Restricted Section Books And Where To Get Them

Restricted Section Books
Restricted Section Books
Restricted Section Books
Restricted Section Books

Restricted Section Books (green books) are a special profession currency item available only from Brilliant Events. They are one of the rarest and most valuable profession resources in Wizards unite.


Professors are heavily dependant on Restricted Books to unlock their strongest nodes in the profession skill tree and they should never skip on Brilliant events (up to 15 Restricted Section Books per event). Restricted Section Books are also known as «green books» due to their distinct color and visibility.

Where to get Restricted Section Books

Presently, the only way to obtain Restricted Section Books is to play during Brilliant Events (Brilliant Event Returns to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on July 3!) and complete the special Brilliant Event Tasks throughout the event.

Players who chose to pursue this path must always aim to complete all of the tasks and farm at least 15 RSBs. The Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna grants 15 RSBs, while other future events may give more.

Using Restricted Section Books

Different professions require a different amount of Restricted Books to max out their Profession skills:

Auror 115
Magizoologist 115
Professor 223

Luckily, RSBs allow access to strong profession nodes which can supercharge your character easily. Class-wise, you want to do the following with your Restricted Section Books:


Focus on your Improved Deterioration HexDeterioration Hex Maxima and Deterioration Hex Mastery nodes. This will cost you 28 RSBs, but it is well worth it considering that Deterioration Hex is the core of your gameplay.


Similar to Professor, the Auror should focus on improving its Confusion and Weakness hexes ( Improved Weakness Hex, Weakness Hex Maxima, Confusion Hex MasteryConfusion Hex Repetitions) in order to maximize damage output and use of books.


The Magi doesn’t have a lot of damage early on, especially before unlocking Become the Beast which is pretty far down the skill tree (row 9, grants 40 Power at 5 Focus). You will have to grind your way through the tree before hitting it and it won’t be cheap. Unlike other professions, Magizoologist will have to patiently way and pickup minor improvements before hitting the Beast: put one point into Luna’s Stamina Charm, Stamina Charm Maxima and Improved Revive Charm.

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