Guide to Dragonologists’ Delight in Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite artwork with 4 Dragons, Dragon Eggs, and Portkeys

Dragons are BACK!

Witches and wizards can expect 6 full magical days of Dragons, Dragon Eggs, and more in the upcoming event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.


This Wizards Unite event guide covers all tasks, rewards, tips, and HYPE!

Note: Thank you Niantic and WB Games for providing early access to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite information for this article.

Dragonologists’ Delight Overview

First released at the Wizards Unite Fan Festival, Dragons are region-exclusive Oddities. To prestige the Oddities III and Oddities IV pages, players need to return 4 distinct Dragons, and they need to collect 4 distinct Dragon Eggs from Portkeys.

Outside of special events, players can only find a single Dragon in their region, and Dragon Eggs are only available through 10km (currently 5km) Portkeys.

For this reason, players LOVE Wizards Unite Dragon events! For a brief period of time, we can discover all 4 Dragons all over the world. Plus, we can collect 1km Portkeys that are color-coded on the Map, so we know exactly which Dragon Egg Fragment we’ll earn.

For all of the specific Dragonologists’ Delight details, keep reading! You can also watch my Wizards Unite video for a visual explanation.

Date + Time

  • Starts on July 2, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. PT
  • Ends on July 8, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. PT

  • A special assignment
  • A global challenge!
  • The following Foundables will be boosted on the Map and with Tonic for Trace Detection:
    • -Peruvian Vipertooth (Emergency)
    • -Chinese Fireball (Emergency)
    • -Welsh Green (Severe)
    • -Antipodean Opaleye (Severe)
  • Special Portmanteaus containing Peruvian Vipertooth Eggs, Chinese Fireball Eggs, Welsh Green Eggs and Antipodean Opaleye Eggs will be found on the Map
  • Guaranteed Exploration Fragments from Forest IV and higher
  • Increased Wizarding XP and Challenge XP from doing Wizarding Challenges, plus Spell Energy rewards
  • Free store pack

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Books
  • Spell Energy
  • Gold
  • And more!!!

Dragonologists’ Delight Tasks and Rewards

Remember, you have 6 full days to complete these tasks. While the rewards aren’t amazing, they’re not really the point. Dragons and Dragon Eggs are so rare in the game. Enjoy the boosted Foundables and Portkeys while they’re available!

Task Reward
Pick up 15 Ingredients or Portmanteaus from the Map 1 Silver Key
Defeat 12 Welsh Green Dragons 6 Snowdrop
Defeat 12 Peruvian Vipertooth Dragons 4 Unicorn Hair
Defeat 10 Chinese Fireball Dragons 1 Strong Exstimulo Potion
Defeat 10 Antipodean Opaleye Dragons 1 Potent Exstiulo Potion
Return 6 Dragon Egg Fragments to Oddities Page III 1 DADA Book
Return 6 Dragon Egg Fragments to Oddities Page IV 1 DADA Book

Completion rewards:

  • 3 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books
  • 3 Spell Books
  • 1500 Wizarding XP
  • 60 Gold
  • 30 Spell Energy

Dragon Egg Portkey Portmanteaus

During this event, the players can collect color-coded 1km Portkeys. Each will contain a specific Dragon Egg Fragment.

Artwork depicting 4 Dragon Portkeys

Red Portkey Chinese Fireball Egg
Opal Portkey Antipodean Opaleye
Blue Portkey Peruvian Vipertooth
Green Portkey Common Welsh Green

Global Challenge!

During this event, there will be an additional challenge for players. If players are able to collect over 5 million Dragon Eggs, they will unlock reduced brew times for Healing, Wit-Sharpening, and all Exstimulo Potions during July Community Day. If achieved, there will be a 25% base reduction or 50% total reduction with Master Notes.


As already stated, Dragons are usually region-locked, with each region normally having access to a single type of Dragons. This is only the second global event giving players access to ALL Dragon Oddities.

This is a limited opportunity to prestige your Oddities III and Oddities IV pages.

How to Enjoy Dragonologists’ Delight

If you want to maximize the Dragons event, these tips will help.

First, bolster your Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs, your Tonics for Trace Detection, and your Trace Charm through SOS Training.

This first chart shows the relevant lessons for the Potions.

Location Node Effect
CE I,8 Brainiac Reduces brewing time for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE I,9 Nail Mail Reduces brewing time for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE II,15 Caps Off Reduces brewing time for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE I,7 A Wing and a Flare Adds 5 minutes to Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE II,19 Temp Work Adds 5 minutes to Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE II,22 Bottoms Up Adds 5 minutes to Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE I,6 Start a Movement Increases Baruffio’s Brain Elixir efficacy
CE I,10 Sous Vide Increases Baruffio’s Brain Elixir efficacy
CE II,17 Clear Your Mind Increases Baruffio’s Brain Elixir efficacy
CE I,7 Stir Crazy Increases Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection
CE II,25 Concentrated Concoction Increases Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection
CE III,38 Trained For This Increases Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection
    This second chart shows the relevant lessons for the Trace Charm.
Location Node Effect
CE I,5 Pario Vestigius Increases Trace Charm efficacy
CE I,8 Constructive Criticism Adds 1 Trace Charm charge capacity
CE I,8 Knowledge is Power Increases Trace rarity
CE II,19 Innsight Increases Trace Charm efficacy
CE II,22 Spanglarillion Adds 1 Trace Charm charge capacity
CE II,25 Lost and Foundables Increases Trace Charm proficiency
CE II,25 Piece of the Puzzle Increases Trace Charm proficiency
CE II,28 Art of Happiness Increases Trace Charm efficacy
CE II,32 Repository Knowledge Increases Trace Charm proficiency
CE III,35 Fragmented Memory Increases Trace Charm proficiency
CE II,36 Ottery St. Catchpole Increases Trace Charm efficacy
CE III,38 Mind Freak Increases Trace Charm efficacy
CE III,38 Foretelling Foundables Increases Trace Charm proficiency
CE III,40 Czech Mate Increases Trace Charm efficacy
CE III,46 Cold Case Adds 1 Trace Charm charge capacity
CE III,46 Deep Dive Increases Trace Charm proficiency
CE III,46 A Little Love Increases Trace Charm efficacy
CE III,50 Gethsemane’s Pickle Increases Trace Charm proficiency
CE III,50 Serendipitous Study Increases Trace Charm efficacy
CE III,50 Dangerous Attraction Increases Trace Charm proficiency
    If you want to prestige your pages, grind Oddities Family XP, and/or grinding Wizarding XP, all of this advice will help!
  • Unlock all of your current Portkeys. Wait until Dragonologists’ Delight actually begins to open them. This will help you avoid accidentally picking up a Portkey you don’t need.
  • If you have in-game Gold to spend, buy Silver Keys! The 1km Dragon Egg Portkeys are a rare treat, so they’re worth the expenditure.
  • Brew Baruffio’s Brain Elixir before the event begins if you need it. Dragons give a lot of Wizarding XP, so take advantage of the bonuses. You might even level up!
  • Brew Tonics for Trace Detection before the event begins. Dragons will be boosted on the Map AND with Tonic, so using lots of pink drinks will help you find even MORE Dragons!
  • Take a look at your Registry. Which Dragon Eggs do you need to prestige your pages? Prioritize picking up those Portkeys.
  • Max out your Trace Charm charges. You will want to use your Trace Charm on Dragons to earn extra Family XP and extra Dragon Fragments.
  • If you have maxed out multiple Professions, play as Auror for those Critical Hits!

Dragonologists’ Delight Bundles

Like most Wizards Unite events, this event will have a free store pack plus premium bundles. The free store pack has the Ingredients for 1 Tonic for Trace Detection plus 25 Spell Energy.

The first bundle costs 650 Gold. This includes:

  • 5 Tonic for Trace Detection
  • 5 Silver Keys
  • 50 Spell Energy

Is this a good deal?

A single Tonic for Trace Detection in Diagon Alley costs 60 Gold. However, you can also buy 4 for 220 Gold, so the individual value is 55 Gold.

Thus 5 Tonics are worth 275 Gold.

You can buy 10 Silver Keys for 720 Gold, making the individual value of each Silver Key 72 Gold. 5 Silver Keys are thus worth 360 Gold.

Before Spell Energy, this bundle is only worth 625 Gold, not quite the price tag. With Spell Energy, the bundle is worth 725 Gold. This is not a great deal.

The next bundle costs 1250 Gold. It includes:

  • 10 Tonic for Trace Detection
  • 10 Silver Keys
  • 100 Spell Energy

This is just the first bundle, doubled.

10 Tonics are worth 550 Gold.

10 Silver Keys cost 720 Gold.

Before Spell Energy, this bundle is worth 1270 Gold, slightly more than the price tag. With Spell Energy, the bundle is worth 1470 Gold. If you really need Spell Energy and Tonics, you might want to buy this deal.

Final Thoughts on the Wizards Unite Dragons Event

This will be another fun event that can be as casual or as intense as you want. Feel free to grind to prestige your pages, rank up in Oddities, and earn Wizarding XP. You can also just enjoy any Dragons and Portkeys that come your way, without stressing.

Personally, I’m excited to get all of my Dragons placed on gold. I don’t think I’ll have time (or Gold) to get enough Portkeys to place all of my Dragon Eggs, but I’ll make good progress.

What do you think? Are you eager for this event? What are your goals?

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I hope this Wizards Unite event guide has been helpful! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see in future event guides.

Do you have any tips for fellow witches and wizards to enjoy Dragonologists’ Delight? Share them in the comments or through our social media platforms!

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You can also support me directly on Kofi, which helps cover my tea-drinking habit.

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Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald
29 days ago

Darn, I was going to try to Silver my Oddities III page. But I need 30 eggs total, and I only have 41 silver keys. So if I do that, AND complete the tasks, I’ll almost completely deplete my silver key supply. Oh well, it’s probably better this way. Less dragon fragments needed to place stickers means more chances to collect Ministry Manuals and open trunks. 🙂

Thanks for the info so I can plan accordingly!

A Geist
A Geist
27 days ago

So much XP 😉 After using a trace charm on a dragon, with Brain Elixir on is paying out 2250 XP each. My pages are currently only silver, but I’m hoping to get them all to gold (which mostly means eggs). I’ve placed most of the dragons on silver (all but one) but need anywhere from 24 to 28 eggs of each type. I have 128 silver keys saved up, so doable, as long as I am careful once I complete one (or collect enough to complete). That is, if I can manage to hatch them all, since that’s like… Read more »

A Geist
A Geist
25 days ago
Reply to  A Geist

Not quite halfway through the event, and the tasks are all done, dragons placed multiple times, just hit level 56. Mostly been busy with holiday things the last couple of days, but with walking a fair bit I’ve managed to hatch a few sets of eggs. Still enjoying hunting dragons, though if I don’t focus and grind it the next few days, I may not be able to get enough eggs done to get the pages gold. Might focus on the one with my “local” dragon on it, just so replacing that image will payout more in the future. Definitely… Read more »

Jean Winner
Jean Winner
24 days ago

I needed one more dragon fragment for Oddities Page III and was not getting it opening the red and opal dragon eggs. Walked off a green and presto! Finished the challenge. Saw someone else’s post on the reversal of the fragments and it helped me a lot so passing it on

Johan Jergeus
Johan Jergeus
22 days ago

Nice event! Good timing with a full weekend to catch dragons and walk eggs. The tasks were done in two hours, but golding the pages took quite a few days, all my saved up keys and most of my gold. About one million xp made it to level 56. Time for a last walk to get some more.

22 days ago

I appreciate having an entire week for this event. Past dragon events have been very short and a mad dash to open as many portkeys as possible. Lots of XP to be gained if desired. As a level 51, I am no longer grinding XP (unless necessary to complete an event task) due to a thread I read. When I get to level 60, XP will cease to matter. What will be the point of playing?

Patricia Luna
Patricia Luna
22 days ago

It would be great to know how we are all doing with the global challenge, like an update every other day?

H. L. K.
H. L. K.
21 days ago

I just opened 2 Opal Portkeys and placed eggs. But I didn’t get credit on the Special Assignment. Is this a glitch?

21 days ago

Really glad they had a good amount of days for this event. Both dragon pages are gold and event is done. Loved it! I had tons of silver keys saved up for dragon events, as I generally do not need them. I can walk off a 5k easy enough.