Don’t Brew This Potion (Maybe)

Tonic for Trace Detection
Tonic for Trace Detection

With the recent introduction of the Tonic for Trace Detection, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now has 10 different Potions using 31 different Ingredients.

Infographic showing all Potions available in Wizards Unite


This creates some challenges for players. How do you manage Ingredients? How do you prioritize brewing Potions?

Well… What if we just ignored some of the Potions?

Wizards Unite Potions You Might Not Need

Here is a list of some potions you might be able to ignore, and the potential savings in Ingredient storage and available Cauldron time.

Tonic for Trace Detection

For most people it should be fairly easy to determine if this new Potion is worthwhile. At a high cost of 16 Ingredients, none of which are used in any other Potion, and a 7-hour brew time, each Potion brewed takes lot of effort that could be spent elsewhere. If you often find plenty of Traces to catch, then you likely don’t need this, as it only brings up an additional Trace every few minutes for a half hour, and there is no guarantee that those Traces will be rare.

In fact, the few times I’ve used it, everything that appeared were very common things I see every day. Here’s the results of a recent use of the Potion:

  • Hufflepuff Student
  • Vanishing Cabinet
  • Bogrod
  • Ponoma Sprout
  • Baby Hippogriff
  • Bogrod
  • Hag
  • Dumbledore’s Memory Cabinet
  • Vanishing Cabinet
  • Crystal Ball

If you have trouble maintaining your Spell Energy supply each day, then that’s another reason to avoid this potion. However, if you have plenty of Spell Energy and not enough Traces to catch, this is likely going to be a Potion brewed often. For people in rural areas, this may be a critical Potion to keep stocked.

If you aren’t sure if this is for you, note it is given out as a level up reward, so you can try it without brewing it.

Wit-Sharpening Potion

Let’s be clear: the only time you need to use this potion is when fighting an Elite and using an Exstimulo Potion. The Wit-Sharpening Potion should never be used alone. Why?

Because Wit only increases your damage by a total of 1.5x your normal power, the same as using the basic Existmulo Potion, which you can brew in two hours instead of four.  When using Wit with Exstimulo it has an additive effect, which can be quite effective against high-level Elite Foes. That said, if you just want one Potion for an Elite, then basic Exstimulo brews faster, can be used against any Foe, and can be used to catch Traces.

So why is Wit even a thing to brew in the first place? In the early days of the game, the Exstimulo Potions were weaker, with base giving .5, Strong 1.0 and Potent 1.5 damage multipliers, so then Wit was equivalent to Potent, which brewed in eight hours versus four.

The Exstimulo Potions were adjusted to the current values of 1.5, 2.25, and 3.25, making Wit a less-compelling option. For most people, this likely isn’t needed. Ignoring it will save four hours brew time and nine Ingredients per Potion not used by any other Potion.

Invigoration Draught

The Invigoration Draught is actually a useful Potion for some people. If you are a Magizoologist with Become the Beast, which triggers on 5+ Focus, but your initial Focus is 4, then it makes sense to gain the needed extra Focus as quickly as possible.

However, if you ever use two or more Invigoration Draughts in the same challenge, you should have used a Strong Invigoration Draught instead. The normal Invigoration Draught takes three hours to brew and provides one Focus, while the Strong Invigoration Draught takes six hours and provides three Focus. You literally gain one extra Focus for the same brew time by choosing the strong version.

Overall though, this is only a minor savings, as the number of Ingredients is the same for both Potions. Additionally, most of the Ingredients are the same, with only two Lovage not used in the Strong Invigoration Draught, nor in any other Potion. The primary savings is in Potion storage, where one Strong Invigoration Draught takes the place of two normal ones.

Dawdle Draught

The first time I used this potion, I used it in conjunction with a Potent Exstimulo Potion while attempting to catch the Weasleys’ Flying Car.

It departed after my first attempt.

Fourteen hours of brew time wasted, and I almost destroyed my phone as I was really motivated to throw it in a sudden spur of rage.

Like the Wit-Sharpening Potion, Dawdle Draught really needs to be used in conjunction with an Exstimulo Potion to increase the chances of releasing a Foundable. But of the two, one can visually see the difference in difficulty decrease using the Exstimulo, while there is no way of knowing if the Dawdle Draught actually does anything.

It does not prevent a Foundable from departing as I sadly found out; it just reduces the chance of doing so. However, each time it is used, and the Foundable departs anyway, it feels demotivating to try it again, as that is six hours brewing time that could have been used on something else.

Additionally, the five Ingredients required are all, you guessed it, unique to this Potion. Personally, if they changed the brew time to about two hours, or changed the behavior so that it guaranteed the Foundable didn’t get whisked away by Confoundable magic while the Potion was active, then it would be worth it.

Which Potions in Wizards Unite do you need?

The universal appeal of some Potions like the Exstimulo family and the Healing Potion are obvious, but wizards and witches do not all have the same requirements. Instead of just gathering all Ingredients on the Map, and brewing whatever you can, consider cultivating your collection to meet your needs.

The Potions listed above are not necessarily bad, but they may not be right for you. Or you might only need to keep a handful of them in stock. For example, if you plan on doing high-level Wizarding Challenges with a group, then brew a few Wit-Sharpening Potions beforehand. Hold onto a few Dawdle Draughts in case you ever run into a Severe or Emergency Trace.

Overall, be strategic with your Potions. Think about your personal play style, and then brew accordingly.

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Lore Seeker
Lore Seeker(@loreseeker)
2 years ago

The benefit of wit sharpening is that it stacks it’s multiplier with the Exstimulo. So against difficult elite foes it is beneficial to use wit sharpening + potent Ex.

11 months ago
Reply to  Lore Seeker

I’m a bit confused about wit potion. Judging by description Wit sharpening should work as you said, but it is not what I see. In my opinion extimulo and wit sharpening are NOT multiplied, but rather added.. can anyone actually confirm how it really works?

2 years ago

TRACE TONIC – I don’t need it so I don’t brew it. WIT SHARPENING – I play solo and I hardly ever meet an elite foe. I mostly use Tower V chamber – can be done with little to no potions used. DAWDLE – I had ignored it for a long time but then – to make use of the rare Hermit Crab Shells – I started brewing Dawdle. I use it (with exstimulo) on severes and emergencies. INVIGORATIONs – I don’t brew at all. If I wanted to challenge higher fortress chambers (maybe with other players), then I think… Read more »