Finish the Crest Challenges in Hogwarts Mystery with Time to Spare

Crest challenges appear to be a recurring thing in Hogwarts Mystery. We have had a number of them so far, and it seems reasonable to assume that we will get more. These challenges are always timed, and this article will tell you how to be sure to finish the challenge with time to spare.

The first crest challenge of many, finished with a day to spare

In short, a crest challenge is an event, that takes place over the course of several days. The object is to gather crests to earn some rewards–these rewards can be gems or coins, and they usually also include some limited edition articles of clothing.


You gather crests by completing classes–each star you have earned in a class translates to one crest for this challenge. Once you have earned enough stars for one of the rewards, you can collect it. You don’t have to collect it immediately if you don’t want to, but make sure to go back and collect your rewards before the timer on the event runs out.

These challenges are timed, and the time allotted is generally enough for you to finish before the challenge ends. If you have time to do a few classes every day during the challenge, then you can earn enough crests to complete the challenge. You tend to need 10-12 crests per day. This means that you could do, for example:

  • Two 8h classes and one 1h class per day
  • Four 3h classes per day
  • Six 1h classes per day

That said, if you don’t have time to play a lot, or if you are forced to miss some of the days the challenge is going on, or if you are just very eager to finish the challenge, here are some tips for the fastest way to do it.

Focus on classes

Only classes count towards this challenge. Story quests and side quests do not give you crests, unless they involve an actual class.

You know it’s a class, and not a quest, based on two factors. 1) A class takes place in a classroom, with a teacher and the entire class present. 2) When you have gotten to a star, you are offered a reward and required to do a mini quiz before you can go on towards the next star.

If you see this, you know you are in a class.

Bear in mind, you have to complete classes for the stars to count. You can’t just earn the one star to pass the class and then wait out the timer. This will give you no crests towards the challenge.

Even if you have no classes that you need to do for the story, you are always able to go to any given classroom and take a class.

1h classes

My second advice is, start your classes with a full energy bar, and if you can choose the length of the class, pick 1 hour classes.

The 1 hour classes let you win the Crest Challenges the fastest.

There are several reasons for this. One is that the 1h classes can be finished with one full energy bar. As such, there is no risk that you will have to leave the game to wait for energy, and then forget to get back to it in time.

The more important reason, however, is that 1h classes take less energy per star. The specific amount of energy a class takes changes from year to year. In year 1, the 1h classes takes 24 energy to finish (12 for each star). In year 4, the 1h classes takes 30 energy (15 for each star). What is constant is that the 1h classes always takes less energy per star than the 3 or 8h ones.

In year 4:

  • 1h class, 2 stars – 15/15
  • 3h class, 3 stars – 18/18/19
  • 8h class, 5 stars – 19/19/19/19/23
  • 1h class, 5 stars – 6/6/6/6/6
  • 3h class, 5 stars – 11/11/11/11/11

As you can see, the normal 1h classes will earn you stars much faster than the normal 3 or 8h ones.

99 energy will give you:

  • 5 stars from an 8h class
  • 5.4 stars from 3h classes
  • 6.6 stars from 1h classes

Shorter 5 star classes

You can also see above that the 1 or 3h classes that have 5 stars will earn you crests even faster. Unfortunately, you can’t control when you will have access to a 1 or 3h 5 star class. These will sometimes be part of your story quests, and the 3h 5 star classes are the form of class you take when you have unlocked a lesson and are learning a new spell.

As such, my third advice is that if, when the challenge starts, you still have a lesson or two that you have not yet unlocked, focus on unlocking and finishing those lessons, as they are very useful for bringing you further along in the challenge.

A 3h 5 star class will normally be what you need to learn a new spell, or in this case a flying maneuver.

Care of Magical Creatures or Charms

The actions in a class that require 5 energy to tap, give you 6 points towards the next star, which means that that star will take one less energy than normal to finish. In year 1, you can finish a 1h class by doing four 5 tap actions (if you are lucky enough to get them), using a total of 20 energy instead of 24.

Because of this, it is best to choose a class that offers many 5 tap actions. The classes where you have the highest chance to get 5 tap actions are Care of Magical Creatures or, if you have not yet reached Year 4, Charms. The worst class to choose is Flying, as that offers no 5 tap actions at all.

Bonus tip for Hogwarts Mystery crest challenges!

If you want to be really proactive, here is one more piece of advice:

When there is no challenge going on, and you make it to a new chapter, do the story quests before you unlock and finish the lessons. That way, if a challenge starts at the right time, you can unlock and/or finish the lessons for that chapter, and then immediately go on to unlock and finish the lessons for the next chapter, earning you potentially 20 easy stars.

There is, of course, no guarantee that a challenge will start at the right time, but nothing is lost for trying.

Will you complete the crest challenge?

If you are closing in on the end of an event and wonder if it’s even worth trying, here are some numbers for you:

  • Assume that it takes 2 hours to earn 2 stars. It’s not exact, but generally, 2 hours to get your energy up to full and do a 1h class for 2 stars.
  • Do you have 10 hours left on the clock and need another 20 crests? You’re probably out of luck unless you buy energy.
  • Do you have 10 hours left and need another 10 crests? Definitely worth a try.
  • 10 hours left to get 5 crests? Not a problem, assuming you have time to play.


If you play every day and have time to do a couple of 8h classes a day, and a 1h class or so before you go to bed, then you will have no problem finishing any crest challenge without stressing or having to pay for energy.

If you don’t have time to play that much, or time has gotten away from you and you are feeling stressed, or if you are just so excited for the rewards that you have to get them as soon as you can, doing 1h classes as often as you can for the duration of the challenge, should get you there on time.

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