Harrowing Halloween Event Details!

Dark Ministry Official, Basilisk, Dark Witch in Wizards Unite

Fazes of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite just dropped all the exciting new details about the upcoming Harrowing Halloween Event! The HPWU team has been teasing players about a fun Halloween event, and now we finally know what to expect.

Halloween is just around the corner! Join the fun in game with a special set of tasks, plus a Harrowing Halloween Chamber in Fortresses.


Here’s a snippet from the official Harrowing Halloween announcement.

Are you brave enough to take on a spine-chilling Special Assignment this Halloween to earn exclusive limited-time rewards? First encountered in the Chamber of Secrets, Slytherin’s Basilisk will be making a limited-time appearance this Halloween… just make sure to avoid eye contact with anything slithering in the dark!

Using the Dark Arts Runestones you’ve been saving up all month, you’ll be able to gain entry into a special Harrowing Halloween Chamber in Fortresses, where something sinister lies in wait… The more Dark Arts Runestones you and your friends use, and the higher their levels, the greater your chances of encountering the exclusive Slytherin’s Basilisk.

Wizards Unite Harrowing Halloween Event Information
Dates October 30 at 11am PT to November 1 at 11am PT
  • Increased Dark Arts Traces
  • Increased Moaning Myrtle and Young Ginny Weasley Traces
  • Use high-level Dark Arts Runestones to face off against a Dark Ministry Official, a Dark Witch, and Slytherin’s Basilisk!
  • The higher-level Dark Arts Runestone you use, the higher the chances of finding and fighting Slytherin’s Basilisk
  • Earn bonus Challenge XP from the Harrowing Halloween Chamber
  • Receive Dark Arts Family XP when you win against the Halloween Foes
  • You are more likely to see Slytherin’s Basilisk in Sponsored Fortresses
  • Partner Fortresses grant additional bonuses, including bonus Dark Arts Family XP and increased Spell Energy in Chambers level 4 and higher
  • Be the player to defeat Slytherin’s Basilisk and you will receive an exclusive Title for your Ministry ID!
  • Complete the full Harrowing Halloween assignments and win a new Assignment Badge!
  • Spell Books, Restricted Section Books, and Gold
Free Store Pack
  • 5 Level 1 Dark Arts Runestones
  • 15 Spell Energy

Fazes has also shared with me the Harrowing Halloween assignments!

Harrowing Halloween Assignments

The greatest challenge will be encountering all the Halloween Foes. Work with other players to make sure everyone gets a chance to encounter Dark Witches, Dark Ministry Officials, and the Basilisk.

Return 10 Dark Arts Trace 200 XP
Use 2 Dark Arts Runestones in the Harrowing Halloween Chamber 200 XP
Defeat 3 Dark Witches 3 Scrolls
Defeat 2 Dark Ministry Officials 2 Spell Books
Defeat 1 Basilisk 1 Restricted Section Book, 1 Ministry ID Title

If you complete all of the Harrowing Halloween tasks, you’ll earn 20 Gold plus a new Assignment Badge.

Tips to Complete the Harrowing Halloween Event

UPDATE 10/30/2019: This is an easy event to complete! To finish all of the tasks, you’re best off soloing the Harrowing Halloween Chamber until you encounter the Basilisk. The Dark Witches and the Dark Ministry Officials are easy to encounter and easy to defeat. The Basilisk is easy to defeat as well.

Once you complete all the tasks, then doing Fortress Challenges with a group should (theoretically) help you grind Challenge XP. I will update this again once I’ve confirmed this hunch. Plus the Basilisk is an Elite Foe, so taking it out counts towards the ELITE FOES DEFEATED Achievement.

You have a week to grind Dark Arts Foundables. The more Dark Arts Runestones you can collect before Halloween, the better.

If you have access to a sponsored Fortress, play there! The bonuses can make a big difference, especially if you’re like me and mostly have low-level Runestones.

Try to play all three days. You only have 48 hours to complete the Harrowing Halloween Event. Make them count.

My friend Animagus has a great video on this event!

Are you excited for the Harrowing Halloween Event? Why or why not?

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Aeleysia Olsasky
Aeleysia Olsasky(@aeleysiaolsasky)
2 years ago

While I am definitely excited about the new Halloween event….I must confess that I am disappointed by the lack of information on the tasks for the second part of the fighting forces Brilliant Event. I am very well prepared though so I will hope for a good outcome. The last event plus the community day brought me up to level 32 quickly! Brilliant !!!

Clay Richardson
Clay Richardson(@clayrichardson)
2 years ago

So are the chances zero to none that you see a basilisk if you can only solo fortresses?

Todd Allis
Todd Allis(@toddallis)
2 years ago

I got it on my first try doing a solo with a level 5 Runestone. Remember to select the first chamber, “Harrowing Halloween,” not your usual chamber. I made that mistake the first time, didn’t even notice the Halloween one.

Dave King
Dave King(@daveking)
2 years ago

I have used 2 level 5 DA runestones, 1 level 4, 2 level 3s and 3 level 1s and have yet to encounter any dark witches, but I killed the stupid basilisk 4 times. Anyone having trouble finding the witches or have any ideas how to come across them?

Todd Allis
Todd Allis(@toddallis)
2 years ago
Reply to  Dave King

I had no trouble finding them. I think they were most common with level 2s for me.

David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez(@davidrodriguez)
2 years ago
Reply to  Dave King

I found a basilisk on the very first L1 DA stone I used and witches/dark ministry on the second stone I used. Have done a mix like you so could be the fortress your at? I’d say just grind out L1 stones