Team Strategy: 1 Professor, 2 Aurors, 2 Magizoologists

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Wizarding Challenges (Fortress battles) are an integral part of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Besides being a fun aspect of the game that requires effective teamwork, Wizarding Challenges are also the only way to obtain Spell Books outside of the monthly reward.


All professions require a large amount of Spell Books to complete their respective skill trees. So Wizarding Challenges are essentially a required action in this game! The most optimal way to farm Spell Books is by participating in Wizarding Challenges, 1) with friends and 2) on a level that the team can, collectively, complete without using too many Potions (if any)!

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A Wizarding Challenge caps out at five players per lobby. So the make up of the team is very important to the success of the challenge. There are many combinations, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that every profession is important, and every group would ideally utilize at least one of each profession.

This brings us to the core of this guide. This Wizarding Challenge guide covers a specific team makeup of 2 Aurors, 2 Magizoologists, and 1 Professor. With this guide, you will learn how this particular team can be successful in Forest I-V Chambers and up!

Strategic Spells by Profession in Wizards Unite

Before we discuss each person’s role in this team makeup, first let’s do a quick rundown of what Strategic Spells we recommend each contributing member have unlocked and powered up (as much as possible)!

**Note: All numbers as follows are for Maxed out Charms and Hexes. We realize that at this point, not all players will have maxed out their Charms and their Hexes.**


Weakening Hex costs 1 Focus and lowers a Foe’s Power by 50%.

Confusion Hex costs 1 Focus and lowers a Foe’s Defense, Defense Breach, and Evasion by 60%.

Focus Charm allows Aurors to transfer 1 Focus to any ally.


Revive Charm costs 1 Focus and is necessary to avoid too much downtime in damage output. A dead teammate does 0 damage!

Bravery Charm costs 7 Focus and increases the whole team’s power against Elites by up to 150%.

Stamina Charm costs 2 Focus and restores an ally’s Health by 30%.


Protection Charm costs 3 Focus and increases an ally’s Defense by 30%.

Proficiency Charm costs 7 Focus and increases the whole team’s Proficiency Power by 44%.

Deterioration Hex costs 3 Focus and causes a Foe to take 40 Damage every time they attack and defend.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what each profession should do during a Wizarding Challenge!

Team Strategy and Play by Play!

Before starting a Wizarding Challenge, assign roles among yourselves. With two Aurors and two Magizoologists, you want to decide who will cast which Strategic Spells, preferably based on whoever has maxed out a particular Charm or Hex.

Auror #1 should always cast Weakness Hex on all opponents. Every time Auror #1 defeats a foe, they should cast Weakness Hex on any opponent that has not been hexed yet. Rinse and repeat. Transfer all your extra Focus to Magizoologist #1. Once Bravery Charm has been cast, split Focus between Magizoologist #1 and Magizoologist #2.

Auror #2 will start the battle by casting Confusion Hex on Pixies and Erklings. Every time Auror #1 defeats a foe, they should cast Confusion Hex on any Pixie and Erkling that have not been hexed. If the Auror has any Focus left over, cast Confusion Hex on any non-Death Eater or non-Acromantula. Rinse and repeat. Transfer all your extra Focus to the Professor.

Professor should cast Proficiency Charm as soon as possible (this may require a Strong Invigoration Draught, unless Auror #2 can provide Focus up front). The Professor should then cast Protection Charm on allies, starting with Auror #1 and Auror #2. Then the Magizoologist, and lastly yourself. Once all allies are protected, begin casting Deterioration Hex on remaining Elites or whichever opponent has the highest Stamina. Rinse and Repeat.

Magizoologist #1 should strive to maintain 5 Focus. Magizoologist #1 should refrain from reviving any allies so that they can hoard up to 12 Focus. Once Magizoologist #1 has 12 Focus, cast Bravery Charm. Once Bravery Charm is cast, Magizoologist #1  can share reviving responsibilities with Magizoologist #2 including reviving each other if needed! Towards the end of the battle, make sure to cast Stamina Charm on those who are still battling Foes.

Magizoologist #2 should strive to maintain 5 Focus. Cast Revive Charm on any fallen allies. It is important to exit battle and revive your team as soon as they run out of stamina! A dead teammate does 0 damage! Once revived, re-enter battle. Rinse and repeat. Towards the end of the battle, make sure to cast Stamina Charm on those who are still battling Foes.

More Tips on Wizarding Challenges

When getting a team set up for Wizarding Challenges, please understand that communication is key.

Throughout the Wizarding Challenge, the Aurors need to communicate who they are hexing and who they are transferring Focus to.

The Professor needs to communicate when they need Focus as well as when they are casting their charms!

The Magizoologists need to communicate when they are below 5 Focus and when they are casting their charms.

Most importantly: giving a warning of impending death immensely helps out the Magizoologists! Usually verbalizing one attack before death gives the Magizoologists enough time to complete their action and exit the battle to revive you!

Strong Invigoration Draughts can be used by the Professor and/or the Magizoologists if needed. With 2 Magizoologists in the group, there should not be a need for Healing Potions. Extimulo Potions are helpful if an extra burst damage is needed, especially if the clock is nearing the end. With high enough ranked players, you shouldn’t need to use many Potions (if any!) until the highest Forest Chambers or the Dark Chambers.

Parting Words!

Wizarding Challenges are an important part of the game as well as a social one! Go out there and meet other fellow Wizards and Witches! Let us know in the comments what worked for you and what did not!

Looking for more advice on Wizarding Challenges? Check out our other articles.

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David Fein
David Fein
2 years ago

We use the combination of 3–Aurors 1–Professor and 1–Magizoologist
We work as a team. We can do up to Dark Chamber 4 –NO POTIONS used at all
and always win.

2 years ago

Quality article! It was very useful, thank you!

Camille Schiraldi
Camille Schiraldi
6 months ago

Communicate? How does one do this? Obviously I can see somethings, but communicate?

6 months ago

We originally published this guide when the Knight Bus did not exist. At that point, you could only do Wizarding Challenges in-person, so yes, you communicated.