Solo Fortresses as a Professor in Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Fortress Illustration

Fortresses are a fun, but somewhat complicated, part of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It’s easy enough to figure out the basics (and if you haven’t gotten there yet, read our Crash Course on Fortresses in Wizards Unite), but where do you go from there?


Fortresses are the part of the game where you benefit from playing with a group–different professions working together and helping each other get higher and higher. That’s nice, and all, but I live in an area where I have very few opportunities to play with others, so are Fortresses still something to even bother with?


Here are some tips and tricks if you want to learn how to effectively Solo Fortresses as a Professor in Wizards Unite.

Disclaimer: I am Professor level 9, with 87/134 in Principles of Professorship. You can find my exact skill set from the time I’m writing this article here. My player level is 32. I am in no way telling you that the way I have built my Skill Tree is the best one (in fact, I could tell you several mistakes I made before starting to pay attention). But this is the basis of my personal experiences mentioned below, and determines how high I can get in the Fortress. If you are at a higher or lower level, or have just picked different Skills to focus on, your experience will be different.

That said, the general advice I give here is relevant no matter what level you are on.

Potions to Solo Wizarding Challenges

If you don’t want to use any Potions, you can of course ignore this part. If you only want to use some, or want to use as many as necessary, here is what you need to know.

The Strong Invigoration Draught is your friend. The weaker one is generally a lot less useful. The higher the Chamber, the more difficult the Foes, the more Focus you will need in order to cast your Strategic Spells. The Strong Invigoration Draught will be very helpful, as you will start each Challenge with only 2-4 Focus (depending on where you are at in the Skill Tree, see below).

Healing Potions are a must, as you start to reach higher and higher Chambers. You will not have time to be knocked out and wait to get back in, and so keeping a large stack of Healing Potions is a strong recommendation. I try to make sure to always have 30 Healing Potions in stock.

Exstimulo Potions are useful. I especially try to stack up on the Strong and Potent Exstimulo Potions, if I’m doing higher Chambers.

A useful hack is having an active Dawdle Draught while doing Wizarding Challenges. Before entering a Fortress, choose a Foundable on the Map. Put on a Dawdle Draught, even if that Foundable isn’t rare or high. Back out from the Encounter. This Potion will count as an “enhancement” in your Wizarding Challenges, even though it doesn’t have an active effect against Foes. This means you can earn a passive boost if you’ve unlocked any of the following nodes of your skill tree:

  • Strength in Numbers (+5 Power with 1 or more enhancements)
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (+12 Power with 2 or more enhancements)
  • Confidence (+6% Defence with 1 or more enhancements)
  • Team Teaching (+9% Defence with 2 or more enhancements)

And, of course, if you are going to spend a bit of time in the Fortress, using a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir is not a bad idea. This also counts as an enhancement, as noted above. It won’t directly help you beat the Foes in any way, but the XP gained from battling Fortresses is pretty nice.

Professor’s Skill tree

Where should you be spending your Scrolls and hard-earned Spell Books? I give some suggestions here, and remember to check out our Profession Build Planner to see how many Scrolls, Spell Books, and Restricted Section Books you will need for this.

Strategic Spells

Strategic Spells are the ones you can place on yourself, your Teammates, or your Foes while you are in the lobby. They will either Enhance you and your Teammates, or Impair your Foes. Each profession has four of these Spells, and here is what you, as a Professor, need to know about yours.

Deterioration Hex

The Deterioration Hex is the Strategic Spell that you should focus on first, especially if you are going to battle Fortresses on your own. This Hex costs 3 Focus, and when it’s maxed out, it makes your enemy lose 40 points of Health every time they dodge or attack you. As you can imagine, this means that you will use less Spell Energy to beat each Foe, and you will beat them faster, which is very useful when you’re racing the timer in the higher Chambers.

This will be your primary Strategic Spell through Tower V.

The Deterioration Hex is placed on a Foe, and will Impair that Foe until you have beaten it.

Protection Charm

The next Strategic Spell to focus on is the Protection Charm. This one also costs 3 Focus, and it increases your defense, allowing you to last longer in battle. Note that while the description says that this Charm can be used to Enhance a Teammate, you are able to place it on yourself as well.

This Strategic Spell becomes vital once you reach the Forest Chambers. At that point, you should cast this first, and then use your Deterioration Hex later.

The Protection Charm is placed on yourself, and will Enhance you throughout the entire Challenge.

Proficiency Charm

This spell increases your Proficiency Power. This means that it will make you even more effective against Curiosities (Werewolves and Pixies, the Foes that has a green arrow by their icon). This is an expensive Charm, it costs 7 Focus to cast, and it’s more useful for team play than solo play, as the Focus it costs becomes more worthwhile when you’re casting the Charm on your entire team instead of just yourself. If you are going to use it, remember that there is no point in doing so until you are going to fight a Curiosity, as it makes no difference in a fight against a Dark Arts or Beast Foe. All in all, if you are playing solo, this is not the Charm you should rush to max out, as it has limited use and will require a few Strong Invigoration Draughts to use.

The Proficiency Charm is placed on yourself, and will Enhance you through the entire Challenge.

Mending Charm

The Mending Charm is a nice add on, as you can cast it on yourself to restore your Stamina a little bit. It’s not much, only 4 Health points when it’s maxed out, and the Healing Potions are far more effective, but this Charm can still make a difference if you’re lucky. And since it costs no Focus, you have little reason not to use it.

The Mending Charm is placed on yourself, you can place it more than once, with a 6-second cool down. It will replenish 2-4 Health each time.

Other useful Skills

To be able to use as many Strategic Spells as possible, you want to get to Divinating Details, which increases your starting Focus from 2 to 4, meaning you can cast the Deterioration Hex or the Protection Charm immediately when you enter the Chamber, without the use of any Invigoration Draughts.

Apart from that, it’s a good idea to focus your Skill Tree on Power, Precision, Critical Power–anything that increases your chances of doing more damage. This is especially useful if you are trying to fight as high Chambers as possible, because the more damage you can do to the Foes, the faster you will win your battles. Having a lot of defense and lasting long is nice, it means fewer Healing Potions used, but the longer it takes you to beat the Foes, the bigger the risk that the timer runs out an you lose the Challenge.

Picking a Chamber as a Solo Professor

Now that you have your Potions brewed, and your skill tree optimized as far as you can, you are ready to enter the Fortress. The question now becomes which Chamber you should pick. This choice depends on how difficult you want the battle to be, which in turn may depend on how willing you are to use up your Potions.

No Potions

If you want to play using as few Potions as possible, or none at all, the game will tell you how high you can go in a Fortress. It recommends certain Profession levels to certain Chambers, and if you stick to the white text, you should be safe. The game recommends me, at Professor level 9, that I should go no higher than Tower IV. I can solo Tower V without Potions, but if I go higher, I will need a couple of them to finish on time.

However, if you’re a higher-level Professor, the recommended Chambers are no longer a good guideline for soloing a Fortress without Potions. If you are at Professor level 15, and you get good RNG in your battle, you might be able to solo Forest IV or V without Potions. However, before entering a Chamber that high, be sure you have some Potions on hand, just in case.

The first red Chamber is fine for me, but beyond that, Potions are a necessity.

Remember that you don’t need to survive the Chamber. If you run out of Health, you will be knocked out and unable to fight for a certain amount of time, but after that, you can go back in and continue where you left off. Your enemies will have kept the same Health level, and any Hexes or Charms you have placed will still be working. In lower Chambers, you should have time to finish the fight even if you are knocked out once or twice. In Tower V, I can afford being knocked out at least once and still win the Challenge.

Not a fun position to be in, but not necessarily hopeless.

With Potions

If your goal is to get as high as you can, no matter which Potions you need to use, well, then keep fighting each Chamber that unlocks until you can no longer beat them. You can get a fair bit above the recommended Chamber. My last recommended Chamber is, again, Tower IV, but I can solo up to Dark I, if only just barely.

Picking a Runestone to Solo a Fortress

Which Family Runestone you should pick is entirely up to you. The Family affects what kind of reward you will get, but not how difficult the Challenge will be for you. The level of the Runestone you choose, will have an impact on the difficulty.

If you ever play with others, save your higher level Runestones for team play, because the rewards will be so much better. However, if you only play alone, feel free to use the higher level Runestones whenever you like.

The higher the level Runestone you pick, the more difficult the Chamber will be, and the better rewards you will get. No matter how high level Runestone you use, though, one Chamber will never be more difficult than the one above. For example, using a level 5 Runestone in Tower V will not make that Chamber more difficult than using a level 1 Runestone in Forest I.

So if you know that one Chamber is almost too difficult for you with a level 1 Runestone, you probably don’t want to risk wasting a level 5 Runestone on that level, in case you don’t manage it.

Higher level Runestons are rare, so don’t waste them if you’re not sure to win the Challenge.

That said, the Chamber that is the highest recommended for you should still be more than possible to manage on a level 5 Runestone, even without Potions.

Picking a Foe in a Solo Wizarding Challenge

When you enter a Chamber, you will see only one Foe to start with, the others spawn after a bit of time. You do not have to commit to this first Foe you see, and depending on how you intend to play, you may not want to.

No Potions

To preserve the amount of Potions you have to use, it’s a good idea to start by fighting Curiosities. Especially Pixies, if you can. They are the easiest Foe for you to beat, and will give you some Focus that you can then use to cast the Deterioration Hex on the next, more difficult, Foe.

If you enter the Chamber and the first Foe you see is not a Curiosity, you can tap the Foe you see, cast a spell or two on it, and then go back out. By now, the next Foe should have spawned, and if you are lucky, this might be a Curiosity. If so, go fight that and gain the Focus you need to beat the other Foes more effectively. If not, you can repeat the process of casting one or two spells on the first Foe, and hope that the next one that spawns is easier.

If no Curiosities show up, just pick the easiest Foe you have on the screen, or pick the one that will drop more Focus.

The werewolf is the easiest Foe here. Pick that one if you want to gather a bit more Focus for the Erklings.

With Potions

If you are willing to use Potions, and especially if you are trying to solo very high Chambers, wasting time on jumping in and out of encounters is not the best idea. Instead, chug a Strong Invigoration Draught or two, cast the Protection Charm and the Deterioration Hex if you can, and jump straight at the first Foe you see. After that, go first for the ones that will give you 3 Focus, if you have the option.

Actions to Take Between Foes

Between each Foe, make sure that you use the Mending Charm. Again, it costs no Focus, takes very little time, and even such a small amount of Health could make a big difference in the long run. Of course, it does take a second or so, so if you know that you are cutting it very close to finish the Chamber on time, it might not be worth it. If you are also using Potions, use a Mending Charm first, then the Potions you need, and then you might have time to put on another Mending Charm.

With this guide in mind, I hope you are feeling confident and ready to go fight in some Fortresses!

For more info on Fortress Foes, check out this guide.

I would like to give a huge thank you to all the Professors in my Swedish Wizards Unite groups on Facebook that helped me by sharing their own tips and tricks! An additional thanks to Andolov for pointing out that Professors at a higher level, doing higher Chambers, need to follow slightly different advice.

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