All Aboard the Knight Bus: May Community Day Guide


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is announcing another 24-hour Community Day on May 16th! If you would rather check out a video, here is a complete guide on my YouTube channel!

Wizards Unite May Community Day
Date Saturday, May 16, 2020
  • 12:01am to 11:59pm Local Time
  • Special Assignments focused on Wizarding Challenges of increasing difficulty, with rewards including Spellbooks, Scrolls, high-level Runestones, and Gold
  • Increased Ingredients for Healing Potions will appear on the Map
  • Healing Potions will increase Health by 50%
  • Wizarding Challenges will reward Spell Energy as well as increased Family XP and Challenge XP
  • Guaranteed Exploration Foundable Fragments when using any Runestone in Forest Chamber IV and above in Wizarding Challenges. (These are the Foundables in the Exploration Registry pages.)
Free Store Pack
  • 75 Spell Energy
  • 5 Level 1 Mysterious Artefacts Runestones
  • 6 Snowdrop Potion Ingredients
  • 4 Bitter Root

May Community Day Tasks

The set of tasks for May Community Day are all focused around taking the Knight Bus to the Fortress at Hogwarts and completing Wizarding Challenges at different Chamber levels. As you will see below, (and thanks to Orange Wizard) these tasks are intended to help players climb the ladder to Dark Chamber V so they can reap the amazing rewards in the higher Chambers!

I cannot think of a better Community Day to let players join together to help each other learn the game! Note: due to the nature of this Community Day, expect longer load times to get into Chambers as well as very crowded Knight Bus lobbies. Patience is key!

Edit: The graphic below says “Take the Knight Bus…” but that is not necessary! Local Fortresses will also count toward your quest step completion! Remember to follow all local laws and practice social distancing.

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How to Prepare for May Community Day

My primary concern with this Community Day will be Spell Energy. With much of the world still in quarantine or shelter-in-place protocol, Spell Energy *may be* hard to come by. Hopefully the Spell Energy on the Map will be plentiful and the Fortress rewards will be just as good!

The best advice I can offer is to fill up on energy as much as possible before Community Day begins so you start off on the right foot!

Fortresses 101

If you’re nervous about entering the Dark Chambers for the first time, take the time to learn everything you can about doing Wizarding Challenges with a team.

First of all, go through the Fortresses tag here on Wizards Unite Hub. Our writers have covered Wizarding Challenges from a variety of angles, so you’re sure to find helpful content, no matter your experience.

This playlist has some great tutorials from different Wizards Unite players, all about Wizarding Challenges.


When it comes to using Potions in Wizarding Challenges, each profession has a different approach. As an Auror, I like to have a few Exstimulo Potions on hand in the event I have to fight against a Foe without a Proficiency Charm or a Foe I am weak against.

Professors and Magizoologists might want to have a few Strong Invigoration Draughts, especially if you end up in a Wizarding Challenge without an Auror to pass Focus.

Everyone should stock up on a few Healing Potions, just in case you’re in a Wizarding Challenge without a Magizoologist.

Here is another video from my channel that breaks down Potions in Fortresses and how you can use them to boost your efficiency and damage! It is 9 months old, but still has value!


May Community Day Bundles

Here are the bundles you can expect to see in Diagon Alley for this Community Day! Nothing here looks particularly enticing to me personally, but you may find value if you have spare Gold lying around!

Tips for Enjoying May’s Community Day

There is a fun method to join your friends in Fortresses on the Knight Bus! If you want to coordinate with other players in your area or time zone, follow these simple steps!

  1. Board the Knight Bus and enter a low chamber with an old Brilliant Runestone (this way you do not waste important Runestones if you accidentally join)
  2. Have your friends look for the yellow Friend medallion or “beacon” in the Fortress.
  3. If they do not see your beacon, they leave the Knight Bus!
  4. Your friend continues this process until they see your beacon.
  5. Once they find you, choose a Chamber to enter together!
  6. As long as you and your friend stay on the bus, you can continue to play Chambers together!

If you’re in an area where you can walk safely, set aside a few hours to go outside and walk while playing Wizards Unite. Carry an extra battery pack or two, plus charging cables. Need a new battery pack? Our editor-in-chief has put together a list of the top-rated options on Amazon!

Looking for an online community? Check out this Twitch livestream with a bunch of WUtubers!

I hope this Wizards Unite Community Day guide has been helpful! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see in future guides.

Do you have any tips for fellow witches and wizards to enjoy Community Day at home? Share them in the comments or through our social media platforms!

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Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald
16 days ago

Do we have to take the Knight Bus? Or will all fortresses count? I’d love to drive to a nearby Sponsored Fortress and sit in my car and play, so I get a few spells back with each challenge. I’ll probably need the Knight Bus for the Dark Chambers though; no way I complete those by myself without blowing through a lot of spells and potions. (I’m a Magizoologist.)

Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald
9 days ago
Reply to  Melissa Oswald

That was a lot of fun! I didn’t think I’d get through Dark V, but I fortunately had some great teams along the way. I’d love more events like this! And I’d love to be able to send messages to other players, thank them for a good challenge or ask to add as friends, etc.

Lennart Fuling
Lennart Fuling
16 days ago

With a lot of inexperienced players going for the higher Dark Chambers it might come down to luck if you are going to beat it. With a good mix of professions (at least 2 aurors, 1 magizoologist and 1 professor) and everybody knows what their role is, it is a breeze to finish it. But if people just rush in fighting it will fail.

Lennart Fuling
Lennart Fuling
11 days ago
Reply to  Lennart Fuling

It actually went rather smooth, all missions done in under an hour.

Gordon White
Gordon White
14 days ago

I think this will be a difficult challenge for newer players. I agree with Lennart Fuling (above) that inexperienced players will be flooding the dark chambers making it difficult to get good teams to defeat the chamber. However, they will need help getting to those higher chambers. I hope I’m wrong but I expect that many experienced players won’t do the non community day chambers knowing that they likelihood is that they will fail, losing spell energy and runestones in the process, making it more difficult for those inexperienced players to complete the community day challenge. Perhaps rewarding any player… Read more »

Eleanor Fudge
Eleanor Fudge
11 days ago

My breau is just getting back into HPWU and I hadn’t yet figured out how to get us both into the same Wizarding Challenges through the Knight Bus – I had planned to google it in preparation for the Community Day after I was done here (cause I always start my preparations for HPWU events here lawl). But wouldn’t you know it, you guys had it covered! Thanks!

David Footman
David Footman
11 days ago

Is anyone else having an issue getting the knight bus button to work? Going on three days, no fortress visits.

11 days ago

I wish there was a way to offer to swap out with someone when they’re battling a foe they can’t handle (quickly enough) and time is running out…

10 days ago

Local fortress did not count for us. We managed to pull it off, however limiting these community days to the Night Bus has too many problems. I lost several rune stones because the chamber starts with five people, then I ended up as the only one after we all started playing. The problem is i still had to battle the same amount of foes as though everyone had stayed. There was no way. Dark 5 recommended level is 15, which requires all of the current lessons to be done. I just got my last lesson done during the event. I… Read more »

Jillian Ratliff
Jillian Ratliff
10 days ago

I’m out of spell energy and potions for today but I really enjoyed this community day! It was much easier to get a full group in the higher level fortresses and I managed to get about 30 spell books for my skill tree. I only have two more lessons to go until I’ve maxed out the Professor skill tree! My question is… then what do I do? Will there be new lessons soon?

Rod Huebner
Rod Huebner
10 days ago

I was very disappointed that we were unable to do these battles at a local tower. Had a team of three all set to go because it said here that the tasks could be done locally. Did the tasks on a local tower….no credit after two tries.