Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event Week 2

Image with Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, and a Death Eater at the Department of Mysteries

Back-to-back Brilliant Events in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! I know it’s tough–we all enjoy the break between Brilliant Events. But the September schedule got changed due to unexpected technical difficulties, so here we are.

Enjoy the complete guide to Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event Week 2.


Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event Week 2 Overview

As always, I’ve also covered everything in a video as well. Otherwise, keep reading for the Brilliant Event details!

Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event Week 2
Date + Time

  • Starts on September 22nd, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Ends on September 29th, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

  • Event-only 1.5k Portkeys, Brilliant Foundables, Brilliant Runestones, and Brilliant Event tasks
  • Free store pack featuring:
    • -Ingredients for 1 Tonic for Trace Detection (6 Baneberry, 4 Bulbadox Juice, 4 Angel’s Trumpet, 2 Erumpent Horn)
    • -25 Spell Energy
All Possible Rewards

  • Earn up to 10 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books!!!
  • Earn up to 15 Restricted Section Books.
  • Earn up to 5 total Spell Books.
  • Earn 50 Gold.
  • Spell Energy rewards!
  • Various other exciting rewards (Ingredients, Potions, and more!) from both regular tasks and bonus tasks.

Brilliant Event Tasks

These Brilliant Event tasks are fairly straightforward. We’ve seen variations of all of these before. Some of them will take a lot of grinding, though–deliberate slowdown tasks.

Battle of the Department of Mysteries Quest 1/4

Brew your Invigoration Draught in advance to finish these tasks quickly. If you don’t normally brew this (I don’t), pay attention to the Ingredients you need. Honeywater, Vervain Infusion, Scurvygrass, and Lovage.

Collect Ingredients or Portmanteaus 2 Times 2 Erumpent Horn
Brew Invigoration Draught 1 times 4 Snowdrop
Return 5 Brilliant Prophecy Orb 1 Strong Exstimulo Potion

1st Quest Rewards

  • 550 Wizarding XP
  • 2 Restricted Section Books
  • 50 Brilliant Family XP
  • 10 Spell Energy

Battle of the Department of Mysteries Quest 2/4

Using Master Notes twice is a slowdown task. You can speed it up by using Master Notes on a regular Exstimulo Potion, collecting it immediately with Gold, and then using Master Notes on a second Potion. Your other option is to use Master Notes on any Potion in your regular Cauldron and then use Master Notes on any Potion in a Gold Rental Cauldron.

I will save my Gold and just accept the slowdown task.

You have to use 2 Invigoration Draughts, and yes, they have to be the regular ones. In addition to pre-brewing the one for the 1st quest, brew a second one to use here.

Use Master Notes to Brew 2 Potions 1 Powdered Dragon Claw
Use Invigoration Draught 2 Times 2 Leaping Toadstool
Collect 2 Masked Death Eater Fragments by Using Brilliant Battle of the Department of Mysteries Runestones 1 Dark Detector

2nd Quest Rewards

  • 750 Wizarding XP
  • 75 Brilliant Family XP
  • 3 Restricted Section Books
  • 10 Spell Energy

Battle of the Department of Mysteries Quest 3/4

Very straightforward tasks that all work together. Drink a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, hop on the Knight Bus, and find some other players. Personally I like to choose different Chambers to space out my Challenge Fragments, but you can finish these tasks most efficiently by grinding Dark Chambers.

Earn 7500 Wizarding XP from Wizarding Challenges 1 Silver Key
Defeat 15 Foes in Wizarding Challenges 1 Armadillo Bile
Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges with 3 or More Teammates 2 Healing Potions

3rd Quest Rewards

  • 1250 Wizarding XP
  • 75 Brilliant Family XP
  • 5 Restricted Section Books
  • 10 Spell Energy

Battle of the Department of Mysteries Quest 4/4

I mentioned slowdown tasks, right?

The best way to earn Brilliant Battle of the Department of Mysteries XP is to open Brilliant Portkeys. This includes Portkeys from the first week, so if you haven’t opened all of those yet, hold on to them! The other quick option is grinding Wizarding Challenges and repeatedly placing Brilliant Masked Death Eater in your Registry.

The third task is identical to what we saw during First Year at Hogwarts. The Mysterious Note Pieces are basically a bonus drop when you return Brilliant Foundables.

Return 15 Brilliant Harry Potter 1 Spell Book
Earn 500 Brilliant Battle of the Department of Mysteries XP 1 Spell Book
Collect 15 Mysterious Note Pieces by Returning Brilliant Battle of the Department of Mysteries Foundables 1 Spell Book

4th Quest Rewards

  • 5 Restricted Section Books
  • 50 Gold
  • 1 Brilliant Hermione Granger
  • 30 Spell Energy
  • 5 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books

Battle of the Department of Mysteries BONUS Assignment!

The bonus tasks continue to be a straight grind.

Look for Formidable Foes in the Tower Chambers.

ALSO if you complete the entire Bonus Assignment, then you do NOT need to unlock 5 Brilliant Portkeys.

Use 2 Tonic for Trace Detection 1 Abraxan Hair
Return 45 Battle of the Department of Mysteries Foundables 1 Spell Book
Defeat Highest Chamber Unlocked 1 Spell Book
Defeat 15 Formidable Foes in Wizarding Challenges 1 Wit-sharpening Potion
Place 5 Images on Brilliant Hall of Prophecy Registry Page 1 Silver Key

Bonus Assignment Rewards

  • 2000 Wizarding XP
  • 100 Brilliant Family XP
  • 1 Title for Ministry ID
  • 5 Brilliant Ginny Weasley
  • 30 Spell Energy
  • 5 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books

Brilliant Foundables and Where to Find Them

Just like all previous Brilliant Events, you will only be able to encounter some of these Brilliant Foundables on the Map. The others are available as rewards for completing event tasks, doing Wizarding Challenges with Brilliant Runestones, and unlocking Brilliant Portkeys. Once again, you can also collect the Portkey Foundable by finishing the entire Bonus Assignment.

Since this is the second week of the Brilliant Event, Brilliant Foundables from the first week will also be on the Map.

Brilliant Where to find it Fragments to collect
Brilliant Harry PotterBrilliant Harry Potter Wild Encounter 20
Brilliant Prophecy OrbBrilliant Prophecy Orb Wild Encounter 20
Brilliant Hermione GrangerBrilliant Hermione Granger Event Tasks 1
Brilliant Ginny WeasleyBrilliant Ginny Weasley Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus (OR the Bonus Assignment) 5
Brilliant Masked Death EaterBrilliant Masked Death Eater Wizarding Challenges with a Brilliant Runestone 3

Tips to Complete the Brilliant Event

If this is your first Brilliant Event, these tips will help you complete the Brilliant Event before the time runs out. With careful planning, you can complete the Bonus Assignment as well! It is okay if you don’t complete the Bonus Assignment. That’s not required to earn all of the Brilliant Fragments.

  • As a reminder, Part 1 Portkeys will give you Part 1 Rewards anytime you open them, even if you wait to open them during Part 2. Brilliant Portkeys will glow purple on the Map. Be sure to collect 5 Portkeys during the Brilliant Event, even if you don’t open them all during the event. These rewards will not appear in other Portkeys, so you need to collect the Brilliant Portkeys during the week-long event.
  • However, if you’re nervous about finding enough time to walk, you can also collect all 5 of the Portkey Brilliant Foundables by finishing the entire Bonus Assignment.
  • To find Brilliant Masked Death Eater, you must do Wizarding Challenges with the specific Brilliant Event Runestones. To minimize your Spell Energy, stick with the Ruins Chambers. It might take a few extra Wizarding Challenges to get the 3 Foundables you need, but you’ll be able to do so quickly, without expending too many resources.
  • If you didn’t collect all of your Brilliant Bell Jars of Time from the first week, then you can do Wizarding Challenges after the second week ends for the chance to earn either Fortress-exclusive Fragment.
  • If you decide to visit Inns, Fortresses, or Greenhouses during this event, continue to practice social distancing. Check out our previous article on staying safe while playing Wizards Unite.
  • Save your Scrolls, your Spell Books, and your Restricted Section Books until the end of the event. Then use our guide to spend them wisely! That said, most Aurors and Magizoologists have already earned all the necessary Restricted Section Books, and many Professors have also done so. You will also earn Defense Against the Dark Arts Books. Spend those and your extra Restricted Section Books on SOS Training. Check out our first guide on spending DADA Books!

Brilliant Event Bundles

As always, 4 distinct bundles will be available during this Brilliant Event. Be sure to snag the Free Bundle as soon as the event starts! The Bonus Bundle will not be available until the Bonus Assignment is unlocked, so keep that in mind. Shoutout to Orange Wizard for his handy infographic!

Graphic indicating 4 bundles for Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event Week 2

We have seen all of these bundles before. The math is the same for the breakdowns, but I will share it again for any new readers!

The SOS Bundle is 5 Silver Keys and 100 Spell Energy for 450 Gold.

You can now buy 10 Silver Keys for 720 Gold, making the individual value of each Silver Key 72 Gold. 5 Silver Keys is thus worth 360 Gold.

100 Spell Energy costs 200 Gold.

If you only need Silver Keys, this is not a good value. However, if you need cheap Spell Energy, this bundle is worth 560 Gold.

The Brilliant Bundle is 5 Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs and 10 Potent Exstimulo Potions.

A single Baruffio’s Brain Elixir costs 100 Gold in Diagon Alley. However, if you just need to buy the rare Ingredients, it’s a better deal to spend 20 Gold for 1 Dragon Claw and 12 Gold for 2 Toadstools, use Master Notes in the Cauldron, and then collect the Potion immediately for 62 Gold. So let’s put the value of Brain Elixirs at 94 Gold.

Thus it costs 282 Gold to buy 3 Brain Elixirs.

A single Potent Exstimulo Potion in Diagon Alley costs 75 Gold. However, if you have all of the common Ingredients, it’s a better deal to buy 1 Unicorn Hair for 30 Gold, use Master Notes in the Cauldron, and then collect the Potion immediately for 41 Gold. So let’s put the value of Potent Exstimulo Potions at 71 Gold.

Thus it costs 710 Gold to buy 10 Potent Potions.

This puts the value of the Brilliant Bundle at 992 Gold, a savings of 252 Gold. This is actually a really good deal, especially if you lack the rare Ingredients to brew these Potions. However, if you opened a lot of Dragon Portkeys, you are probably well-stocked with rare Ingredients right now.

Finally, the Bonus Assignment Bundle! This is usually the best deal, BUT it’s an expensive investment.

Using the same logic as above, the value of 15 Potent Potions is 1,065 Gold. The value of 10 Trace Tonics is 600 Gold.

10 Silver Keys cost 720 Gold. 150 Spell Energy costs 300 Gold.

If you need absolutely everything in the Bonus Assignment Bundle, the value is 2,685 Gold, a savings of 635 Gold. If you don’t need the Spell Energy, this bundle is still a good deal. However, if you don’t need the Spell Energy, nor do you need the Trace Tonics, this bundle is not a good deal.

Are you excited for this Brilliant Event? What do you think of the tasks, rewards, bundles, and more? What sort of tasks and rewards would you like to see in future Brilliant Events?

I’m always interested to hear your thoughts! Connect with me and the rest of the WizHub team here in the comments or on our social media platforms.

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Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald
1 year ago

500 Brilliant XP??? That’s ridiculous!

And again, I’d really love it if they’d change up the free gift pack once in a while. Since they’re throwing brewing and using Invigoration Draughts at us (I don’t use them either), why not give us those ingredients instead?

Eleanor Fudge
Eleanor Fudge
1 year ago
Reply to  Melissa Oswald

Agreed on the Brilliant XP task – you don’t realize just how grindy it’s gonna be until you actually look at how much “Family” XP you get from returning one of them and it’s, like, 3 or something. Oh boy, I was feeling pretty grumpus the first time they introduced this kind of task and (thinking myself a Clever Caster) I popped a Baruffio’s to aid in the grinding, only to very quickly realize it didn’t apply to the “Family” XP. I don’t remember if the Team changed this so now Baruffio’s DO affect the Family XP as well as… Read more »

Jenn Cannon
Jenn Cannon
1 year ago

Any one else experience server issues? My app is continuously trying to restart itself. This occurred after I tried to enter a chamber on the Knight Bus. Now, I am unable to even get into the app due it restarting continuously. Thanks for the help!

Katharine Banning
Katharine Banning
1 year ago

Yes, he’s out there. I just found one, and was able to prestige the Potions Classroom for the first time!

1 year ago

Both last week and this week I’ve noticed a weird phenomenon when returning brilliant foundables. I have now multiple times returned one and been credited with 2 in the registry but 1 in the task. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know what causes this?

A Geist
A Geist
1 year ago
Reply to  sararielle

Yes, I have experienced this and found what caused it- your trace charm. One of the upgrades to the trace charm increases how much family XP and how many fragments you receive from any affected traces. Useful to know since it makes it doubly useful on rare traces, to help get more fragments.

1 year ago

I really hope they stop with the 7500 XP from challenges. It requires a truly ridiculous amount of energy and a lot of time in fortresses that’re higher than I’m altogether comfortable with. After all that in step 4 I’ve found (both last week and this week) the 500 family XP too much to do. I’ve only been able to get as far with this event because I had a lot of energy banked (over 400 at the start of last week’s event) and now I’m low enough that I’m starting to worry I won’t have enough to just to… Read more »

Bob Hovey
Bob Hovey
1 year ago

Completed Quest 4 but still no Hermione stamp … even after restart/reboot. Anyone else experienced this bug?

Tami Droste O'Hara
Tami Droste O'Hara
1 year ago

So the foes defeated in the Bonus Assignment have to be Formidable…and ONLY formidable. No Elite Formidable or any foe more advanced than formidable. Seriously? I thought 500 XP was a grind. Buckle up!

A Geist
A Geist
1 year ago

Personally, I find the Formidable foes FAR easier to complete. Do low level dungeons to quickly complete this. I like ruins 4. Some 1*, occasional 3*, but usually 1-2 2*, and only 2-3 foes per time through that are easily quickly defeated.

1 year ago

Can you please make it so we can logon on these articles directly? I’m having to go to the q&a to log on. I think they should spread the events out. Part one in one month and part two the next month. It is nice having periods of no set goal. I loved the dragon week. I was able to get stuff placed I wasn’t able to do before and there was no goal. I think all this emphasis on grinding goals and everything so packed together is unhealthy. I like the time away from the screen or time to… Read more »