Energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

One of the most important and aggravating commodities in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is energy.  This guide is to help players of the game maximize their energy use so they can progress further without spending money. 

Hogwarts Mystery Energy System

Energy is truly the only way to progress through the game, complete side quests, and obtain special items through crest challenges and duel challenges.


The simplest way to use energy efficiently is to tap 0/5 actions in classes. Though these actions cost five energy, they put in six points towards the completion of a class.  In year one, a lucky player can complete a one-hour class by doing four 0/5 actions.

Most players are aware that there are certain spots hidden throughout the game that give free energy.  These spots will only reward a player if the player does not have a full energy bar. Don’t try to tap them if you already have full energy as they won’t give you any rewards for a number of hours.

Free Energy Spots in Hogwarts Mystery

There are free energy spots on each floor.  Here’s where to tap and what will happen afterwards, along with how long these points take to recharge:

East Towers: A blank painting near the Charms classroom (6hrs 50min) will fill with woman’s portrait when tapped, and Peeves the Poltergeist (4hrs 35min) will stop taunting you near the Astronomy Tower.

West Towers: A painting by the Prefect’s Bathroom will dispense oranges (2hrs 50min).

Lower Floor West: A torch will light when tapped (8hrs), and a knight will pick up its shield (11hrs 50min).

Dungeons: A house elf will return to work (8hrs 20min)

Castle Grounds: Fang will pick up a stick (6hrs 20min).

Lower Floor East (year two or greater): A pile of books will magically stack on a bench (5hrs 20min).

Hogsmeade (year three or greater): A boy will wave at you and sled down a snowy alleyway (5h 50min).

Forbidden Forest (year four or greater): A spiderweb near the entrance will adjust its position (4hrs 35min).

Pets in Hogwarts Mystery

Pets can also be used to give a player a bit of energy.  Each pet gives one bolt of energy after a set number of hours.  The more expensive pets, such as the owl and the cat, give energy more frequently than the cheaper pets. However, these pets aren’t ideal for all players as one needs a stockpile of gems to purchase any one of them.

Pets are also important because they can put you over 100% energy capacity.  For example, a player with a thirty-bolt energy bar could go to 31/30 by awakening their toad. 

Friendship Rewards

Even with all these methods, sometimes a player just doesn’t have enough energy to complete a class or task.  Another easy way to get extra energy is to increase friendship levels.

By playing gobstones, eating, and drinking butterbeer (year 3 and above), players can gain between five and fifteen bolts at a time, which can exceed maximum capacity. 

For this reason, it’s important to level up friendships even when energy isn’t needed so you can have a number of characters ready to dispense energy at a moment’s notice. Keep an eye on your friendship level to optimize when you receive the energy bonuses. 

Challenge Rewards

Already maxed out all your friendships?  A final way to get energy is through challenges such as crest challenges and the dueling club.  The dueling club gives four energy for each won match, and it can give greater amounts of energy following a certain number of wins.

As you can see, crest challenges can give you a great boost, possibly over 100%, and the dueling club does the same.  These methods, however, are less sustainable than the ones mentioned above as they are not always available to players and are typically single-use.

Crest challenges and the dueling club are also useful as they give a number of gems that can be used to buy the more expensive energy-supplying pets.

If you’re looking for a visual explanation of energy, plus a few advanced tips on how to best utilize energy, check out this video from Uniting Wizards. The time is queued up to when he discusses energy in Hogwarts Mystery. 

Overall, collecting energy can be a hassle in Hogwarts Mystery, but hopefully some of these methods can decrease your waiting time without needing to spend money.

What’s your favorite method of collecting energy? Leave it in the comments below!

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