Solo Fortresses as an Auror in Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Auror
Wizards Unite Auror

Editor’s note: Karthik Bhojaraj submitted this a few weeks ago, but I just now have time to edit. Wizards Unite Hub will not create many more strategy guides for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite due to the game ending in January 2022, but I want to publish what my team has already written. 


Fortresses are the special place in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, where players join together to fight off the difficult Foes and win many Fragment rewards, along with the Spell Books. The difficulty of these Foes increases as the players climb the Chambers rank. You can read our Crash Course on Fortresses in Wizards Unite to learn more!

Fortresses are mainly designed to be played in groups, where all the 3 professions are strategically used to work together and climb higher Chambers together. That’s the most important aspect of the game- Wizards to unite to defeat the threats!!

That said, sometimes you can’t find other teammates, whether you’re battling at a local Fortress or on the Knight Bus. While the Knight Bus allows all players to do Wizarding Challenges at any place and time, it’s not a guaranteed way to find fellow players.

Here are some tips and tricks if you want to learn how to effectively solo Fortresses as an Auror in Wizards Unite.

Disclaimer: I am a maxed Auror, having completed all the Auror Fundamentals. My player level is 60. I have the necessary expertise to guide beginners and intermediate players alike. This guide will help you to climb higher through the Fortress Chambers.

That said, the general advice I give here is relevant no matter what level you are on.

Potions to Solo Wizarding Challenges

If you don’t want to use any Potions, you can of course ignore this part. If you only want to use some, or want to use as many as necessary, here is what you need to know.

Note: These Potions are more effective if the corresponding SOS lessons are also learnt. You can learn more about them here.

As an Auror, stocking up with Healing Potions is a must. Aurors are very great in dealing more Damage, but we are very squishy. As a solo champ, the higher Chambers you climb, the amount of Healing Potions needed increases drastically. I recommend you keep a stock of 30+ Healing Potions.

The second priority will be the Exstimulo Potions. I prefer to save the Strong Exstimulo Potions and the Potent Exstimulo Potions when climbing the higher Chambers as the Foes become more powerful to handle!

The Invigoration Draught Potion and the Strong Invigoration Draught Potion can be used if you need more Focus to cast Strategic Spells. But this is just an option as Aurors will rarely be in the need for Focus, so this is just a player’s preference.

And, of course, if you are going to spend a bit of time in the Fortress, using a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir is not a bad idea. It won’t directly help you beat the Foes in any way, but the XP gained from battling Fortresses is pretty nice.

Auror’s Skill Tree

Where should you be spending your Scrolls and hard-earned Spell Books? I give some suggestions here, and remember to check out our Profession Build Planner to see how many Scrolls, Spell Books, and Restricted Section Books you will need for this.

Keep in mind that some of the initial skills you choose might be different than other players. The nodes you unlock first affect the way you play with a team, so keep in mind that you might prefer to strategize for playing with a team vs. soloing.

Strategic Spells

Strategic Spells are the ones you can place on yourself, your Teammates, or your Foes while you are in the lobby. They will either Enhance you and your Teammates, or Impair your Foes. Each profession has four of these Spells, and here is what you, as an Auror, need to know about yours.

Confusion Hex

The Confusion Hex is one of the important Strategic Spell that you should focus on first, especially if you are going to battle Fortresses on your own. This Hex costs 1 Focus, and it is used to impair a Foe by lowering their Dodge, Defense, and Defense Breach up to 60%! But do not waste using this Hex on any tier of Acromantulas as they cannot be confused! Same goes to all the tiers of Death Eaters! Try to spend your initial Restricted Section Books in unlocking this skill from the skill tree, as this Hex is very much important in both solo and group battles!

The skill tree nodes will be:

  • The Confusion Hex
  • Confusion Hex Repetitions
  • Confusion Hex Mastery

These nodes are gated with other nodes so please spend the resources mindfully.

This Strategic Spell becomes vital once you reach the higher Tower Chambers for easy solo.

Weakening Hex

The next important Hex to prioritize is the Weakening Hex. This one also costs 1 Focus and is used to impair a Foe by lowering their power. Casting this Hex reduces the amount of Damage received by the Foe by 50% at max level. This Hex and the Confusion Hex will usually go hand-in-hand. Unlike the Confusion Hex, the Weakening Hex is effective to all the Foes. Beginners should concentrate trying to unlock this node as soon as possible.

The skill tree nodes will be:

  • The Weakening Hex
  • Improved Weakening Hex
  • Weakening Hex Maxima

This Strategic Spell becomes vital once you reach the higher Tower Chambers for easy solo.

Focus Charm

The Focus Charm lets you transfer the Focus to your teammates. This Hex is not that useful when it comes to solo play, but in group battles, this Hex determines the flow of the game. Also, this Hex can be used between 2 Aurors to exchange Focus between each other to complete the “Cast <number> Strategic Spells in Wizard Challenges”

Concentrate on this skill node depending on whether you will only play solo play or group play in the initial stage.

Bat-Bogey Hex

You can ignore this completely until you have unlocked all the necessary nodes that require the Restricted Section Books. This Hex reduces the opposing Foe stamina by 3 points. This is not any big Hex for solo play, but can be helpful when used on the Foe who is affected by the Professor’s Deterioration Hex.

You can place the Bat-Bogey Hex more than once, with a 6-second cool down. It will deal 3 Damage each time.

Other Useful Skills

Aurors are mainly know for their famous “Dancing with Dummies” skill that gives 35% more Precision with Foes with 100% stamina. When this skill is combined with maxed Precision, an Auror will do Critical Hit almost every once in 3 hits. Usually Aurors will always start their first hit with a Critical Hit, but once every 3 hits isn’t anything to ignore!

The other important reason is also with their other famous skill, “First Strike.” First Strike gives plus 50% of Critical Power against Foes with 100% stamina. First Strike along with Dancing with Dummies will help Aurors deal a huge amount of damage on first hit on all Foes.

Also, the more Focus you can hold, the more Strategic Spells you can cast!! Aurors can store up to 4 Focus when the battle starts, so concentrating on these skill nodes will help both the solo and group play. This will definitely reduce the use of the Invigoration Draughts drastically!

Apart from that, it’s a good idea to focus your Skill Tree on Power, Precision, Critical Power–anything that increases your chances of doing more Damage. This is especially useful if you are trying to fight as high Chambers as possible, because the more Damage you can do to the Foes, the faster you will win your battles. Having a lot of defense and lasting long is nice, it means fewer Healing Potions used, but the longer it takes you to beat the Foes, the bigger the risk that the timer runs out and you lose the Challenge.

Picking a Chamber as a Solo Auror

Now that you have your Potions brewed, and your skill tree optimized as far as you can, you are ready to enter the Fortress. The question now becomes which Chamber you should pick. This choice depends on how difficult you want the battle to be, which in turn may depend on how willing you are to use up your Potions.

Brita also has a general video on choosing a Chamber, looking at your resources and your goals.

No Potions

The beginner Aurors can climb the Fortress until Tower I-II without Potions and with decent skills unlocked. The higher Chambers you climb, the more difficult the Chambers become. A maxed Auror can still climb until Tower V and maybe until Forest I, depending on the type of the Foes. After Forest I, it is always necessary to have at least one Potion to finish the Chamber before the clock runs out.

With a better RNG, Aurors can also solo up to Forest III without Potions. However, before entering a Chamber that high, be sure you have some Potions on hand, just in case.

Remember that you don’t need to survive every battle. If you run out of Health, you will be knocked out and unable to fight for a certain amount of time, but after that, you can go back in and continue where you left off. Your Foes will have kept the same Health level, and any Hexes or Charms you have placed will still be working. In lower Chambers, you should have time to finish the fight even if you are knocked out once or twice. In Forest I, I can afford being knocked out at least once and still win the Challenge.

With one Healing Potion, I can solo Forest I without a restart.


With Potions

If your goal is to get as high as you can, no matter which Potions you need to use, well, then keep fighting each Chamber that unlocks until you can no longer beat them. You can solo until Forest V or even Dark I with a decent amount of Potions and with good RNG (the random selection of Foes). I once did try to solo Dark V and the amount of Potions spent is so much that I don’t recommend it to anyone, unless you need to have fun!

Picking a Runestone to Solo a Fortress

Which Family Runestone you should pick is entirely up to you. The Family affects what kind of reward you will get, but not how difficult the Challenge will be for you. The level of the Runestone you choose, however, will have an impact on the difficulty.

If you ever play with others, save your higher-level Runestones for team play, because the rewards will be so much better. However, if you only play alone, feel free to use the higher-level Runestones whenever you like.

The higher the level Runestone you pick, the more difficult the Chamber will be, and the better rewards you will get. No matter how high the Runestone you choose, though, one Chamber will never be more difficult than the one above it. For example, using a level 5 Runestone in Tower V will not make that Chamber more difficult than using a level 1 Runestone in Forest I.

So if you know that one Chamber is almost too difficult for you with a level 1 Runestone, you probably don’t want to risk wasting a level 5 Runestone in that Chamber, in case you don’t manage it.

Do not mind the amount of Runestones!!. The more you grind, the more Runestones you can collect!

That said, the Chamber that is the highest recommended for you should still be more than possible to manage on a level 5 Runestone, even without Potions.

Picking a Foe in a Solo Wizarding Challenge

When you enter a Chamber, you will see only one Foe at first. The others spawn after a bit of time. You do not have to commit to this first Foe you see, and depending on how you intend to play, you may not want to.

No Potions

Until Tower III, you can pretty much take down any Foes with decent skills unlocked and also with the help of Strategic Spells. After Tower IV, the RNG might start to work the other way, and you might have to redo the battle after recovering health in the middle of the battle. You can move till Forest IV with good RNG.

With Potions

You can take out the Death Eaters and Dark Wizards if you see them first as they will not need Potions. For other Foes, you can drink a Strong Exstimulo Potion and take down the neutral and deficient Foes faster!

At higher Chambers, the Foes can be taken down much faster with boosted Potion efficiency from the SOS skill tree. Strong Exstimulo Potions and Healing Potions should be sufficient to solo the Fortress up through Dark I.

You can try to solo even the Dark V, but that will require you to use Healing Potion every 2-3 hits and a Strong Exstimulo Potion every 1-2 Foes. Dark V solo is just another fun experiment and should be attempted only with large storage of Potions!!

Elites and Double Hits

There will be Elite Foes sometimes in the Chambers, and after Tower IV, they will almost need Wit-Sharpening Potions to deal sufficient Damage! And especially after Forest I, you can find at least one Elite Foe in the Chamber.

Also be aware of some double hits by Foes. If not planned properly, you can almost lose a Chamber! These double hits are pure RNG. If it is an Acromantula hitting a double hit, then it’s something to worry about!

Actions to Take Between Foes

When taking down a Foe, if it is just <10 stamina away from defeat, you can come out of the Foe and use the Bat-Bogey Hex on it. This can be done if there is enough time on the clock, to save Spell Energy. The Bat-Bogey Hex does more damage combined with the Deterioration Hex from the Professor in a group play. Every time you move from one Foe to next one, make sure you are casting the necessary Strategic Spell to help finish the Fortress battles much faster!

That said, if you still need the Elite Foes for the Achievement, you don’t get credit when using the Bat-Bogey Hex for the final hit.

With this guide in mind, I hope you are feeling confident and ready to go fight in some Fortresses!

I would like to thank my Indian Wizards Unite group for sharing the valuable information on how to be a better Auror!

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