So YOU Want to be a Magizoologist?

Wizards Unite Magizoologist
Wizards Unite Magizoologist

Professions are to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as Classes are to any RPG (role playing game). Pros and cons come with all three classes – Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor – and each suit a particular play style.

Professions are most important in Wizarding Challenges, although traits leak through of each Profession when hunting down Oddities. While Aurors best Dark Wizards and Professors best Oddities, Magizoolists are the premiere profession for hunting down Beasts.


Acromantulas? We don’t know them.

Erklings? Pitiful.

Every Professions has their select specialty, and no one trips up creatures like a Magizoologist.

Aside from being the bane to many beasts, Magizoologists are also your go-to for when a Death Eater lands one too many good hits on you. Even better at healing than they are breaking an Erkling in half, Magizoolists quickly gain their main ability of being able to heal fellows wizards in Wizarding Challenges.

Hagrid, Charley Weasley, and Newt Scamander are just three of the most famous examples of Magizoologists in the Wizarding World. While we have not seen the three do much in terms of healing magic, their enthusiasm that they have dealing with creatures is unparalleled.

In Wizards Unite, Magizoologists are best at healing magic. Their skill tree affords them multiple healing charms in a short amount of time, making them invaluable on a team.

For those players that find themselves playing solo, being able to heal yourself without the use of Healing Potions is imperative. However, the focus on healing in the beginning comes at the cost of not being able to do much damage per spell use. Until you advance far enough to *really* take advantage of skill proficiencies, you will need about five spell uses to defeat one Foe (think around 30 damage per hit).

You will be dealing more to Erklings and Acromantulas because of your Profession choice, but do not bank on being able to face your preferred opponents in a Wizarding Challenge.

Magizoologists have access to Healing Charms across the board.

Healing Charm – Restore «x» percentage of a teammate’s Stamina.
Mending Charm – Restore a teammate’s health by 2/4. [Does not cost any Focus, but does have a five second cooldown between uses.]
Bravery Charm – Enhances ALL teammates power against Elite Foes by 60%.
Revive Charm – Revives a knocked-out teammate and heals them for a portion of their Stamina.

Because of Healing Charm having a TWO Focus cost every time it is used, and already having access to Healing Charms galore, Magizoologists should focus on brewing Invigoration Draughts. Teammates only need a few Healing Potions with a Magizoologist on their team. To that degree, teammates can get healed while fighting, and if a Magizoologist is busy, an Auror having a Healing Potion on hand can be vital for being able to survive a few more rounds until they can get healed by their Magizoologist friend.

The following build is perhaps my favorite, and it turns the Magizoologist into something that resembles more of a warrior. It involves two traits – the first one building up your initial Focus, and the second unlocking the ‘Become the Beast’ skill. You will have to advance rather far down the tree, but focusing on the ‘Become the Beast’ skill pays off so much in the end, you will be swimming in Galleons.

Here is a link to the build using Wizards Unite Hub’s own skill tree builder. The ‘Become the Beast’ path requires 253 Scrolls and 23 Restricted Section books, which is not terrible, especially for people who just started. You’ll be advancing through your registry rather fast in the beginning, and if you managed to take part in any of the events, your Oddity page alone will net you a significant portion.

When you have this build complete, you’ll be doing *at least* 70 Damage to *any* Foe. For Acromantulas and Erklings, add in a few additional points into any skills that increase Power, and you’ll be dealing Damage in triple digits eventually to some beasts.

What was a initially a healer became a damage dealer.

Of course, this is not the same as my exact build. I invested many Scrolls into Stamina as well. Your first skill, Ministry Magizoology Orientation gives you an additional 10 Power against Foes if your Stamina is at 50% or higher. I did that, but that choice means my healing skills aren’t as good as they can be.

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