May 2020 Community Day Review


May 16th, 2020 was the Play at Home Community Day for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, featuring the Knight Bus!

24 hours of increased Fortress rewards. This was the time to rise and grind, prestige those pages, and regain the fragments you may have lost after the 2.13 update.


I also did a Community Day review on my YouTube channel!

Community Day Hits and Misses

I needed 227 Spell Books to master my Auror Skill Tree. So I made a PLAN.

Some of that plan worked. As you’ll see in a bit, not all of my plan came to fruition…

Bundles in the Store

May 2020 Community Day Bundles

The special bundles in the shop for Community Day were definitely thought through for this event.

The Complimentary Gift came stocked with 75 Spell Energy, 5 Level 1 Runestones, 6 Snowdrops, and 4 Bitterroot. Enough spell energy to blast you through the first 3 pages of Special Assignments and get your much needed Exstimulo Potions brewing.

I’m not sure how many people actually NEEDED a pack of 5 Level 1 Runestones, but it was nice to have.

The Community Day bundle would run you 560 gold and having the Wit-Sharpening Potion and the Invigoration Draught was really nice, as those potions are usually not purchasable in the shop. 

Extra Invigoration Draughts are always nice for a Professor or Magizoo who may be distrustful of the Strange Auror in their battle team.

At 470 gold, the SOS bundle gave a good discount on Healing Potions and Potent Exstimulo Potions and was a nice addition to the line up in the store for the day.

With all the bundles in the store and the 5x limit on the purchasable ones, there were some nice discounts.

However, I decided to stick with the Community Day bundle, saving those other bundles for if I really needed them or not.

Special Assignments

The Special assignments for this Community Day meant that you could get all the way to Dark V… if you did it right, if you had the right team, and if you used the Knight Bus strategically.

And the rewards at each stage, as long as you took the time to stock up on Potions the week before, would make sure you didn’t run out of resources before reaching Dark V.

I finished my Special Assignments in about an hour and a half, wanting to blast through those to get the 8 Spell Books so I could move on to a productive grind with some friends.

The good news is, in the first part of the day, most people were also working on getting those tasks done. You were almost never alone in the more difficult chambers. There was a good variety of professions, and it was pretty easy to get in with at least two Magizoologists.

At least it was for me as I flew through the assigned tasks. If you prioritized your gameplay to achieve those tasks, it was very manageable in a short amount of time.

24 Hour Community Day

Even knocking off 8 hours for a good nights rest, grinding out the day until you were out of Spell Energy, farming Spell Energy for an hour or two, and then jumping back in for the last few hours should get you a decent amount of Spell Books, Challenge XP, and Foundable fragments.

At least, that was my plan.

Friday, May 15th: I made sure I was PREPPED.

The whole house was CLEANED, both kids had their iPads charged and ready to go, so they could cuddle with me while we all play some games together on the couch. They’d had a big week, with lots of OUTSIDE time. They were READY.

I made a spreadsheet in my bullet journal. I was ready to meticulously record each Wizarding Challenge, the Wizarding XP and the Challenge XP, the fragments gained from each Wizarding Challenge, and the accumulation of Spell Books.

Knowing this is a 24-hour event, taking 8 hours off to get good nights sleep felt like a reasonable thing to do. So I carved out some time and knew that I need to get up at 6 or 7 to get the boys ready, get them breakfast, and get my set up for the day.

And the next day, I slept in until 8:30…

My kids are VERY prompt with their sleep schedule. They get up at 7:30 in the morning.

Nope. Not the day I need them to be my VERY persistent alarm clocks. Then… they snuggle up and want to sleep in.

I may have worn them out TOO much.

I still got up, made breakfast, the first pot of coffee, and plunked down with my kids at the table to start on the Special Assignments.

After the Special Assignments, I found a few of the other WUtubers and started the grind.

If you threw a Level 5 Runestone into any of the Dark Chambers, grinding out fragments and Spell Books from there was a BREEZE, especially if you had a friend in the Chamber with you.

According to n1ghth0und on the Wizards Unite Reddit Thread, the bonus for having 2 teammates in a Fortress is 25% for Chamber XP. Up to 100% for 5 Teammates! Add 10% to that 25% for that teammate being a friend, and if all 5 people in your team are on your friend’s list, you get a 140% bonus on your Challenge XP! And then also the increased Challenge XP that was happening all through the 24 hours.

This, at least for me, only happened a few times while grinding, but the combination felt like MAGIC!

Increased Healing Potions! And Ingredients for Healing Potions

Healing potions gave 50% of your health back, instead of just 35% on Community Day, so this decreased your Healing Potion consumption by quite a bit. 

I didn’t end up needing a ton of Healing potions on Saturday. Magizoos were on it! Even strangers! If my Auror skills kept them full of Focus, I was back on my feet!

If you needed to grind out Potion Ingredients on Saturday, more of them were showing up on the map. Wormwood, Bobotuber Pus, Dittany, and Dragon Livers were all over the place!

I filled up my inventory with Healing Potion Ingredients with the plan to brew all week long.

Last time there was a Fortress focused Community Day, the Healing Potion brew-time was also decreased, as the event only lasted 3 hours. That was not the case this time.

Was it necessary? No. Probably not. Reducing a 2 hour brew time on a 24-hour event wasn’t strictly necessary. 

Would it have been nice? Yes. It would have been amazing. But still not necessary.

All the Spell Energy!

Overall, I was VERY impressed with the amount of Spell Energy during the event.

At my house, in the middle of Anchorage, Alaska; I get about 10 Spell Energy on the Map every hour. That’s without leaving my house. Because the Internet is better than the Outernet.

During the event, that increased to about 25 or so per hour near my house. 

Add to that my obsessive Spell Energy hoarding the day before, getting the free Spell Energy from the shop, AND the Spell Energy drops in Wizarding Challenges as rewards… I wasn’t actually concerned about my Spell Energy levels until about 6 hours into the grind.

Increased Family XP and Wizarding Challenge XP

Above, I talked about the bonuses you get from going into a Chamber with friends and teammates. This event gave even more!

Last Fortress Event in September of 2019 gave an additional 35% XP in Sponsored fortresses and 15% in non-sponsored fortresses, according to a user on Reddit, u/bliznitch.

And though I have scoured the internet, I cannot find anyone who has calculated the additional XP from this last Saturday Community Day.

Good news for us, I obsessively screenshot my fortress battles and record the data. Because I make videos about it.

Yes. Let’s use that excuse. Please ignore my bullet journal

Today, I did a Dark Chamber 3 with some strangers. Much like I did on Saturday.

Here is a screenshot of the bonuses after the battle on Saturday! Wizards Unite Dark 3 Chamber Rewards

Here is my screenshot from today. 

Wizards Unite Dark Chamber 3 Rewards 2

Oh… Now I have to do math… I have not thought this through. 

Do you see? Do you see how much I love you? I do MATH for you.

So the numbers we are looking at here will be JUST the Chamber XP bonus. That’s the specific XP earned from the specific Chamber we are in. You get a bonus depending on what Chamber you are in.

I’m gonna use a ratio formula, because that makes sense in my brain.

If x is the percentage of XP gained on Saturday, and today’s 290 XP is 100% of the XP we can earn in a match at this level with a level 2 Runestone. Then Saturday’s XP is 106.89%

That’s about a 7% bonus on XP on the Knight Bus During May 2020 Community Day.

I would be interested to see if the bonuses at Sponsored Fortresses and regular Fortresses were more than the Knight Bus.

Guaranteed Fragments at Forest IV

Previously released information about Community Day, including from official sources, said that there would be guaranteed fragments at Forest III and above, however that got changed relatively close to the event.

Day of the event it was discovered that the bonuses had been moved to Forest IV and above, instead. Though this caused some confusion, it was understood quickly and most players got the fragments they needed.

2.13.1 Update and Community Day

The 2.13 update brought with it quite a few bugs and a couple threatened to take away from player’s experiences during Community Day this month.

Though the fragments rollover glitch has apparently been resolved, many players were reporting their Knight Bus had massive load times after selecting a Chamber, 40 seconds, or up to a minute. And some players reported their Knight Bus wasn’t loading at all.

Another glitch reported was the “Connection lost. Check Your wifi or mobile data.” error message upon launch of the app, including my own. Though the game doesn’t seem to have any problems actually connecting to WiFi, and gameplay doesn’t seem to be affected by the glitch, it would still be nice to not have another box to exit out of every time I launch my game.

Earlier last week, the update was leaked, along with the problems the team was tackling, and a list of free rewards in the shop to apologize to players. However, the update didn’t release before community day.

The Knight Bus glitch seems to be fixable by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. A player’s progress is saved, however, assets have to be re-downloaded.

During Community Day, another glitch reared its ugly head: AR mode, for some players, got turned on while starting an encounter for a Foe, despite master controls being turned off. 

That was also an easy fix within the Fortress, as it was the control next to individual Foes that had been turned on. If you select a Foe and then wait for the AR mode switch to appear, switching it to “off” should turn off the AR mode for good and you can play in peace.

Many players were frustrated with the load times on Community Day because of the glitch and high server loads. And the gift pack filled with Exstimulo Potions, Spell Books, and Restricted Section Books would have been handy for progressing players’ skill trees who needed a bit more of a boost in the Chambers with those unlocked nodes on skill trees.

May 2020 Community Day was very successful without the update and the rewards in the store, however, the additions MAY have redeemed them from the 2.13 blunder.

Overall, Community Day was super fun, and I managed to get a good chunk of books toward mastering my skill tree! 

That said, I realize my own experiences with Community Day are not true for everyone else. In addition to the player complaints listed above, there were also complaints regarding new players and/or low-level players.

The new players themselves didn’t feel comfortable in the Dark Chambers, and many of them chose not to do those Wizarding Challenges. They are frustrated to lose out on the Community Day rewards.

Experienced players were frustrated playing with low-level players in the Dark Chambers. While high-level players can carry low-level players in the Dark Chambers, there needs to be a balance, which can’t be controlled in the Knight Bus. Communication also helps a LOT, which also can’t be done in the Knight Bus.

Overall, I think it was a good event, but there’s room to improve in the future.

Fortress Community Days are very popular when they come around, and the rewards are far too enticing, even for players who have set down the game. A smattering of these in the future, spaced out between other Community Days that focus on other Foundables, should mean the Community Days continue to be balanced.

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1 year ago

Awesome review! I’m a lower-middle level player (27) and even with many potions I didn’t really go higher than the Dark Chamber 2. It was indeed frustrating that I couldn’t finish the special assignments, but I didn’t feel like pushing it and risking spoiling the game for other, higher level players. Cheers from a fellow witch mum!

Ella Gardner
Ella Gardner
1 year ago
Reply to  PenelopeDaysee

Awwww cheers!