October 1920s Wizarding World Convergence

1920s Wizarding World Convergence artwork depicting Queenie Goldstein and Newt Scamander

Witches and wizards have another casual opportunity to travel back in time to the 1920s in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

No tasks, no rewards, no bundles–just a weekend of special Portkey Portmanteaus.


Thank you Niantic and WB Games for providing Wizards Unite Hub with early information so we can create Wizards Unite guides.

1920s Wizarding World Convergence Guide

Get the 1920s Wizarding World Convergence details in my video, or keep reading!

1920s Wizarding World Convergence Details
Date October 15-17, 2021
  • 11am to 11am PT (72 hours total)
  • A special 1km Portmanteau that rewards an exclusive 1920s Wizarding World Encounter!

As a reminder, this event focuses on three 1920s Wizarding World Registry pages:

  • Newt’s Menagerie
  • Circus Arcanus
  • Paris Street

Prepare for the 1920s Wizarding World Convergence

This event is straightforward, quite similar to past 1920s Wizarding World Convergences.

Try to walk off your existing Portkeys. If you’re concerned about accidentally picking up a new one, wait until the 1920s Wizarding World Convergence begins to open your unlocked Portkeys.

If you have Gold to spend, buy Silver Keys so you can work on more Portkeys at once. It’s a better deal to buy 10 Silver Keys for 720 Gold.

If you can’t buy many Silver Keys, start returning all Foundables. This will help you collect Silver Keys through the occasional bonus rewards.

Brew Dawdle Draughts! When you open a 1920s Portkey Portmanteau, you’re rewarded with a 1920s Wizarding World Encounter–not a Fragment. If you use a Dawdle Draught, you won’t run the risk of the Foundable departing.

You can also work on Spell Mastery and Departure Denial in your SOS Training. While there are not any nodes specific to the new Registry pages, the Overall Spell Mastery and Overall Departure Denial can help you. Learn more at our wiki page!

Brew a few extra Exstimulo Potions too. These will also help you return the new 1920s Foundables.

Improve your Potions by investing in SOS Training. The following nodes will help your Exstimulo Potions be more effective, so you get additional benefits with less resources.

Location Node Effect
CE I,5 Engarde! Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE I,9 Brunch or Linner? Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE II,22 Was Mundungus Here? Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE I,12 Awesome Blossom Exstimulo Potion Duration Increase
CE I,8 Hand in Hand Strong Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE II,17 St. Mungos Strong Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE II,28 Ebb and Neap Strong Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE I,20 Ice Cream Social Strong Exstimulo Potion Duration Increase
CE I,12 Volunteer Work Potent Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE II,32 Light My Fire Potent Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE III,38 Tempermental Cauldrons Potent Exstimulo Potion Potency Increase
CE III,42 Wasted on the Old Potent Exstimulo Potion Duration Increase

How to Enjoy the 1920s Wizarding World Convergence

Unfortunately, Adventure Sync is still not working for many players. If you haven’t already, you can try these fixes for Adventure Sync.

  1. Uninstall game. Turn device off. Restart device. Reinstall the game. Reactivate Adventure Sync.
  2. If that doesn’t work, turn off Adventure Sync. Play with the game open.

While playing with the game open is not ideal for many players, keep in mind that ALL distance-tracking is broken for some players.

If your game does track distance, you can still enjoy this event. My advice is simple!

Walk a lot.

Check your Portkeys often, so you can replace them quickly.

Play in an area with lots of Map activity.

Use Exstimulo Potions and Dawdle Draughts as necessary, ideally when opening multiple Portkeys so the Potions carry over.

As a reminder, all of the 1920s Portkey Portmanteaus will appear teal on the Map, so there is not a way to focus on a specific Registry page.

Each page also has a unique Foundable that will only appear as a possible bonus drop, not as a 1920s Wizarding World Encounter. These are:

  • Bunty
  • Maledictus Poster
  • Lestrange Family Tree Book

Final Thoughts

It feels almost silly to write such a basic guide, but Wizards Unite Hub is a resource for all players, including new and returning players. If this is your first 1920s Wizarding World Convergence, I hope this Wizards Unite guide helps!

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Adam Nugent
Adam Nugent
1 month ago

well i guess this is being replaced with the first lethal adversary Barty Crouch jr based on the in game letter saying that is happening on those dates

Kyle Atkinson
Kyle Atkinson
1 month ago
Reply to  Adam Nugent

I think this convergence is replacing the Barty Crouch Jr event. The only newsletters I can see in-game say this weekend will be a 1920s event.
My guess is that they decided to delay launching the lethal adversaries.

Margaret Priver
Margaret Priver
1 month ago

I tend to unduly stress over tasks especially if I have to leave home to accomplish them, so this little no-task event is welcome. Love Brita’s flapper outfit!

1 month ago

When they were first released, the ministry manual rewards for placing 1920’s images were up to 800! Now they’re down to 35 max on hold level. Does anyone know what happened? It isn’t worth the effort of unlocking port keys for that, so these events aren’t great.

Phil Newmark
Phil Newmark
1 month ago

The event started 30 minutes ago, and I have been walking around looking for the Portmanteaus but there are only the standard ones on the map right now. Pretty big fail for an event that is supposed to showcase these limited time only ones……. they just don’t seem to care about the game anymore.

Chris van Buijten
Chris van Buijten
1 month ago
Reply to  Phil Newmark

observed the same problem. The first event portmanteau I found one hour after the start of the event. But now there is a steady flow of portmanteaus.

1 month ago

Not many special portkeys so far. The few I gotten have cleared using my gold key. I guess too many people whined. Even with the reduced amount of sos books for placing, this is a nice change.

Robert Snyder
Robert Snyder
1 month ago

still experiencing app crashes during the 1920s encounter. Latest one happened when I used an exstimulo. I returned to the foundable and it restarted the app losing my encounter and ultimately wasting yet another key, So I am still not ready to buy silver keys with earned gold, let alone purchase keys with real money. The games unreliability is still an issue for me

Davif Lippert
Davif Lippert
1 month ago

107 minutes post event, and my keyless portkeys is still in my portkeys storage. I thought if we didn’t have a key in the 1920 portkeys, they would vanish when the event ended. I would have stocked up on these guys if I knew they stuck around. Wish I knew the rules of this game, it would change my approach.

Screenshot_20211018-134314_Wizards Unite.jpg