Brilliant Event Guide: Darkest of Times Week 2


This guide will focus on the second week of Darkest of Times, the conclusion of the first Brilliant Event of 2020! If you dig videos or don’t have the chance to read the whole article, I’ve included everything below (and a little more) on my YouTube channel!


Guide to Week 2 of Darkest of Times Brilliant Event!

Discover all the tasks and the rewards in the second week of the Darkest of Times Brilliant Event.

Once again, this Brilliant Event will have a Bonus Assignment during both weeks in the event you are ambitious enough and finish the regular tasks early!

Brilliant Event Overview

Event Name Darkest of Times Brilliant Event (Week 2)
Date + Time

  • Starts on February 4th, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Ends on February 11th, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

  • Event-only 3k Portkeys, Brilliant Foundables, Brilliant Runestones, and Brilliant Event tasks.
  • Baruffio’s Brain Elixir will last for 1 hour.
  • Free store pack featuring:
    • 1 Silver Key
    • 25 Spell Energy

  • Earn up to 15 Restricted Section Books.
  • Earn up to 4 Red Spell Books.
  • Earn Young Dumbledore Coat and Scarf Portrait Lens, Gilded Arches of the Memory Cabinet Portrait Frame, Dumbledore’s Griffin Statue Portrait Sticker (animated), Young Dumbledore short Grey Hair Portrait Lens
  • Earn 50 Gold.
  • Bonus rewards from the bonus assignment!

Brilliant Event Tasks

As per usual, these tasks all come straight from the development team. They should be accurate unless the HP:WU developers make last-minute changes (again). If anything changes, I will update this article as soon as possible!

This Brilliant Event is three horcruxes short of a Voldemort, meaning it’s 4 steps long. See what I did there? Don’t worry, I will not quit my day job. You have to complete each section before progressing to the next one. Once you finish the regular quest steps, you can move onto the Bonus Assignment. It should also be noted that the Bonus Bundle will not unlock in the Diagon Alley store until you reach the Bonus Assignment step of the Brilliant Event.

Brilliant Portkeys from this week of Darkest of Times will still transport you to Dumbledore’s office, my new favorite Portkey location! (Apparently the Portkeys can take you in Hogwarts, too?! The Calamity is a wreck, y’all..)

Wands ready? Good. Let’s begin.

Darkest of Times Quest 1/4

You can knock this step out faster than a troll with a giant club if you make sure to brew your potions the night/morning before the event!

Return Brilliant Pensieve 5 Times 3 Restricted Section Books
Use 3 Potions 25 Brilliant Family XP
Brew 2 Potions 25 Brilliant Family XP

1st Quest Rewards

  • 500 Wizarding XP
  • 1 Memory Vial(s) Brilliant Registry Image
  • 1 Key
  • 1 Memory Vial Portrait Sticker
  • 1 Young Dumbledore Coat and Scarf Portrait Lens

Darkest of Times Quest 2/4

Oh yeah, ADVENTURE SYNC IS HERE. By the time the event is live, Update 2.9.0 should be forced on all devices. So that means the second step of this quest will be pretty straightforward once the feature is enabled. Do you have any questions about Adventure Sync? Check out our latest post on it here.

Unlock 5 Portkey Portmanteau 15 Brilliant Family XP
Use 1 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir 300 Wizarding XP
Return 7 Foundables of any Family 20 Brilliant Family XP

2nd Quest Rewards

  • 25 Brilliant Family XP
  • 3 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 Ornate Frame – Gilded Arches of Memory Cabinet
  • 1 Sherbet Lemon Brilliant Registry Image
  • 6 Leaping Toadstool Ingredients (!!!)

Darkest of Times Quest 3/4

Easy peasy. With Foundables that require Arresto Momentum spawning more frequently and Dark Detectors spawning better quality Foundables, this step should be a breeze, too! Fortunately the Brilliant Pensieve, Brilliant Fawkes, and Brilliant Dumbledore Foundables are all High Threat Level Foundables, meaning that simply by playing the event you will finish the second step of this task fairly easily!

Cast Arresto Momentum 3 times 500 Wizarding XP
Return 5 High Threat Foundables 500 Wizarding XP
Use 2 Dark Detectors 20 Brilliant Family XP

3rd Quest Rewards

  • 25 Brilliant Family XP
  • 3 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 Dumbledore’s Griffin Statue Animated Sticker for Portrait
  • 2 Unicorn Hair Potion Ingredients
  • 3 Hermit Crab Shell Potion Ingredients

Darkest of Times Quest 4/4

Much like Step 3, this step has a nice synergy to it. For the Brilliant Deluminator Foundables you will need to use at least 3 Darkest of Times Runestones. Defeating 10 foes should come naturally in 3-5 runestones anyway.

Defeat 10 Foes in Wizarding Challenges 25 Brilliant Family XP
Use 3 Darkest of Times Runestones 1 Spell Book
Use 7 Potions 25 Brilliant Family XP

4th Quest Rewards

  • 50 Gold
  • 6 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 Young Dumbledore Brilliant Registry Image
  • 1 Pensieve Frame for Portrait
  • 750 Wizarding XP

Darkest of Times Week 1 BONUS Assignment!

If you complete the regular Brilliant Event quests before the Brilliant Event ends, you also have the chance to complete the Bonus Assignment.

The challenge will be unlocking 10 Portkeys. Luckily, the first reward is 3 Silver Keys, which should help you work on your Portkeys. However, you might need to buy some more Silver Keys (which is somewhat evident based on the special event bundles).

Return 30 Darkest of Times Brilliant Foundables 1 Young Dumbledore Short Hair Portrait Lens
Return 10 High-Threat (or Higher) Foundables 2 Dawdle Draughts
Unlock 10 Portkey Portmanteaus 3 Spell Books

Bonus Rewards

  • 2000 Wizarding XP
  • 100 Brilliant Family XP
  • 1 Achievement Badge

Brilliant Foundables and Where to Find Them

Just like previous Brilliant Events, you will only be able to encounter some of these Brilliant Foundables in the wild. The others can be found through Fortress Challenges, special 3k Portkeys, and event tasks.

Brilliant Where to find it Fragments to collect

Brilliant Pensieve

Wild Encounter 15
Brilliant Young Dumbledore Event Tasks 1
Brilliant Memory Vials Event Tasks 1
Brilliant Sherbet Lemon Event Tasks 1
Brilliant Griffin Statue Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus 5
Brilliant Deluminator Wizarding Challenges (need a Brilliant Runestone) 3

Tips to Complete the Brilliant Event

If this is your first Brilliant Event, or if you’re thrown off by the different tasks, these tips will help you complete the Brilliant Event before the time runs out. With careful planning (and a lot of walking!), you can complete the Bonus Assignment as well!

  • As a reminder, Part 1 Portkeys will give you Part 1 Rewards anytime you open them, even if you wait to open them during Part 2. Brilliant Portkeys will glow purple on the Map. This should be alleviated by the additional slots for Portkeys and Adventure Sync, but we’re interested to hear feedback if you experience anything to the contrary!
  • To brew Potions quickly, you can brew them in advance. Wait until the event starts on the 4th to collect them and start off on the right foot.
  • If you’ve having trouble finding Brilliant Traces, avoid flagged areas. They are less likely to spawn in those areas.
  • To collect Brilliant Deluminators, you need to do Wizarding Challenges (Fortress battles) with a Brilliant Runestone. Try Fortress Chambers Ruins I to Tower II to collect these Fragments.
  • If you need to complete the event quickly, or you only have a short time to work on it, try playing at a sponsored Simon Mall. Inns, Fortresses, and spawns are all plentiful.
  • Save your Silver Keys for the Bonus Assignment so you can unlock all 10 Portkeys efficiently.
  • Save your Scrolls and your Restricted Section Books until the end of the event. Then use our guide to spend them wisely! That said, many Aurors and Magizoologists have already earned all the necessary Restricted Section Books, and some Professors are getting close.

Darkest of Times Bundles

Players will receive a free store pack to help them complete the Brilliant Event. You also have the option of purchasing one or more of the special store packs. Shoutout to Orange Wizard for the graphic!

All in all, the store packs are fairly decent. IF I had $20 to spend on Wizards Unite this week, I would hold out for the Bonus Assignment Store Pack with the Silver Keys, Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, Dark Detectors, and Energy in it. $20 may sound like a lot, and if it does, then that’s okay! Ya don’t have to buy! The value for the potions and keys alone makes it seem worth it to me.

Excited about the Brilliant Event? I know I am! I’m looking forward to more story development and movement with the narrative around the Calamity, particularly what young Tom Riddle and young Dumbledore have to do with it.

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Heather Greenspan
Heather Greenspan
1 year ago

I think it needs to be brought to Niantic’s attention that the quantity of portkeys to be unlocked (15 ea brilliant event) does not take players who are handicapped into consideration. There is only so much walking we can do and driving sometimes isn’t an option. While 5 seems somewhat attainable, 15 is more than a little excessive.

Katy Cro
Katy Cro
1 year ago

I do agree that it is a lot, not only for handicapped people, but also for anybody not able or willing to spend money on extra keys. At the same time, I do believe that Adventure Sync is going to make a huge difference. When any movement of your phone counts (and it is your phone’s movement that does count) , it is so much easier to get those kilometers done, even if a walk is not an option for whatever reason.

1 year ago

If you take this ad absurdum then WU should not involve any movement at all, no colours, maybe even no visuals.
The 10 ports are bonus requirements. You don’t have to do the bonus, because it’s an extra task for those willing and able to walk the ports.

Heather Greenspan
Heather Greenspan
1 year ago
Reply to  deGlorf

So you’re saying that if you impose any limitations, then the app should not exist? That’s more than a little extreme. Clearly you are not someone with a disability that limits your movement. You’re also stating that it’s a bonus for those capable and if you can’t, then you’re out of luck? How compassionate of you. I’ll tell that to the people in forums expressing disappointment since their wheelchair doesn’t move fast enough to get bonus items. There are plenty of other tasks, even difficult ones, that one can achieve without excessive walking.

Bridgette Willis
Bridgette Willis
1 year ago
Reply to  deGlorf

Excellent use of the straw man fallacy.

Johnny Jones
Johnny Jones
1 year ago

Why stop there? They aren’t taking the mentally handicapped into consideration either. Make all traces straight lines so they can play. Also, I am not tall enough to dunk a basketball could they lower the goal? All sarcasm aside if you are disabled and can’t play this game I suggest playing one of the millions of other more user friendly games.

Bridgette Willis
Bridgette Willis
1 year ago
Reply to  Johnny Jones

Clever how you added to the straw man fallacy, with an extra dose of discrimination.

Johnny Jones
Johnny Jones
1 year ago

Sometimes you have to be ridiculous to show someone how ridiculous they are. It’s a GPS game not a handicap ramp into the DMV we are talking about after all.

Johnny Jones
Johnny Jones
1 year ago

If you need a ramp to get into the DMV you have my support 100% so you can take your judgmental attitude somewhere else. This is a GPS phone game that encourages MOVEMENT. Everyone has limitations but expecting a game to cater to them is absurd. Go find something else to complain about.

1 year ago
Reply to  Johnny Jones

Even though I walk a lot, the 15 port keys for the event plus bonus was a bit rough for me before Adventure Sync. People have a right to submit feedback. Games are supposed to cater to people. If enough people left the game, the sponsors will leave and we would not have a game to play. Yes the bonus is optional, however they are a great way to get red books, which a lot of people need.

Johnny Jones
Johnny Jones
1 year ago
Reply to  Fidonet

So a GPS based game designed for movement should cater to people who can’t? Your absolutely right! What was I thinking? Ignore the masses and cater to the .01% that shouldn’t even be playing. Brilliant!

Johnny Jones
Johnny Jones
1 year ago
Reply to  Fidonet

Furthermore, if anyone is going to quit this game it’s going to be because it sucks, or it’s lack of social environment, or because it sucks balls, or it’s grind heavy unimaginative play style, or the money hungry a hole devs or several other things. I doubt it will be because some handicapped kids couldn’t get a port key. Do I sound angry? Probably!