The Ultimate Guide to Currencies in Wizards Unite

Restricted Section Books
Restricted Section Books

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is about to have a BIG change with new skill trees and new resources. This Wizards Unite guide covers all of the in-game Currencies, including the new ones.

While some of this guide will be redundant to long-time players, the Wizards Unite Hub team strives to create content for ALL players, including new players, casual players, and returning players.


If you are more of a visual learner, I’ve also covered this Wizards Unite information in a video.

For the sake of this article and my video above, “Currencies” refers to resources you spend in Wizards Unite to improve your player’s abilities. Resources that you use just once, for a limited benefit (like Silver Keys and Potions), are outside the scope of this Wizards Unite guide.

However, this is slightly counter to the category of Currencies in Wizards Unite. If you visit your Suitcase, open up your Vault, and navigate to Utility, Silver Keys are listed under Currencies.

Wizards Unite Currencies Introduction

In the mobile game Wizards Unite, players can earn six different Currencies to spend on skill trees. These Currencies are:

  • Scrolls
  • Spell Books
  • Restricted Section Books
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) Books
  • Ministry Manuals
  • Field Guides

Players spend Scrolls, Spell Books, and Restricted Section Books on their profession’s skill tree.

Coming soon, players will be able to spend Restricted Section Books, DADA Books, Ministry Manuals, and Field Guides on new skill trees.


Scrolls are the easiest currency to earn in Wizards Unite. Players earn Scrolls by completing Daily Assignments and Achievements, and by ranking up in the Exploration and Events Registries.

Players can spend Scrolls to complete lessons (unlock nodes) in their profession’s skill tree.

I would categorize myself as a casual daily player, and I have over 5,000 Scrolls in my Vault. For now, there is not a way to convert Scrolls to other Currencies.

Spell Books

Spell Books were originally quite difficult to obtain, but changes over the first year in Wizards Unite have decreased the scarcity of Spell Books.

Players earn Spell Books by ranking up in the Challenges Registry. Players can also earn Spell Books during events like Community Day and Brilliant Events. Once in 2019, players had the ability to purchase bundles in Diagon Alley that included Spell Books.

Players can spend Spell Books to complete lessons (unlock nodes) in their profession’s skill tree. Aurors and Magizoologists need more Spell Books than Professors.

Restricted Section Books

With two unusual exceptions, players can only earn Restricted Section Books by completing Brilliant Events. However, most months have featured two Brilliant Events with the opportunity to earn 15 Restricted Section Books per event.

The exceptions were:

  1. two “apology gifts” from Wizards Unite to players during the challenging Registry update
  2. rewards during the 2019 Wizards Unite Fan Festival

Edit: TinBudapest on Discord pointed out that players received Restricted Section Books (just one each, though) during three other occasions:

  1. Harrowing Halloween
  2. 12 Tasks of Christmas
  3. A Mystery Box reward from a daily login

Players can spend Restricted Section Books to complete lessons (unlock nodes) in their profession’s skill tree. Professors need more Restricted Section Books than Aurors and Magizoologists.

Players can also spend Restricted Section Books on the new SOS Training.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Books

DADA Books are a new Currency in Wizards Unite. Players can earn DADA Books by completing in-game events. They first appeared in Wizards Unite during the Brilliant Event: Baby Beasts Week 2. During this event, players had the ability to earn up to 5 DADA Books.

Players can spend DADA Books on the new SOS Training.

Ministry Manuals

Ministry Manuals are a new Currency in Wizards Unite. Players can earn Ministry Manuals by placing Images in the Exploration and Challenges Registries. However, in order to receive Ministry Manuals by placing Images in the Challenges Registry, players must first prestige Challenges Family pages and update their frames to bronze or better.

This chart from Orange Wizard shows how many Ministry Manuals you earn based on threat level and frame level.

Players can spend Ministry Manuals on the new SOS Training.

How to earn more Ministry Manuals

The bonus of Ministry Manuals is a new incentive to return Foundables you don’t “need” in order to prestige a page in your Registry. While some players will still need to be thoughtful with Spell Energy, most players should now return all Foundables, regardless of rarity, in order to earn more Ministry Manuals.

Use Dark Detectors on Inns to attract a greater quantity of higher-threat Traces (Traces with glowing beams). Dark Detectors work for everyone, so coordinate with other players for maximum benefits.

Use Tonic for Trace Detection more often to increase the number of Foundables you encounter.

Save your Trace Charm for when a Severe or Emergency Trace appears on the Map. When using your Trace Charm, more Traces of the same threat level will appear.

If you don’t already have bronze frames in your Challenges Family pages, start doing more Wizarding Challenges. You should also spend time in all of the possible Fortress Chambers to diversify your Foundable rewards. This is necessary to prestige all of your Challenges Family pages.

Field Guides

Field Guides are a new Currency in Wizards Unite. Players can earn Field Guides by returning Foundables that they encounter on the Map. Higher-threat Traces are both more likely to reward Field Guides than lower-threat Traces, and they will yield greater Field Guide rewards.

Field Guides will drop randomly, similar to the way players currently earn bonus Potions, Silver Keys, Dark Detectors, and Gold when returning Foundables.

Players can spend Field Guides on the new SOS Training.

How to earn more Field Guides

Participate in special events like Community Day and Wizarding Weekend which usually feature one or more of the higher-threat Foundables.

The advice for Ministry Manuals applies here too, since the Field Guides will drop randomly. Return as many Foundables as you can. Stack Dark Detectors on Inns. Use Tonic for Trace Detection more often to increase the number of Foundables you encounter.

I know this Wizards Unite guide was a bit basic, but it’s important to cover everything, not just advanced strategies for elite players. I will update this article once I know more about SOS Training. In the future, if there’s an update regarding Scrolls and/or Currency conversion, I will also update this article!

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Louise Ulrich
Louise Ulrich
1 year ago

Great, clear article, thank you! you say not to place images, including Brilliant images, while we wait for the Ministry Manuals currency. The Brilliant pages are all “standard” prestige level, and there’s no way to prestige them up to bronze. But ministry manuals only come from bronze or above pages. So will brilliant images count for ministry manuals?