Get Ready for the Second 1920s Wizarding World Convergence!!

1920s Wizarding World Convergence artwork depicting Queenie Goldstein and Newt Scamander

Wizards and Witches, put on your walking shoes to walk and unlock the special Portkey Portmanteau of the 1920s Wizarding World!!

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The 1920s Wizarding World Convergence is the new type of event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, where players collect and walk a special 1KM, teal-colored Portkey Portmanteau, and earn new fragments of the 1920 Foundables!! The event was first introduced in August 2021. Going forward, Wizards Unite plans to have at least one 1920s Wizarding World Convergence every month!

1920s Wizarding World Convergence Guide

The event will start on Tuesday, September 14th, at 11am PT.

Learn more about the event in Brita’s video, or keep reading!

1920s Wizarding World Convergence Details
Date September 14-16, 2021
  • 11am to 11pm PT (60 hours total)
  • A special 1km Portmanteau that rewards an exclusive 1920s Wizarding World Encounter!
  • Free store pack with 2 Silver Keys

Note: There will be no tasks for this event!

This event focuses on three 1920s Wizarding World Registry pages:

  • Newt’s Menagerie
  • Circus Arcanus
  • Paris Street

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Prepare for the 1920s Wizarding World Convergence

The 1920s Wizarding World Convergence is based solely on the Portkeys, so it makes sense to open your existing Portkey Portmanteaus beforehand! To avoid accidental pick-up of new Portkey Portmanteaus, unlock your existing ones, but do not open them. Wait until the event begins to open them.

If you have Gold to spend, buy Silver Keys so you can work on more Portkeys at once. Save up until you have 720 Gold so you can buy a pack of 10 Silver Keys. With this bundle, Silver Keys cost 72 Gold each. When you buy 4 Silver Keys for 325 Gold, you’re spending 81.25 Gold per Silver Key.

If you can’t buy many Silver Keys, start returning all Foundables. This will help you collect Silver Keys through the occasional bonus rewards.

Brew Dawdle Draughts! When you open a 1920s Portkey Portmanteau, you’re rewarded with a 1920s Wizarding World Encounter–not a Fragment. This is not a guaranteed return! You will still need to cast a spell and overpower the Confoundable magic. It is possible the Foundable will be whisked away by the Calamity! To reduce your chances of that happening, you will want to use Dawdle Draughts.

You can also work on Spell Mastery and Departure Denial in your SOS Training. While there are not any nodes specific to the new Registry pages, the Overall Spell Mastery and Overall Departure Denial can help you. Learn more at our wiki page!

Brew a few extra Exstimulo Potions too. These will also help you return the new 1920s Foundables.

Boost your Potions by investing in SOS Training. The following nodes will help your Exstimulo Potions be more effective, so you get additional benefits with less resources.

Location Node Effect
CE I,5 Engarde! Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE I,9 Brunch or Linner? Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE II,22 Was Mundungus Here? Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE I,12 Awesome Blossom Exstimulo Potion Duration Increase
CE I,8 Hand in Hand Strong Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE II,17 St. Mungos Strong Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE II,28 Ebb and Neap Strong Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE I,20 Ice Cream Social Strong Exstimulo Potion Duration Increase
CE I,12 Volunteer Work Potent Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE II,32 Light My Fire Potent Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE III,38 Tempermental Cauldrons Potent Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE III,42 Wasted on the Old Potent Exstimulo Potion Duration Increase

How to Enjoy the 1920s Wizarding World Convergence

The beauty of these new events are the fun of collecting new Fragments and prestiging the pages. NOTE THAT THE ADVENTURE SYNC ISSUE FOR MANY ANDROID USERS IS STILL PRESENT!

If you haven’t already, you can try these fixes for Adventure Sync.

  1. Uninstall game. Turn device off. Restart device. Reinstall the game. Reactivate Adventure Sync.
  2. If that doesn’t work, turn off Adventure Sync. Play with the game open.

While playing with the game open is not ideal for many players, keep in mind that ALL distance-tracking is broken for some players.

Here’s my advice if your game does track distance.

I suggest to walk a lot if possible. Check your Portkeys often, so you can replace them quickly. Try to visit somewhere with lots of Map activity so you can easily pick up more Portkeys.

Pay attention to the threat meter once you enter a 1920s Wizarding World Encounter. If necessary, choose a combination of Exstimulo Potions and Dawdle Draughts.

All of the 1920s Portkey Portmanteaus will appear teal on the Map, so there is not a way to focus on a specific Registry page.

Each page also has a unique Foundable that will only appear as a possible bonus drop, not as a 1920s Wizarding World Encounter. These are:

  • Bunty
  • Maledictus Poster
  • Lestrange Family Tree Book

1920s Wizarding World Convergence Bundles

Players will receive a free store pack for this event! You also have the option of buying a premium bundle. These bundles are the same as last time.

You can buy the SOS Bundle for 450 Gold. This includes:

  • 5 Silver Keys
  • 75 Spell Energy

5 Silver Keys are worth 360 Gold. If you just need Silver Keys, this is not a good deal.

75 Spell Energy is worth 150 Gold, bringing the bundle’s value to 510 Gold.

You can buy the Ministry Supplies Bundle for 950 Gold. This includes:

  • 10 Silver Keys
  • 100 Spell Energy
  • 2 Dawdle Draughts

10 Silver Keys are worth 720 Gold.

You can buy 10 Dawdle Draughts for 800 Gold in Diagon Alley, making the cost 80 Gold per Potion. However, you can also pay for the rare Ingredients (6 Gold for 2 Valerian Root and 6 Gold for 1 Hermit Shell Crab), use Master Notes, and then collect the Potion immediately for 31 Gold. Then the value is 43 Gold. This makes 2 Dawdle Draughts worth 86 Gold.

Before Spell Energy, this bundle is worth 806 Gold, not quite the price tag. With Spell Energy, this bundle is worth 1006 Gold.

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2 months ago

I am frustrated with a new game dynamic and event that requires the use of a feature that is broken for many of us. I wish they had continued to delay the ’20s events and focused on fixing these issues first.

Robert Snyder
Robert Snyder(@robertsnyder)
2 months ago

First portkey crashed before encounter, so I lost my key. Not clear this is worth risking anymore of my free keys, let alone purchased keys.

2 months ago

I absolutely love these type of events. It is nice having a new dynamic. They reduced the rewards for placing an item however it seems more in line with the other pages. It is nice as it encourages walking. It is nice as you can get the family points, potions and energy. It is nice because these are not one time items to place, so no one really misses anything by taking a break or if something isn’t working. We asked for new stuff and we got it. Not sure that I will sustain the grin I got on, without… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Fidonet