How to Recover From a Fortress Error

For many witches and wizards, Wizarding Challenges are one of the most exciting game aspects of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. There’s nothing quite like the rush of your first battle in Dark Chamber Five with a Level Five Runestone!


Wizarding Challenges in Fortresses can be stressful enough without worrying about technical issues kicking you out of battle. Follow these easy steps to recover from a Fortress error. This will improve your chances of getting back into the Chamber to support your team and to avoid losing a Runestone.

Recovering From a Fortress Error

You’re in Dark Chamber Five with a Level Five Oddity Runestone. There are 16 Foes left to defeat, and your team notices the large number of Curiosity Foes. It’s your time to shine as you’re the only Professor in this battle. The Magizoologist just cast their Bravery charm, and you decide to start on one of the three Elite Fierce Werewolves populating the chamber. You apply a Deterioration Hex to your Foe, tap on the golden-framed avatar, and press Start, eager to engage in combat.

But instead of a familiar dueling animation, the screen goes black, and you’re met with a message window:

Error – An error has occurred with the wireless network. Please try again.

If you didn’t have this guide then you might be tempted to hit the brown RESTART or RETURN TO MAP buttons at the bottom of the message window. You would have lost your Runestone and left your teammates with one less wand.

Instead, you remain calm and follow these easy steps to recover from a Fortress error and get back to your teammates. The clock is ticking.

What to Do During a Fortress Error

  1. Do not panic or tap the screen
  2. Important: do not touch anything on the screen
  3. Force Restart your Wizards Unite app completely
    1. iPhone: swipe up from bottom of screen or double hit the home button to open Multitasking, swipe up on the Wizards Unite app to force close it
    2. Android: swipe up to see the homebar, tap on the square button on the right to enter multitasking, then swipe up on the Wizards Unite app to force close it
  4. Relaunch your Wizards Unite app
  5. Do not touch anything while the loading screen animations play
  6. Do not touch anything if you see the in-game map or your Magical Me avatar
  7. You should be redirected right back into your Fortress Challenge when everything is loaded
To Force Close/Restart the Wizards Unite app, you can enter multitasking on most phones to swipe up on the app.

If you follow these steps correctly then your friends who are still in the Chamber will be able to tell you if you have done everything needed to get back in.

If you pressed RESTART or RETURN TO MAP prior to force restarting the game, then your teammates will see that your avatar at the top of the battle lobby will no longer be present. If the avatar with your name is gone, then you will not be able to get back into the Chamber.

If your avatar is still present, then you will be redirected back into battle when the app fully loads. Be patient.

Tips to Avoid Errors

There’s not much you can do if the errors are originating from the Wizards Unite app code or due to server-side conditions. There are a few things you can monitor from your end to reduce the chances of getting kicked out of a Wizarding Challenge and of losing your Runestone.

  • Check your cellular signal strength. The better the signal, the more reliable your connection to the game servers are.
  • Connect to reliable wifi if possible.
  • Minimize use of other applications while you’re playing Wizards Unite. Force close those applications if your phone is older or can’t handle multitasking.
  • Force Restart your Wizards Unite app preemptively before entering a high-stakes Wizarding Challenge with a valuable Runestone.
  • Force Restart your phone to clear temporary memory caches and provide a fresh restart for the Wizards Unite app prior to entering a Challenge.
  • Enable a Do Not Disturb feature or something similar that blocks notifications and banners for the duration of your battle.

Retrieving a Lost Runestone

Losing a Runestone can be detrimental if it was your last Runestone for that Family or if it was a high-level Runestone. If you wish to try to get a refund for a Runestone that was lost due to your game crashing or receiving an error message during a Wizarding Challenge without successful re-entry, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Suitcase icon from the in-game map. The icon is located at the bottom middle section of the screen, as pictured.
From the in-game map, click on the Suitcase icon in the middle at the bottom.

2. Click on the Settings icon in the top left corner of the screen. The button looks like gears.

Click on the Settings icon in the top left corner of the screen.

3. Tap on the Help/Legal tab in the lower right portion of the screen as indicated below.

Tap on the Help/Legal tab.

4. Tap on the Get Support option.

Tap on Get Support.

4. Tap on the Contact Us link in the top right section of the screen. This will bring up a messaging window.

Tap on the Contact Us link.

4. In the message field, type your request for a refund for your lost Runestone. Remember, Support Staff see many requests all day long so be polite and patient.

Type your request in the message field.

At first, you will chat with a bot. Eventually, you will have the option of telling the bot that you need more help. A list of options will appear. Select Other. This will allow you to speak with a real person who has the authority to refund your Runestone.

Note: This Runestone Refund guide is a tutorial for how to submit a request in the Wizards Unite app. It is not a guarantee that you will have your items refunded.

Check out our beginner’s guides to each Profession: Professor, Magizoologist, and Auror!

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