Ridgebacks and Buckbeaks and Hagrids, Oh My! November Wizarding Weekend

Wizards Unite artwork depicting Hagrid, Buckbeak, and the Care of Magical Creatures symbol

November’s Wizarding Weekend in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite brings us all the way back to Care of Magical Creatures class for the protection of critters such as the Baby Norwegian Ridgeback *coughNorbertacough*, our beloved Buckbeak, and more!

Note: Thank you Niantic and WB Games for providing this information early so Wizards Unite Hub could create this event guide. 


November Wizarding Weekend Event Overview

Event Name November Wizarding Weekend
Date + Time

  • Starts on November 27th, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific
  • Ends on November 30th, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific

  • A special assignment rewarding various items
  • Boosted Foundables on the Map and from Tonic for Trace Detection
      • -Baby Norwegian Ridgeback
      • -Buckbeak
      • -Hagrid
      • -Dragon Eggs
      • -Grawp
  • When returning the above Foundables, there’s a chance at earning a Care of Magical Creatures Runestone (Levels 1-3)
  • Guaranteed Exploration Foundable fragments when doing Wizarding Challenges in Forest IV or above
  • Free store pack

  • Care of Magical Creatures Family XP
  • Runestones of varying levels
  • Spell Energy
  • Spell Books
  • And more!

Wizarding Weekend Event Tasks

Like other Wizarding Weekends, the tasks are straightforward and simple!

Quest Step Reward
Complete 10 Wizarding Challenges with 3 or More Teammates 1 Powdered Dragon Claw
Defeat 25 Foes in Wizarding Challenges 1 Dawdle Draught
Return 20 Baby Norwegian Ridgeback Foundables 3 Care of Magical Creatures Level 5 Runestones
Return 15 Buckbeak Foundables 10 Spell Energy
Return 10 Hagrid Foundables 10 Spell Energy
Earn 1200 Care of Magical Creatures Family XP 2 Strong Exstimulo Potion

Overall rewards: 

  • 200 Care of Magical Creatures Family XP
  • 2 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books
  • 2 Spell Books
  • 1 Silver Key

How to Prepare

The Wizarding Weekends are very good for players in general, as long as you put in a little Fortress work beforehand! Hunt down the following Fortress-exclusive Foundables to make your weekend grind even more efficient:

  • Hagrid’s Hut on the Hagrid’s Hut Registry page
  • Abraxan Winged Horse on the Hagrid’s Hut Registry page

Farming these Foundables will ensure you are able to push your Registry pages to the limit! Thanks to RIC (Repeat Image Collection), players will be able to easily stack repeat Foundables so prestiging pages becomes less complicated.

Make sure to spend time grinding Care of Magical Creatures Foundables this week! Once your Image is ready to place, STOP. Wait until the event begins before you place any Care of Magical Creatures in your Registry. You want to earn the Family XP once Wizarding Weekend begins.

How to Earn Care of Magical Creatures Family XP

Event Trace density has improved for recent events, so earning 1200 Care of Magical Creatures Family XP shouldn’t be too arduous. However, if you’re nervous about the task, editor-in-chief Brita has a whole video on grinding Foundable Family XP.

Wizarding Weekend Store Packs

As always, this event includes both a free store pack for all players, as well as a premium store pack. The details are shown below in the infographic provided by our friend Orange Wizard.

After looking at both bundles and calculating their value, neither of the offers really pique my interest.

The value for both is pretty low for the cost of the items themselves. The reasoning for this comes from Andolov (Gjcerda). You can read his breakdown on Reddit.

I have said it before many times and I will say it again: the Foundables are better than the rewards! If you disagree, sound off in the comments below.

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Todd Allis
Todd Allis(@toddallis)
1 year ago

Grawp seems heavily boosted for this event too, for some reason!

1 year ago

Good event. Liked the no pressure. I gained a lot of books and got a few SOS lessons done. I wish the brilliant events had all the tasks as one group to work on at once with the bonus being separate. There is always parts like I’ve already done that.