A Brutally Honest September Community Day Review

Erumpent Horn
Erumpent Horn


I didn’t want to write this post.


I put out the assignment to my writing team, but no one claimed it. That leaves me, your trusty editor-in-chief, the challenge of reviewing the most recent Community Day for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

I say challenge for three reasons.

  1. I had a black tie wedding on Saturday, so I only played the first hour of Community Day.
  2. I’m currently on vacation.
  3. My own opinions about the latest Community Day don’t necessarily represent player opinions, but I want to reflect the collective thoughts of witches and wizards worldwide.


Let’s get started.

The third Wizards Unite Community Day was this past Saturday on September 21, 2019.

Community Day Positives

Since my husband and I were traveling for a wedding, we weren’t able to join other players for Community Day. However, we did find a convenient spot with several Inns and a (regular) Fortress.

I accomplished my only goal for Community Day: earn my first gold frame!

I also maxed out my Time-Turners, which was pretty exciting. Plus the XP gains with a Brain Elixir were nice. If I had played the full 3 hours, I would have leveled up!

Very few Time-Turners departed from me. That said, I did use a Strong Exstimulo Potion on every single one until I hit the max, and then I used a regular Exstimulo Potion on each Encounter. Their effects were boosted, and it was apparent since I returned most Time-Turners with ease.

I also greatly took advantage of the reduced brewing time. In addition to my regular cauldron, I also rented a 3-hour cauldron for the event. I burn through Exstimulo Potions quickly, so brewing a bunch of them quickly was nice.

Spell Energy on the ground wasn’t that helpful with Inns nearby. However, when my husband and I were at our hotel getting ready for the wedding, Spell Energy appeared on the Map more frequently. It’s possible that this was more likely to appear in areas without Inns; however, that’s just a theory of mine.

Finally, I found my first few Erumpent Horns in the wild! This was a nice surprise.

Community Day Negatives

Before I address the Erumpent in the room, I want to share a few of the usual complaints about Wizards Unite Community Day.

While increased spawns of Time-Turners and Mirrors of Erised were nice, this wasn’t a huge draw to the community. This is especially true for players who still need more Fortress-exclusive Fragments. Once you get your 15 Time-Turners and 8 Mirrors of Erised… you’re stuck.

As always, multiple players couldn’t participate in Community Day due to work or other obligations. This is especially frustrating for players with the same schedule every weekend since so far, each Community Day (and Day of the Dragons) has been at the same time on Saturday.

Some players reported Network Errors.

iOS players experienced bugs during the beginning of Community Day in Asia-Pacific.

You can see some responses on our Facebook page.

What did you think of Community Day?

Posted by Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Hub on Sunday, September 22, 2019


Community Day also featured an unannounced bonus: Double Challenge XP at sponsored Fortresses.

I’ve seen 3 primary reactions to this:

  1. Players with access to sponsored Fortresses are upset that they missed out on the bonus XP because they didn’t know about it.
  2. Players without access to sponsored Fortresses are upset that they missed out on the bonus XP because they don’t have access to it.
  3. Players without access to sponsored Fortresses think the secret bonus slightly balanced out the unfair advantage.

And “upset” is definitely a euphemism for much stronger feelings that involve language you wouldn’t use in front of Molly Weasley.

In my opinion, the HPWU team could have done a few things better.

  1. Add XP bonuses to all Fortresses, with a small additional boost to sponsored Fortresses.
  2. Announce the XP bonuses.

Then sponsors would be happy with extra traffic, and players would be happy with extra XP. Yes, players without sponsored Fortresses would still be at a disadvantage, but unfortunately, the game does need to keep players AND sponsors happy.

Additionally, the game needs to do something about the scarcity of Spell Books. An accelerated path to Spell Books is a huge advantage in Wizards Unite. Players without sponsored Fortresses are right to feel frustrated.

Rest assured, no matter your feelings on #Fortressversy, the HPWU team is very much aware of public opinion. I’m part of a small team who provides direct feedback to the HPWU team, and they have heard a LOT in the last few days.

Final Community Day Thoughts

September’s Community Day had the opportunity to be successful. The second Wizards Unite Community Day was pretty good, and Day of the Dragons was excellent. The HPWU team had the opportunity to learn from these positives: add bonuses to Wizarding Challenges and feature a rare Foundable.

Technically, that’s what happened during Community Day, but it clearly didn’t happen very well.

I do have high hopes for October’s Community Day!

What are your thoughts?

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Deufeyu Suka
Deufeyu Suka(@deufeyusuka)
2 years ago

Honestly I always have to work a 10 hour shift every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So I barely got to play. In my opinion I do believe they should have it either all day or yhe date released IN GAME (I dont frequent fb or any sights that often) in enough time that we may be able to take the day off……… Or maybe they could make it an all day thing. I work with food i can’t be on my phone, unless I’m taking out trash or using the privy. Its not fair to those of us whom work… Read more »

Deufeyu Suka
Deufeyu Suka(@deufeyusuka)
2 years ago
Reply to  Deufeyu Suka

I would also like to add that its not fair that I can’t afford some high end phone that can download all of the ‘assets’ that seem to be needed if you want to go further in the game.

John N
John N(@johnn)
2 years ago
Reply to  Deufeyu Suka

That’s not how it works. Downloading the assets just means the image is preloaded on your phone before you find it so it’s there when you find it. Otherwise, the image file loads when you first encounter it. You’re not missing anything.

January Lestrange
January Lestrange(@januarylestrange)
2 years ago
Reply to  John N

Where the download does become important is when you start to solo higher level fortresses. I lost a Dark 1 because I lost over a minute waiting for images to load.

Dawn Viola
Dawn Viola(@dawnviola)
2 years ago

A hint that sponsored fortresses would have given out extra challenge XP would have made it much better. Red books are most desired. Missing 2 brilliant events in September really hurt. Players that didn’t go to WUFF fell behind on their skill tree this month. Finding players to play with has been frustrating. Each time I ask people if they are wizards they say Pokemon. Maybe sponsored towers could have a get together? It was difficult to get the time turners without an exstimulo potion. Playing for 3 hours would have burned through too many potions. When one wasn’t used… Read more »

2 years ago

Agree with all of the above. If HPWU wants to continue as an ongoing concern these events need 1) way more advance and better communication and 2) better rewards for my time and money. I play both PoGo and HPWU and am one of a handful of players I know who have stuck with wizarding. I love it, the slower pace, the lesson tree, solo fortress battles, the planning and strategy in groups. I think it is actually a better game than Pokemon. But nearly everyone else I know is meh on this game and went back to Pokémon exclusively.… Read more »

January Lestrange
January Lestrange(@januarylestrange)
2 years ago
Reply to  digadigadig

Amen. I also think that Pokemon Go does a better job of appealing to people who don’t want to spend money in game.

Richard Spaw
Richard Spaw(@richardspaw)
2 years ago

I think an easy solution to the spell books would be to make access to fortresses easier. Like extend the range from which you could engage a fortress. Or allow fortress access from anywhere with a sponsor. This would be simple and is something that would make it easier to battle and revive from inns that are close but not close enough to the fortress. Those of us who don’t have a problem financially supporting the game (with limits of course) would also likely buy more gold to get spell energy to battle from home or other areas (like even… Read more »

January Lestrange
January Lestrange(@januarylestrange)
2 years ago

Re: Community Day – At the very least, it would have been nice to see all of the non-fortress foundables. I just needed a few pensieves. I’m also not a fan of the secret bonuses. That seems to do nothing but annoy players. What’s the point? Regarding the spell book issue – I have a couple suggestions there: * Give spell books as a reward for prestiging a page – maybe with restricted books for finishing Gold. * Make Spell Books the reward for filling the Oddities section * Back off on the number of different levels in the Challenges… Read more »

Vara Heyman
Vara Heyman(@varaheyman)
2 years ago

It’s really a shame the community days are so limited. Now that they’re exclusively going to be 11a – 2p, that pretty much ensures I will never be able to participate. I’m clearly not the only one who has an unusual schedule or other commitments that are a priority. For a game that is trying to encourage community, it’s excellent at alienating several players due to location, lack of other local players, and time constraints. No one else I know plays, including a lot of Potterheads, but they play PoGo. It’s about time Wizards Unite levels the playing field.