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All aboard the Knight Bus to Hogwarts! Once again, I will be your conductor on this lovely day. I also have the pleasure of serving as your SOS Task Force instructor. During our brief journey together, I will explain everything you need to know about the different Chambers in Wizarding Challenges. After my excellent tutelage, you will be well on your way to defeating many Foes in Fortresses! Your Ministry thanks you for your assistance in defeating the Calamity!

All fun aside, this is the ultimate guide to Fortress Chambers in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. After reading this guide, you’ll be able better equipped to complete your goals and utilize your resources when doing Wizarding Challenges in Wizards Unite.


I do have a video which includes a lot of screen recordings if that helps!

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Fortress Chambers in Wizards Unite

First, a quick primer on Fortresses in Wizards Unite.

Fortresses are one of three points-of-interest (POIs) in the game. The other two are Inns and Greenhouses.

On the Map, you’re able to interact with POIs in real-world locations. For example, if you visit a public park, you will most likely find in-game POIs at signs, statues, fountains, and other various prominent real-world markers.

Wizards Unite also allows you to take the Knight Bus to a Fortress at Hogwarts, giving players the opportunity to visit a Fortress without leaving home.

What do I do at a Fortress in Wizards Unite?

When you enter a Fortress, you see a list of Chambers. First you choose a Chamber. Then you choose a Runestone. Then you either wait for more players to join your Chamber, or you immediately Start the Wizarding Challenge.

Once the Wizarding Challenge begins, you battle against Foes. After defeating a set number of Foes in the time limit, you then earn rewards.

Why can’t I see all the Fortress Chambers?

You have to unlock each Fortress Chamber one at a time. Your very first Wizarding Challenge (Fortress battle) will be in the Ruins I Chamber, because that’s the only one unlocked. After you successfully complete that, Ruins II will unlock.

The full list of Fortress Chambers is as follows:

  • Ruins I
  • Ruins II
  • Ruins III
  • Ruins IV
  • Ruins V
  • Tower I
  • Tower II
  • Tower III
  • Tower IV
  • Tower V
  • Forest I
  • Forest II
  • Forest III
  • Forest IV
  • Forest V
  • Dark I
  • Dark II
  • Dark III
  • Dark IV
  • Dark V

The video below is from my very first Wizarding Challenge, when I had no idea what I was doing! It’s okay to be a beginner. Practice makes perfect! I’ve queued up the video to start after my first Wizarding Challenge, so you can see Ruins II opening up for me.

How to Choose the Best Fortress Chamber in Wizarding Challenges

Now that I’ve covered the basics, let’s discuss strategy. What Fortress Chamber should you choose when doing a Wizarding Challenge?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors. You need to consider:

  • your goals
  • your resources
  • your profession level
  • solo vs. team

What are your Wizarding Challenge goals?

Even expert Wizards Unite players will adjust their Fortress strategy based on their goals. While it’s fun to grind Dark V Chambers, it’s not always practical.

Of course, that is the main goal for many players–ranking up Challenge XP. If this is your goal, then you want to choose the highest Chamber that is comfortable to do, based on the factors I’ll go over in a bit. For example, I’m a maxed-out Professor. If I’m playing with 3-4 other high-level players, and I want to rank up Challenge XP, then I want to grind Dark V. However, if I’m just playing with my spouse, then we’ll do a single Dark I Chamber together before doing multiple Wizarding Challenges in lower Chambers.

Another possible goal is to collect Runestone Gifts for your friends. If you want to do this quickly, then you want to grind the Ruins Chambers (preferably with Brilliant Runestones). Ruins I is obviously the quickest, and Professors can actually do this without using any Spell Energy! Personally, I go up and down the Ruins Chambers when I’m grinding for Gifts because I quickly get bored doing only Ruins I.

If your goal is to collect Fortress-exclusive Foundables, then you want to choose a Chamber with a high chance of getting a “bonus” Fragment that is ALSO quick and easy to complete. You want to balance out the use of your resources (time, Spell Energy, Runestones) with the likelihood of getting a Fortress-exclusive Foundable. The Tower Chambers are good for this. Crowd-sourced data indicates that you have a 63-73% chance of getting a Fortress-exclusive Foundable by doing a Wizarding Challenge in the Tower Chambers.

Finally, the last common goal is collecting Challenge Foundables. These are the Foundables in your Challenge Registry, while the ones mentioned above are in your Exploration Registry. If you are looking for a specific Challenge Foundable to prestige a page, then you need to choose the right Fortress Chamber. The Balanced Page Strategy can help you with this! (More details coming soon). If that looks too complicated, or if you want to wait until we have a full guide on how to use it, don’t worry! The overall best way to collect Challenge Foundables is to doing Wizarding Challenges in all the Chambers. Instead of constantly sticking with just Tower III, try doing Wizarding Challenges in all the Tower Chambers. I like to solo Ruins I to Tower V, to duo Tower III to Dark I, and to do groups in Forest I to Dark V. By choosing different Chambers, you collect Challenge Foundables more evenly.

What are your resources?

How much time do you have? If you have an hour or more to complete Wizarding Challenges, then choose the higher Chambers! If you have 15 minutes or less, then choose lower Chambers.

How much Spell Energy do you have? If you’re maxed out, then the higher Chambers await! However, if you’re low on Spell Energy (especially if the game itself warns you!), then stick with Ruins Chambers or low Tower Chambers. You don’t want to run out of Spell Energy during a Wizarding Challenge!

What Potions do you have? A full team with every profession makes Potions less necessary, but that doesn’t always happen. If you want to do higher Chambers as a solo player or with an unbalanced team, then you need a good mix of Healing Potions, Exstimulo Potions, Wit-Sharpening Potions, and Strong Invigoration Draughts. (Obviously those recommendations vary depending on your exact profession). If you’re soloing without any Potions to spare, consider sticking with the Chamber that you can comfortably finish without any Potions.

Overall, the question is this: do you have the resources to be a good teammate in a higher Chamber?

What is your profession level?

Wizards Unite does give recommendations for profession levels and Chamber levels, but the recommendations aren’t perfect. Still, that is a starting place if you’re not sure how high you can solo.

Right now, if you are riding the Knight Bus with other players and NOT coordinating with friends, stick with the game’s recommendation until you feel really confident in that Chamber. Then try the next Chamber and see how well you contribute.

If you are coordinating with friends, then you can do higher Chambers if your friends are at a higher profession level. This is even easier if you are all able to talk to each other and strategize in real time.

Are you playing solo or with a group?

Doing Wizarding Challenges with a group is so much easier than as a solo player, or even as a duo. As such, your team composition will also affect the best Chamber to choose.

If you’re doing Dark Chambers, then you want at least one of each profession in your group. If you and your friends are low-level players, you will want at least one of each profession in the Forest Chambers too.

Soloing is very different, and it comes down to personal comfort. Once you feel confident in a specific Chamber, you can then work on the next one.

Final thoughts on Fortress Chambers

As I wrote in my article on Runestones, the ultimate decision on choosing a Chamber for a Wizarding Challenge is up to you. I just hope this guide will help you make that decision! These tips will help you better utilize your resources while being a better teammate to other players.

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Do you have any questions on Fortress Chambers? Leave a comment!

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Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald
1 year ago

Oh, I didn’t know the Tower Chambers are good for getting a Fortress-exclusive Foundables, thanks!!

The only thing I’d add is if you’re in a group challenge with random people, take on the foes you’re strong against. As a Magizoologist, I hate when I see a Professor has taken an Erkling or Acromantula and left the Pixies and Werewolves.

dennis paron
dennis paron
1 year ago

is it posable to solo dark v ?