Harry Potter: Wizards Unite FAQ, Part 2

Spell Energy Wizards Unite
Spell Energy Wizards Unite

Hello, witches and wizards! I’m still working through the questions y’all asked on Twitter, as well as the questions I’ve seen on reddit and on Facebook. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has only been out worldwide for a few weeks, so players still have a lot of questions about how the game works.

I already answered multiple Wizards Unite FAQ about the basics of game play, so check out that article first!


As I learn more about how Wizards Unite works, I will write additional FAQ posts to answer your more complex questions! This will particularly be true as Warner Bros. and Niantic update the game. I always strive to give correct information, even if that means waiting to respond to your Wizards Unite FAQ.

Learning how to play Wizards Unite

These Wizards Unite FAQ will explain more game play details as well as offer strategy tips, particularly if you don’t want to spend any money on the game.

Which Ingredients should I keep in my Vault?

Managing Vault storage is a constant necessity in Wizards Unite. This is especially true if you don’t spend Gold to upgrade your Vault space. Which Ingredients are rare, which Ingredients are needed in large quantities, and which Ingredients can be tossed regularly?

Keep in mind that rarity of Ingredients partly depends on where you live. I’ve personally struggled to find Re’em blood where I normally play, but I was able to stock up while traveling.

Gitta Lovegood put together a great infographic about all the Ingredients in the game. She looked at all the possible Potions you can brew and then compiled the quantity of Ingredients you need to brew one of each Potion.

Wizards Unite Ingredients

This is helpful if you plan on using a mix of all Potions. However, some Potions you can’t brew until Level 15. Before I reached Level 15, I threw out all of my Ginger Root, Newt Spleen, and Ground Scarab Beetles because you can’t brew Wit-Sharpening Potion until then.

Thank Matt from Animagus for that tip!

My general rule is to keep 10 of each Ingredient, plus keep any rare Ingredients. Be sure to keep room in your Vault for rare Ingredients!

Which Potions are most useful?

To gain XP fast, use a lot of Baruffio’s Brain Elixir! This is especially useful at the very beginning of the game, when most Foundables are still new and give bonus XP. Also use Baruffio’s Brain Elixir when you’re doing multiple Wizarding Challenges or unlocking multiple Portkeys.

Healing Potion is necessary if you want to complete high-level Wizarding Challenges. Strong Invigoration Draught is also key for high-level Wizarding Challenges. However, if you just want to grind XP, you can solo Fortresses without any Potions.

Use all three levels of Exstimulo Potion liberally. You receive these frequently as rewards, plus they’re easy to replace by brewing. Save Strong Exstimulo Potion and Potent Exstimulo Potion for Foundables with a high threat level.

What’s the best way to walk Portmanteaus and unlock Portkeys?

Save your Silver Keys! Use your infinite Gold Key on the 2k Portmanteaus.

Portkeys potentially grant a lot of XP. Use Baruffio’s Brain Elixir when unlocking a Portkey. You can choose from two different approaches to maximize your XP.

One, save all your Portkeys to unlock at once during a single Baruffio’s Brain Elixir. Even if you can’t play for a full 30 minutes, you can still gain a lot of XP from all the Portkeys.

Two, open each Portkey as it becomes available, when you have time to play a full 30 minutes. Then you can still maximize the Baruffio’s Brain Elixir by returning Foundables or completing Wizarding Challenges.

What are the different magical Traces (floating medallions) on my map?

Magical Traces belong to different Families (categories) of magic. These Families are:

  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Dark Arts
  • Hogwarts School
  • Legends of Hogwarts
  • Ministry of Magic
  • Magizoology
  • Magical Games and Sports
  • Mysterious Artefacts
  • Wonders of the Wizarding World
  • Oddities

When a magical Trace appears without any additional light, its threat level is Low, Medium-Low, or Medium.

A magical Trace with a yellow beam of light has a High threat level. A magical Trace with an orange beam of light has a Severe threat level. Finally, a magical Trace with a red beam of light has an Emergency threat level.

How do Runestones affect Wizarding Challenges?

The difficulty of a Wizarding Challenge depends on two factors: the Fortress level, and the Runestone level.

If you’re just grinding XP as a solo player or as part of a duo, stick with low-level Wizarding Challenges and low-level Runestones. In this case, “low” refers to what you can defeat without using many (or any) Potions.

The Runestone Family also determines what kind of rewards you get. So if you choose a Dark Arts Runestone, then your rewards will be in the Dark Arts Family too.

How do I level up my profession’s skill tree?

You spend three different currencies to work your way through your skill tree, unlocking new nodes and building up your player stats. These currencies are:

How you decide to work through your skill tree depends on your style of game play. We have a beta tool that allows you to test out different paths along your skill tree so you know how many Spell Books, Scrolls, and Restricted Section Books to collect.

What’s the best way to spend Gold in the game?

Like many Wizards Unite questions, the answer partly depends on your personal approach to the game. Generally, expanding your Vault space for 425 Gold is a good deal, especially at the beginning of the game. This is a permanent improvement as opposed to a temporary resource.

As a rural player, I especially appreciate my expanded Vault. It allows me to farm Spell Energy when I have the chance to visit a city or a Simon Mall (a sponsored location with multiple Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses). I can then spend this Spell Energy over the course of a few days, just completing daily assignments.

Buying Runestones are also a good use of Gold if you want to grind XP and collect Fortress-exclusive Foundables.

I hope these Wizards Unite FAQ will help you continue on your magical journey. What other questions do you want answered? Some questions that y’all asked on Twitter will be good for an entire guide, so I didn’t address them here.

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