Team Strategy: 2 Aurors, 2 Professors, 1 Magizoologist

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In my previous guide to Wizarding Challenges in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, I covered the combination of 3 Aurors, 1 Professor, and 1 Magizoologist. This is a strong team, with a lot of initial Focus to start the Wizarding Challenge.

For this guide, let’s switch out an Auror for a second Professor. Now the team is 2 Aurors, 2 Professors, and 1 Magizoologist, definitely a popular team for strategic Wizarding Challenges.


What changes?

This is an interesting combination for Wizarding Challenges, where a lot depends on the skill overlap of the two Aurors and specifically the two Professors.

Again, your first priority as a team should be making sure your Magizoologist has what they need: 5+ Focus and staying above 50% Stamina, so make sure they get a Protection Charm. In any team situation with only a single Magizoologist, prioritize that player’s needs.

Beyond that, here are the specific strategies for each player in the Wizarding Challenge, based on profession.

Professors in a Wizarding Challenge

The Professors should confer and determine which of them has the stronger Protection Charm, and that one should dedicate themselves to casting on the Magizoologist, and possibly both Professors. This would be 9 Focus to start with, which will likely mean drinking a Strong Invigoration Draught.

However, if conserving potions is desired, only cast on the Professor who has the most passive skills that trigger with Enhancements. Following is a list of passive skills a Professor might have, organized by the requirements to trigger the skill:

1+ Enhancement(s): +5 Power (Strength in Numbers) and 6% Defence (Confidence).

1+ Impairment(s): +5 Power (Ideal Exchange) and 6% Defence (Restricted Section)

2+ Enhancement(s): +12 Power (Teamwork Makes the Dream Work) and 9% Defence (Team Teaching)

2+ Impairment(s): +9% Defence (Sparring Specifics)

3+ Impairment(s): +12 Power (On Sabbatical)

Impairments are the three hexes in the game, while enhancements are combinations of the three charms or potions that have a duration, either in time like Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, or in number of casts, like Exstimulo Potions. Since charms last the entire Fortress Challenge, casting them at the beginning of battle gives the most benefit. Note at the time of this writing there may be some bugs in the game that affect when the game notices you have 2+ enhancements.

Ideally, the other Professor should have a decently developed Proficiency Charm (at the halfway point is 28%, and fully upgraded is 44% extra damage on foes you are proficient against) and should work on casting that first thing. Again, this may require a Strong Invigoration Draught for the 7 Focus required. Since your Magizoologist should be reviving less Aurors, it’s possible the Professors decide to wait to use Protection Charm on themselves to save on the early Focus requirements.

The overall priority is 10 Focus — seven for Proficiency Charm, and three for protecting the Magizoologist. Between the Professors and Aurors there should be 16 Focus at the beginning. Decide if the remaining 6 Focus should be used to Protection Charm one or both Professors or to save it for hexes.

Aurors in Wizarding Challenges

For Aurors, while one might be stronger on Confusion Hex and the other stronger on Weakening Hex, at a cost of 1 Focus per hex, it generally is fine if an Auror with the weaker skill is casting (assuming the other one is busy). That said, Aurors can pass Focus to each other so it’s always possible to let each Auror cast their best hex.

As in the previous guide, in the midst of battle Aurors need to warn the Magizoologist when they are going to need revival. They need to provide Focus if asked and able to do so, and they should make sure to properly hex the strongest foes, even if not their own. Which hex on which foe?

The Confusion Hex wrecks the buffs of Defense, Defense Breach, and Dodge. The Defense and Defense Breach skills are present on Dark Wizards and Werewolves. Dodge is present on Erklings and Pixies. These abilities are strongest at higher star levels.

For example, with Dodge, one star Common Foes will not have it at all, two star Formidable Foes will have a 5% chance to dodge, Imposing 25%, Dangerous 40%, and Fierce 60%. Putting a hex on a Common foe is nowhere as important as a Fierce one.

The Weakening Hex should be used on the two Foes where Confusion Hex will have no effect: Acromantulas and Death Eaters. Remember the following phrase: “Don’t Confuse the Spider-Eaters” which is silly but can help to know those two.

Overall, Weakening is less effective in large groups than Confusion. It’s also less effective than the Professor’s Deterioration Hex. Reducing the foe’s Power doesn’t necessarily make them go down faster. Besides, with a Magizoologist on the team, players can be revived as needed. Still, for all Elite Foes, and Fierce and Dangerous Foes, the Weakening Hex is highly useful.

Magizoologist in Wizarding Challenges

Obviously, Revival Charm is your most important skill in the game, so keep that in mind at all times. Knockouts remove time and can easily cause failure for the group.

Other than that, know if and when to cast Bravery Charm, which in Forest levels may not be necessary, but becomes very important in Dark levels. If possible, save Elite Foes for later in the game after several foes have been defeated and some additional Focus is available.

Teamwork is Key to Wizarding Challenges

Wizards Unite encourages teammates to help one another. Professors really need the additional Focus that Aurors can provide as their skills are expensive in comparison. Aurors need the Revival Charm from the Magizoologist as their Stamina is the weakest of the three. The Magizoologist needs the Professor to cast Protection Charm to buff their Defense, since their skills depend on keeping that high.

Together, the three professions can each shine where they are strongest and rely on each other to cover their backs, and rejoice in victory again and again.

Looking for more advice on Wizarding Challenges? Check out our other articles.

What’s your preferred team combination for Wizarding Challenges? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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