The Complete Guide to Energy in Hogwarts Mystery

Hogwarts Mystery mobile game
Hogwarts Mystery mobile game

If you have ever heard of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you know that Energy is the Big Thing. You need it for (almost) everything, and it replenishes at a rate of 1 Energy point per 4 minutes.


Complaints were common in the early days of the game, and over the years, Hogwarts Mystery has added ways to gain Energy. Here are our best tips for where to find Energy, how to preserve it, and where to use it best.

Overview of Energy in Hogwarts Mystery

Energy is what you spend when you do classes, go through the storyline or side quests. It is your most precious commodity.

I have 39 of my max 40 Energy.

Any task where you earn stars, will cost you Energy. Longer tasks will cost more Energy to finish, shorter task will cost less. The exact amounts varies depending on where you are in the storyline, as well as how many 5-tap actions you find.

An action will cost you 1-5 Energy to complete. The 5-tap actions costs you 5 Energy, but gives you rewards as if you had spent 6 Energy. That is, you get 6 points closer to finish the task, instead of 5.

Five taps to Observe, will earn you 6 points towards that last star.

In Classes – the kind where at every star, you get a reward and do a minigame – you will receive any excess Energy back at each star. That is, if you need 2 more energy to get to the next star, but you do a 3-tap action, 1 Energy will be gifted back to you. If you do a 5 tap-action, 4 energy will be gifted back to you.

When you are out of Energy, it is always worth trying to do another action, as sometimes you will be given the option to watch a 30-second ad and receive 3 Energy for that. Keep tapping until you are no longer offered these ads, before going on to the next step. In fact, try a few more times if an ad is not offered, because sometimes the “wait or purchase” screen will come up once or twice before another ad is offered. I usually go on to the next step if I have gotten the “wait or purchase” screen three times in a row.

The video is up to 30 seconds long.
When this screen has come up 2-3 times in a row, you are probably out of ads and have to move on.

Free Energy

When you are out of Energy, and are offered no more ads, your next step is to visit the 14 Free Energy Locations that are in the game. Note that you may not have access to all of them, depending on where you are in the storyline. When you tap each of these spots, you will get one free Energy. You then have to wait a certain amount of time (see table below) before it resets and you can tap it again.

Do not tap these spots if your Energy is already full, as this Energy does not stack, and will be wasted!

Location Item Reset time
Magical Creatures Reserve Wolf Cub 9h 19min
Quidditch Stadium Snitch 36h
East Towers Leftmost portrait 6h 55m
East Towers Peeves 4h 35min
West Towers Fruit Bowl Painting 2h 50min
Lower Floor West Torch 7h 32min
Lower Floor West Suit of Armor 11h 9min
Dungeons House Elf 8h 12min
Castle Grounds Stick 6h 24min
Lower Floor East Books 5h 23min
Hogsmeade Kid with sled 5h 51min
Forbidden Forest Spider web 4h 35min
Diagon Alley Coin bag 7h 22min
Black Lake Tentacle 7h 21min
This collage does not include the Black Lake, but all the other locations in the game as of yet.

Pets and Dormitory Items

Beyond the 14 locations listed above, pets will also give you Energy, as will certain items that you earn from Time Limited Side Quests, that you will find in your Dormitory.
The Energy from pets and Dormitory items stack on top of your existing Energy, even if your Energy bar is full, so you don’t have to be as careful about collecting this Energy as with the Free Energy Locations above.

The amount of pets and items you have will depend, of course. The blue line means it is ready to be tapped.
Pet/Item Reset Time
Owl 3h
Owlet 3h
Puffskein 3h
Bat 4.5h
Cat 4.5h
Spider 4.5h
Cruppy 5h
Kneazle kitten 5h
Rat 6h
Toad 6h
Kneazle 7h
Crup 8h
Streeler 8h
Snow Globe 23h
Butterfly Jar* 23h
All-Wizard Trophy 23h
Heart Totem 25h

*Note that the Butterfly Jar gives you a Gem, and not Energy.

Quidditch and Dueling

Quidditch and Dueling will each give you one point of Energy when you win, so if you have the Coins to spare, it’s worth doing this. The Energy from these actions will stack, so you can do them even if your Energy bar is full.

Winning a Quidditch Friendly gives you one Energy, as does winning a Duel.


The Creatures in the Magical Creature Reserve can also be a source of Energy. Each time you level up a Creature’s fondness level, you gain a reward, sometimes including some Energy.

Once you have a few Creatures on Max Level, you can keep feeding them, 3 Creature Food every 6 hours, and when you do, you will get to choose a reward, the same as you do at each star of a Class. These rewards can include Energy, so if you have Creature Food you don’t know what to do with, this is a worthy investment.

When I level up my Abraxan, I will gain 5 Gems, 150 Coins, and 6 Energy.


Leveling up your friendships with other characters is another way to earn Energy. This takes a while to achieve, though, so this is something you might want to save for when you really need that Energy.

I have a long way to go for those 15 Energy from Liz, but I can easily get 5 Energy from Talbott.

Purchasing Energy

You can, of course, spend Gems to buy Energy. This is another option that I advise you to use carefully, as it takes time to build up a respectable Gem collection. It is something best saved for Time Limited Side Quests.

If and when you do purchase Energy, try to go for the 60 Energy for 100 Gems, as that is more Energy for your Gems than the 30 Energy for 55 Gems that the game offers you if you try to do an action when your Energy bar is empty.

60 Energy for 100 Gems takes a while to save up to, but it’s more worth the Gems.

How to best manage your Energy

One of the most important ways to preserve your Energy has already been mentioned above: look for 5-tap actions in all tasks and Classes.

Another way is relevant to all tasks that are not Classes. As mentioned above, in a Class, you will get all excess Energy back if you use too much. In other tasks, you will not. So, in tasks that are not Classes, be cautious when you approach the last star. If you only need 2 points to get to the last star, try to find a 2-tap action. It can be tricky to know how many points you need, you will need to learn how fast the bar fills up. It is different depending on if it’s a 1, 3 or 8 hour task, and also changes as you progress in the story. It’s worth trying to save as many short tap actions as possible to the end of the task, so you don’t waste any Energy you don’t have to.

Another way to preserve Energy is, when you are doing a task that only takes one star to finish, to not go for the bonus stars. This will mean fewer Coins for you, but you will be able to use the Energy to progress the plot faster.

When doing this, you can either get the required star, and then wait the timer out. Be sure to do at least one more action after it looks like you have the star, as the visuals can sometimes be misleading.

In this case, I would definitely finish the “Ignore” action, to make sure I have earned that star.

The other option is that you use up as much Energy as you will earn back before the task is over. If you are doing a 3 hour task, that takes only 1 star, not 5, to pass, like in the picture above, you might as well use up your entire Energy bar, and then a bit more if you want, since it will take less than 3 hours for your bar to refill. The easiest thing is to do the math.

For example:

My max Energy at the moment is 40. It takes 40×4=160 minutes (2 hours, 40 minutes) for the bar to fill up completely. So if my Energy bar is empty when there’s 2 hours and 40 minutes left on the timer for my current task, it will have filled back up by the time that task ends, and so I can begin the next task as soon as it is available.

The above tactic is also useful for when you are waiting out a timer before the next task becomes available. If the next character won’t meet you until 4 hours from now, you can do a 1 hour class or a 1-3 hour task in a side quest while waiting. Just make sure to leave the Energy bar enough time to replenish before you can start the next task.

If I have 8 hours to wait, I might as well spend my energy on other things in the meantime.

I hope this guide will have given you some insight into how Energy works in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and that you can now go back to the game and use these tips to enhance your experience, or at least speed it up a little bit.

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