Harry Potter: Wizards Unite FAQ, Part 1

Wizards Unite Daily Rewards

I asked y’all on Twitter what questions y’all have about Wizards Unite. Y’all asked so many great questions, but some of them require research first.


This first post will cover pretty easy Wizards Unite FAQs. As I learn more about the game, I will write additional FAQ posts to answer your more complex questions! What’s important to me is that I only give correct information, to the best of my ability.

Getting started with Wizards Unite

Let’s go through the basic FAQs for Wizards Unite. These will help you get started with the game.

How do I set up my Ministry ID?

Read our full wiki page on Ministry IDs for all the customization options! From the main screen of the game, tap on your portrait icon. From there, you can customize your image by taking a selfie or using a photo provided in the game. You can also select your wand and your Hogwarts house.

My video below is queued up to when I give a brief overview of the Ministry ID.

Does my wand or Hogwarts house affect the game?

Nope! You can change these at any time. They are just for fun, like your portrait. These choices don’t currently affect anything in the game.

What are the different “floating medallions” on my map?

If you’ve played Pok√©mon GO, then these are the equivalent of Pok√©mon spawning in the wild. These “floating medallions” are magical Traces appearing in your neighborhood, where they don’t belong. The different symbols refer to different categories of Traces.

When you click on a Trace, you’ll see a Foundable trapped by a Confoundable. Cast a spell by tracing the glyph (symbol) on your screen. One of three things will happen:

  • You will overcome the Confoundable magic and send the Foundable back to its proper place and time. (Like catching a Pok√©mon).
  • The Confoundable magic will resist you. Try again! (Like the Pok√©mon jumping out).
  • The Confoundable magic will whisk away the Foundable. (Like the Pok√©mon fleeing).

My video below is queued up to where I explain Foundables and Confoundables.

What are all these buildings on my map?

Wizards Unite is built on the same platform as Ingress and Niantic. Buildings in the game come from real-world points-of-interest (POI). Wizards Unite has 3 types of POI. These are:

  • Inns, for collecting Spell Energy
  • Greenhouses, for collecting Ingredients and Spell Energy, and for planting Ingredients
  • Fortresses, for engaging in Wizarding Challenges

How do I get more Spell Energy?

Visit Inns and Greenhouses for guaranteed spell energy. You can also receive Spell Energy as rewards for completing Daily Assignments. Sponsored Fortresses now give out Spell Energy as a reward for completing a Wizarding Challenge. Finally, you have the option to purchase Spell Energy.

Different Inns offer different amounts of Spell Energy. This is one way that Wizards Unite is slightly more balanced for rural players, with rural Inns offering more Spell Energy.

Wizards Unite Inn
Wizards Unite Inn

Are there teams in Wizards Unite?

At the moment, there are not teams in Wizards Unite. However, there are professions.

What are the professions?

Once you reach Level 6, you can choose from 3 professions:

  • Auror
  • Professor
  • Magizoologist

Learn more about the professions in our guide to choosing the best profession for you.

With each profession, you build a skill tree. You need to spend Scrolls and Spell Books to develop your skill tree. These are rewards for completing other aspects of the game.

Wizards Unite Professions
Wizards Unite Professions

What is a skill tree?

In the context of Wizards Unite, your skill tree is basically a chart of skills that you slowly fill out. Once you master a new node on the skill tree, one or more new nodes unlock. You can then choose how to progress through the skill tree.

Can I switch professions?

Yes, you can switch professions, but your progress along your skill tree doesn’t carry over. So if you’ve spent time filling out your skill tree as a Professor, and then you become an Auror, you have to start with a blank skill tree. However, you can always then switch back to your original profession and continue with your original progress of your skill tree.

How do Fortresses work?

Fortresses are similar to raids in Pokémon GO. Up to five players can enter a Fortress together, but soloing a Fortress is definitely possible.

Once inside, you choose which Fortress floor you want to enter. Higher floors will be locked until you work through lower floors. You need a Runestone to enter each floor.

Even with multiple players, only one player can engage one Foe at a time. However, floors have multiple Foes, so players can still battle at the same time, just with different Foes.

This video is queued up to gameplay footage of a solo Wizarding Challenge.

What are Portmanteaus?

A Portmanteau is similar to an egg in Pok√©mon GO except that you find Portmanteaus out in the wild. You walk with it for 2k, 5k, or 10k. Then you’re rewarded with a Portkey which uses augmented reality to whisk you off to a magical location.

Read our full wiki guide to Portmanteaus and Portkeys for more!

This video is queued up to gameplay footage of opening the first Portkey.

Will Wizards Unite track my distance when the game is off?

For now, there is not an equivalent to Adventure Sync in Pokémon GO. If you want your distance to count towards your Portmanteaus, then you need to keep the game open.

I hope these beginner FAQs will help you on your magical journey with Wizards Unite! What other questions do you have? I hope to have Part 2 published early next week!

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