a player does Fortress battles), family XP doesn’t come easily, because the easy page is Gold and gives minimal family XP.
  • Professors require the fewest Scrolls while Magizoologists require the most Scrolls, which gives a range in time needed to complete their lesson books.
Professions Scrolls Example 1
Daily Play
Example 2
Medium Play
Aurors 2,352 end of December early November
Magizoologists 2,495 mid-January mid-November
Professors 2,325 end of December early November

Factors that influence a player’s Scrolls: Daily assignments, number of Fortress battles, number of Foundables, prestiged Exploration pages, number of Portkeys opened, and Brilliant Foundable grinding.

Example 1 (Daily Play): Basic play means that the player plays maybe an hour a day, gets their 4 daily Scrolls, get their Exploration categories to rank 20, and finishes each Brilliant event (rank 10).

  • Time since global launch: 190 to 210 days

Example 2 (Medium Play): Medium play means that the player plays a few hours each day, gets their 4 daily Scrolls, gets their Exploration categories to rank to high-20s, and plays a bit more during the Brilliant events (rank 15). This is modeled after my own play.

  • Time since global launch: 133 to 152 days

Hardcore players would be finished sooner, of course, maybe September or October.

Spell Books

Spell Books, aka red books, are only earned from Challenge XP in Wizarding Challenges. While Foundable traces are everywhere, Fortresses are specific buildings that take more effort to use often. It’s much easier to open the game and return some Foundables than visiting a fortress and battling for a few minutes or a few hours. Also, players get bonuses from sponsored Fortresses and playing with friends, which takes a lot more effort and coordination.

Players complain that Spell Books are the limiting resource for professions for five major reasons:

  1. Only 2 Spell Books are earned from each Challenge rank compared to 4 or 5 Scrolls.
  2. Increasing your rank is difficult.
    1. Exploration XP requirement stops changing at rank 11 (100 family XP).
    2. Challenge XP requirement stops changing at rank 150 (3,770 CXP), much higher than the Exploration XP requirement.
    3. The challenge XP requirement goes up after every rank making it harder to earn after each new rank.
  3. Spell Books are not daily assignment rewards like Scrolls.
  4. Special events do not help much:
    1. Brilliant events do not give out extra Spell Books.
    2. Community Day success hinges on high-level Runestones and 5-player teams).
  5. High-level Runestones are hard to come by and easily got used up during August’s Community Days.
Profession Spell Books Challenge XP
to Max*
Challenge XP compared to Professors
Auror 430 675,165 259% more
Magizoologist 465 807,115 310% more
Professor 320 260,465

*All professions will probably need to reach rank 150 for 300 Spell Books unless some new way to earn Spell Books comes out. This value assumes 20 Spell Books from accomplishments and daily treasure awards.

How do Aurors and Magizoologists need 259-310% more challenge XP than Professors?

The challenge XP needed to reach rank 150 (max rank) is 260,465. All of the extra Spell Books past 300 from the Challenge ranks require 3,770 challenge XP per rank. That single amount (3,770) is more than rank 1-20, which gives 40 Spell Books. The slow semi-linear increase of challenge XP needed per level until rank 150 really amounts to a supremely high maximum. Imagine getting 2 Spell Books from 20 challenge XP for rank 1 then imagine getting 2 Spell Books from 3,770 challenge XP after rank 150.

It is too hard to speculate how long it will take to acquire all of those Spell Books. Players have to make time for Wizarding Challenges. They also have to gather enough Spell Energy, collect Runestones from leveling up Exploration ranks (or buy level 1 Runestones in Diagon Alley), battle with friends to get more challenge XP, and battle in sponsored Fortresses for 25% more base chamber challenge XP. The last two are very optional, plus many do not have sponsored Fortresses (let alone Fortresses with Inns in range) or friends to battle with consistently.

Personally, I have done 560 Wizarding Challenges, most of which were using level 1 Runestones in Ruins I before wizard XP was nerfed. I am on rank 44 on the Challenges Registry. I earned 102 Spell Books: 86 from ranking up and 16 from accomplishments and daily treasure rewards. It takes 900 challenge XP to get 2 more Spell Books then it keeps going up by 20 for awhile. The 20,000 challenge XP I earned is 3% of the total challenge XP needed for an Auror to get 430 Spell Books.

Did the August Community Day help? I earned around 20 Spell Books from the August Community Day by doing around 25 Tower IV runs with 3 Friends using level 4-5 Runestones (used up all of my level 5 Runestones). If September’s Community Day is identical to August, that will help earn Spell Books faster, but then all of my level 4 Runestones will be gone.

The Spell Book Problem

At my current rate (3% of the total needed in 53 days including 3 hours of Community Day bonuses), I will get 430 Spell Books for an Auror in 5 years. If I was a Professor, I would get 320 Spell Books in 1 year and 11 months (23 months). If I was a Magizoologist, I would get 465 Spell Books in 6 years.

Here are some other factors that will change those values (+ = helps get Spell Books faster, – = slows down getting Spell Books):

  • + Daily treasure rewards (August, day 21 gives 3 Spell Books)
  • + 50 possible Spell Books from achievements (Note: the third part is hard to complete)
    • Cast strategic spells for 3/7/15 Spell Books (15 SB: 3,000 Strategic Spells might take awhile unless you spam 0 focus spells for awhile)
    • Defeat Elite Foes for 3/7/15 Spell Books  (15 SB: 1,000 Elite Foes will take “forever”)
  • – It’s harder to get Runestones after prestiging Exploration pages to Gold.
  • + It’s easier to get higher-level Runestones after Exploration rank 11.
  • – Runestones take awhile to obtain, but take less than 10 minutes to use.
  • + As you increase your Profession Grade and team up with friends, higher chambers are easier and challenge XP comes easier.

Conclusion and Spell Book Solutions

A player’s professions is the fundamental RPG (Role Playing Game) component in Wizards Unite. Powering up one’s profession is dependent upon three resources: Restricted Section Books, Scrolls, and Spell Books.

Here is a chart to summarize the rough time it will take to earn enough resources to max a profession’s first lesson book. This information is speculative and varies based on what the future holds, but it should act as a guide to see what really matters.

Profession Restricted Section Books Scrolls Spell Books
Auror 110 days
October 8th
138 – 195 days* Years
Magizoologist 110 days
October 8th
152 – 210 days* Years+
Professor 208 days
January 14th
133 -190 days* Years

*Varies by a lot; it is dependent on time played and opportunities taken to get Scrolls. Hardcore players will reach this sooner than the lowest value.

Restricted Section Books (RSBs) will take 110 days for Aurors & Magizoologists and 208 days for Professors to get enough for their first lesson book if Wizards Unite stays the course: A new Brilliant event every two weeks and 15 RSBs as the reward. Brilliant events are not difficult to complete, some can complete it in an hour or two.

Scrolls will take a daily player roughly 200 days (over 6 months, December).

Spell Books: Since Spell Books are painfully difficult and annoying to get, there is no doubt that Wizards Unite needs to create more ways to get them. Also, the disparity between Professors and Magizoologists & Aurors is gigantic. 310% and 259% more challenge XP is not balanced at all. Any player would wait 3 more months to get RSBs than grind triple the amount of challenge XP as the other professions. That’s probably more than a few hundred hours battling at a Fortress.

Some suggestions to help players get more Spell Books:

  1. Add Spell Books to the daily assignments
  2. Release level 6-10 Runestones (mentioned in the game data)
  3. Reduce the challenge XP required to complete a rank
  4. Change the rank that challenge XP needed caps at from 150 to something much lower like 100
  5. Add another way to get Spell Books like the equivalent to Pokémon GO raids (the Registry has some future features in the Challenges tab)

Expect to see hardcore Aurors and Magizoologists have enough RSBs and Scrolls in October, and Professors in mid-January. As for Spell Books… pray that Wizards Unite changes something soon.

Off-Topic: In terms of wizard XP, players who are level 40 are 16% of the way – on track for level 60 around late June 2020. I am level 34 and I’m 8% of the way to level 60 – on track for level 60 around June 2021.

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Steve Cooper
Steve Cooper
1 year ago

I think one other option is to put in book binding shops in the game where you can exchange say 25-50 scrolls for a book, 5 books for a restricted book etc.

zelgadis greywords
zelgadis greywords
1 year ago

oh, look, we have a problem, a barrier of xp to level up, what other game did have that? oh, yes, pokemon go, when it was released getting to 40 was a pain in the ass, but right now, 3 years later, is a joke getting to the same level. Give to the game time and those red books “problems” probably will be gone,

Roger W Turner
Roger W Turner
1 year ago

Some of my current data FWIW. Wizarding Level 35. Brilliant Levels 33/65*/63. Challenge Level 51. 563 Portkeys. Professor Level 10 (588/600). Today I achieved having more scrolls than needed for the Lessons released so far. I need another 204 Red and 163 Green Books.

1 year ago

What seemed like a fixable case of initial bad design now appears to be a money-making strategy, with red books being part of paid bundles (check out the SOS bundle and the Brilliant bundle; with 1 book in the complimentary gift as an incentive to go for the others). That smells strongly of extortion and makes me wonder if that has been the plan all along (1098 scrolls here, which I can’t spend without books, and the minimal number of red books that I need to advance a skill is currently 10; the bundles offer 6 red books, for 1350… Read more »