Wizards Unite XP Strategy: Speed Running in Ruins 1

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Looking to grind XP quickly while playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? UNFORTUNATELY, this method if no longer valid as of July 15th, 2019, because Wizards Unite nerfed the XP of Chamber 1 to 8 and buffed the XP of Chamber 11+. This method is still a great way to earn scrolls, challenge XP, and find fortress-only foundables. It is not proven yet that if foundables drop more in higher-level chambers more often.


The fastest way to get the most XP is to use a Baruffio’s and defeat Horned Serpents at dusk along with completing traces as you search.

If you’re interested, here was the Speed Running method:

Credit goes to Snaz on Discord for creating this method and adding valuable tips!

Speed Running Ruins 1 – Fortress Battling

Speed running Ruins chamber 1 is the best way to get player XP, family XP, and challenge XP at the same time, though it requires spending gold (around 120 gold per run), and it is not the best way to get the most spell books. If you just want the most spell books, then use level 2 to 5 runestones on difficult chambers, though that method isn’t sustainable. See the bottom of the article for more details on that.

Requirements for Speed Runs

  1. High Power and high Proficiency Power to beat most Foes in at least 2 rounds/spells
    1. Foes are level 1 to 5 and have on average 80 Stamina. A few have over 100.
  2. Runestones: 30 or more level 1 runestones (Buy these from Diagon Alley)
  3. Enough Energy: Varies based on Power
    1. If you can one-shot all of the Foes, then assume 2 per run = 60+ energy
    2. If you can two-shot most of the Foes, then assume 4 per run = 120+ energy

Key Planning Tips

  1. Buy 3 to 4 bags of runestones (One Bag = 40 gold each, 120-160 gold total)
  2. Brew a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir for each session (30 minutes)
  3. Expand your Energy storage to about 100-120 (see Optional Energy note below)
  4. Find a fortress with good seating or an indoor area for cover
  5. Find a fortress with inns in range (see Optional Energy note below)

Optional Energy Alternative: Find a fortress with a few inns in range. Exit every 5-10 minutes to quickly gather energy to maintain your energy supply.

Speed Running Process

  1. Use a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
  2. Enter a fortress
  3. Enter Runes 1 (Chamber 1) with a level 1 runestone
    • Tip #1: Click the category icon at the top to sort. Level 1 is always sorted last.
    • Tip #2: Quickly tap any runestone. Tap the runestone icon to go back and choose a new level 1 runestone. You have to be quick though. Saves 1-2 seconds.
  4. Lobby time: 6 seconds
  5. Tap once to get rid of the pop-up
  6. Tap a Foe once then tap once in the middle of the screen (Foe’s picture) to encounter
  7. Battle quickly
    • Tip: When targeting the Foe (attack circle), keep your finger on the screen then start the trace when the spell symbol shows up. You do not need to let go and start the trace. Saves 1-2 seconds per attack.
  8. Win, tap once during the black screen to skip the rewards sequence, then tap the X button at the bottom once
  9. Repeat Steps 3-8 for the entire Baruffio’s duration

Important Tips:

  • Minimize your taps–make them count. As you repeat the process, you’ll figure out the timing on screen changes and Foe animations. Also, on Step 7, watch out when you close the rewards because if you tap too many times, you will exit the fortress.
  • Make sure to watch your Baruffio’s timer when encountering a Foe. Don’t start a new round unless you can complete it (usually a good rule is to stop unless you have more than a minute left). I always note the time and mentally note when 30 minutes will be up.
  • Each Foe has an animation (werewolf has the shortest, erkling has the longest). Be ready with your finger at the bottom to aim your spell.

Group Speed Running

Adding more players to this process will add more time overall and confusion when choosing Foes, however the benefits outweigh the hassle. Make sure that each player has the same tempo, because the 6 second lobby time is short. Also, make sure that each player knows which Foe to encounter. Solo players just have one choice, but groups have many more choices.

Added benefit: More Challenge XP possible (not just 19)

+1 Friend = 25% (23 Challenge XP)

+2 Friends = 50% (28 Challenge XP)

+3 Friends = 75% (33 Challenge XP)

+4 Friends = 100% (38 Challenge XP)

The Benefits of Speed Running in Wizards Unite

Challenge XP

Challenge XP the main way to get spell books (other than as achievement rewards). Chamber 1 with a level 1 runestone gives 15 challenge XP. If the reward (the book) is already maxed out, then it gives 19 challenge XP.

Important Tip: It’s very important to either (1) max out the chamber 1 rewards, or (2) do not prestige the registry Challenge first page to earn that extra 4 challenge XP.

High Solo 30-minute run: 45 battles give 855 challenge XP (Achievable by one-hitting almost all Foes)

Solid Solo 30-minute run: 30 battles give 570 challenge XP (Achievable by two-hitting almost all Foes)

Player XP

Fortress battling gives good XP, so players should use a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir for speed running. Speed running gives a solid amount of XP that can compete with solid tracing in a dense area. For one 30-minute Baruffio’s session, here are some general numbers for total XP:

Task Total XP
30 Fortress Battles 15,000
45 Fortress Battles 22,500
30 traces (100 XP x2) 6,000
30 traces (150 XP x2) 9,000
60 traces (100 XP x2) 12,000
60 traces (150 XP x2) 18,000

Note: 30 traces means 1 trace per minute. 60 traces means 2 traces per minute. 100 XP is roughly a Great throw on a Low. 150 XP accounts for better throwing and better spawns than just Low’s.

Fortress-Only Foundables

Players look at their registry and often see a lot of shadows. Many of them are Severe and Emergency foundables that are rarely seen in the wild, however some are foundables only attainable as fortresses rewards.

Here is a list of those foundables only available through fortress battles

The most difficult foundables to obtain are in the categories of Care of Magical Creatures, Dark Arts, Hogwarts School, and Legends of Hogwarts, because each has 3 different foundables possible.

The rarest fortress-only foundables vary based on RNG, but are probably Murtlap (Magizoology) and Centaur Bow (Oddities).

How to Maximize Spell Books

An alternative method to speed running is to use your well-earned higher level runestone on high level chambers. Do not pick the hardest chamber, because (1) the higher level runestone will make it tougher and (2) if you fail, you don’t get all of the rewards (I failed Tower 4 and got only 10 challenge XP and 50 XP). So, if you get a bad dice roll of Foes like an unbeatable Elite acromantula or werewolf, then say goodbye to your good runestone.

Pick at least 1 chamber lower than your highest available chamber. If my highest chamber is chamber 9, which has a difficulty of 1504, compare that to chamber 8, which has a base difficulty of 1174 and goes up to 1293 with a level 5 runestone. Therefore, Chamber 9 (lvl 1 runestone) is more difficult than Chamber 8 (lvl 5 runestone).

Also, think about if you will need extra Healing and Potent Exstimulo potions. It might be easier to just choose the chamber in which you do not need to use any potions. Fainting is fine; it just takes more overall time to complete.

Here is a table showing challenge XP rewards based on runestone level made by Half-Blood Princess, one of the top Magizoologists in the Wizards Unite community.

Higher-level chambers give more challenge XP. For example, chamber 1 gives a maximum of 19 challenge XP. With a Chamber 8 (Tower 3) win, you would get 175 challenge XP, which is 9.2 times more than what you would get from a level 1 runestone.

If you group up with others, then you would get even more challenge XP, however it is not clear how much. The game data says that players can get up to 40% more challenge XP with 5 players and 100% more if they are all your friends. However, players could not verify that information and it might be a percentage of the base XP earned instead of factoring in the runestone.

In summary, fortress challenges aren’t just a fun detail in Wizards Unite. When doing fortress challenges strategically, you can quickly level up and earn achievements.

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